Putin, well intended or not ?

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    I just ordered his book "The Keys of This Blood". Has anyone read this book? He speaks extensively on Russia. Another book you can now get used for about $5.

    Here is some additional comments he made that are a mystery as well:
    Satan Will Gain Power in the Highest Echelons of the Church

    Another part of the spiritual chastisement that he often mentioned was: “Satan would gain power even in the highest echelons of the Church.” The strongest statement of this kind came from a caller on the Art Bell show, who said an old Jesuit had told him, “The last Pope will be under the control of Satan.” Father Martin responded that this man “would have had a means of reading or would have been given the contents of the Secret. And yet, he said, the quotation was imprecise. That is because no one was allowed to quote the Secret exactly.

    But even if “The last Pope will be under the control of Satan” were the exact quote, Father Martin had at other times qualified two prime components of that sentence. “The last Pope,” he said, did not necessarily mean the last Pope
    before the end of time, but the last Pope of “these times.” Could that mean the last Pope before the Consecration of Russia?
    And then the expression “under the control of Satan” can have various meanings.

    Father Martin used to explain when talking about demonic activity and exorcism that there are several ways Satan can control a human being. He can possess the person, either partially or perfectly, the person could have “sold his soul to the devil” in return for some favor, or Satan could so thoroughly control the people and circumstances surrounding the person that he can get nothing done that is contrary to the will of Satan. Pope Benedict’s lament to several visitors to his papal office, that “my authority ends right at that door!” makes one wonder how close the Church has already come to that scenario.

    We can see that the spiritual chastisement has already been building up since 1960. Eventually this deficit in faith and virtue will be the backdrop for not just one, but several physical chastisements. This terrible punishment “... will not come without warning,” he said, “but … only those already renewed in heart – and that would probably be a minority – will recognize it for what it is and make preparations for the tribulations that will follow.”
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  2. I have read the book. Its excellent! I was fascinated about Pope Pius X and Pope Leo XIII!!

    I'm glad you brought this up Fatima. Bare with me....

    This is why I was soooo fascinated with the LTTW messages. They seem to be the only ones to call a spade a spade. I had read Fr. Martin's books and when I read the messages I was in awe how parallel they were because our Lady said that she 'basically tricked Satan!' It was an A-HA! moment for me. After my experience in the Ukraine with their prophesies, my own experiences and having read tons of books throughout the years it was as tho the light came on with the LTTW messages. I will try and find the exact message, but for all those who have been pointing fingers at Cardinal Bertone' for so many years and expecting him to manipulate himself into office or get someone else on his team into office its been a nail-biting experience! That this humble Pope got in was more of a shocker than people realize, even tho he was second in line last time. The curia sure didn't expect him to shake them up like he has!
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    Yes. I read it a long time ago. I think on page 573 he names the cardinals who have betrayed the church. Windswept House is about one of them in particular .
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    I was wondering the same thing but was afraid to ask.
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    I'd never thought about a deficit of grace before. And now we have been given a new way to "manufacture" grace by doing acts in the Divine Will! Lately I've been inspired to offer my rosaries in this way: I unite my rosary to every rosary that has ever been prayed, or ever will be prayed, and offer it to Jesus in His Divine Will, asking him to purify them, seal them with the stamp of the Divine Will, multiply them, and give them to our Blessed Mother for her intentions as well as the intentions by those who prayed them. Think of the power of that!

    I do the same thing with masses, acts of faith, hope and love, corporal and spiritual acts of mercy, etc. Jesus told Luisa Piccarreta that every act in the Divine Will becomes a divine act together with Jesus, which makes the act itself divine and eternal. Amazing, really!
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    A friend gave me the following information: when he stayed at Vassula Reydens' house, two weeks ago, in Greece (because they are going to make an international movie about the Mary apparitions in the World), Vassula told him that even if the attempts of the Church regarding the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, were sometimes "timid", Heaven pays more attention to the intention, than to concrete facts.
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    This is the wild card in all of this. Prophecy is subject to change and prayer can move mountains.
  9. Oh, I believe that. We cannot judge how grace is distributed!
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    This does not make sense to me. Heaven asked specifically for the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. If close is good enough, then why bother? Good intentions of whom, the Pope or the Bishops? Sorry, I don' buy this. I do believe the consecration to the world by JPII delayed the chastisements, but they fell way short of the peace that our Lady promised.
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  12. No. The Pope and the Bishops MUST do what she says. BUT, grace is grace! Vassula's messages implicitly say that the CONSECRATION MUST BE DONE ACCORDING TO WHAT OUR LADY REQUESTED. I read them myself. Jesus weeps over this!
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    I am only repeating the words of Vassula. I would like to hear her reaction to your answers....

    When I talked to my friend regarding this issue, I said him why did the Pope not mention the name Russia, why did he just not DO it. He said, if he would have done this, he would have been dead....

    Other persons in the past said to me that Jean-Paul II did pronounce the name of Russia but at the very moment when he pronounced the name of Russia, the microphone was closed so that nobody could hear it...

    As you see, a lot of confusion. But then I remember what was said in the books of Don Gobbi, that the consecration was done partially but that God accepted this and accorded also graces but not the way He would have give if the consecration had been done in a correct way.

    To Mothersuperior7: Could you communicate me the messages in the books of TLIG where it was said to Vassula that the consecration was not done properly ?
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  14. It is 8am. I have to run out the door. I will get it for you tonight. Do you have the white book with the documents from the Vatican in it? I do. Its in there, but I will give quotes tonight. sorry.
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    You're not the first to mention the idea of a real villain taking control of Russia, David. John Paul Jackson said the same on the basis of purported private revelation regarding world events starting from 2007/8 (much of which has come true, including the fall of Mubarak) which he subsequently communicated personally to the Ukrainian authorities regarding a reconstruction of the Soviet Union under a different name using blackmail with respect to energy resources. In his words, 'Putin is an evil man and Medvedev isn't much better, but far worse is a third guy that nobody knows about'. Zhirinovsky certainly has the credentials for being the latter in terms of dementia, but some of us have known about him for many years now, so your guess is as good as mine. For your discernment!
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    Peter, I find it very difficult to believe that the Holy Spirit would ever inspire an authentic prophet with a message that a particular, named person is evil. I can believe that the Holy Spirit might warn someone to have nothing to do with a particular person but not to testify that someone is evil.

  17. But the Bible does...
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    I think I need to clarify that I am referring to a 'prophecy' about someone still alive. To do this, in my view, goes against the whole message of Jesus that we must not judge our neighbour.
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    A clarification in case I caused a misunderstanding here - these were John Paul Jackson's own words in a discussion relating to what was probably some kind of open vision or prophetic dream, not a 'thus saith the Lord' type prophecy. He's not a locutionist but primarily deals in visual categories, dream interpretation and suchlike, which is somewhat different. So he's not claiming that the Lord actually said the word 'evil' to him.
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    As a general comment, I think that phenomenologically it's important to distinguish between the various types/degrees of 'prophetic experience' that people claim to have, in which the individual's subjectivity plays a different part depending on the experience. There is a very helpful typology of such phenomena in the introductions to some of Rick Joyner's books.

    I'm convinced that God speaks to all Christians on some level (even if unfortunately most of us do a fairly poor job of listening much of the time). Hearing God's voice can range from anything as subtle as having a spontaneous intuition (which I guess all of us have had at some point) to having a full-blown trance/ecstasy. Reading the journals of people such as the late Hungarian mystic Elisabeth Kindelmann - who Mark Mallett recently mentioned in a blog post and whom Cardinal Erdo is currently supporting - it seems that quite frequently God's voice will come without words (Vassula Ryden has also said this) as a kind of inner illumination which then has to be reconstituted verbally, which isn't always easy. In addition, it seems that some seers primarily interface with God pictorially, not in words at all; their task is then to describe in human language what they have seen, which can be a very tall order (think Ezekiel!!). Father Adam Skwarczynski is in this category, for example, as is Anglo-Australian pastor Neville Johnson. Still others operate with feelings/physical sensations (experience of the Holy Spirit as akin to an electrical current - e.g. Bill Johnson, who heads the remarkable healing ministry at Bethel Church in Redding, CA. John Wesley's experience of feeling his heart 'strangely warmed' is a classical case).

    I bring this up because when trying to discern, these kind of differentiations are important when it comes to attributing weight to an alleged prophet's words: they obviously carry more authority when the claim is that they are reported what was dictated, less when the prophet is trying to re-construct a vision or a spiritual impression.
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