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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by SteveD, Jun 5, 2019.

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    I am about to write a new will as I have additional grandchildren since my last one was written. I intend to include instructions for both myself and my wife that the 'Gregorian Masses' be said for the repose of our souls. Some of you may want to do the same, for yourself or others.

    This practice of the 'Gregorian Masses' for the deceased began in the sixth century and involves a series of 30 Masses said on consecutive days for the soul in question. The major problem is to get any priest to agree to devote every daily Mass for 30 consecutive days to one petition and so I had given up the idea of asking my executors to go to the probably considerable trouble of trying to find a (possibly retired) priest who might be willing to take on the task. However, I have since discovered that the excellent Catholic charity 'Aid to the Church in Need' can arrange for a priest in a developing country to say the series of Masses (for a minimum donation of a paltry £165).


    If you don't know about this practice, please read this link (the site involved is Sedevacantist but the explanation, by a priest, is well-researched, informative and comprehensive).


    Aid to the Church in Need will arrange Masses for any petition to be said by a priest in a poor third world parish so it's a case of two birds and one stone, you get your Mass and you get to help a poor priest
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    I had Gregorian Masses said for my brother at a seminary/Abby, close to where I live here in BC, Canada. Lots of Priests there, but I still had to wait about a year for mine to be said.
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    Seraphic Mass Association in Pittsburgh PA, is online
    Their missionary priests said the Gregorian Masses for my brother. Just like what Steve said, you help the soul and you help the priests.
    They accept Mass requests and Gregorian requests online.
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    Thank you..I’ll be useing this!
  5. Beth B

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    Thank you..I’ve been thinking about preparing for this in advance!
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    Thanks a mil as i have been considering this for a good while. Couldn't find one here as it seems to be out of fashion nowadays.

    Strange story that i have had- didn't know that i had a brother who died before me. He woke me up in middle of night in dreams urging me to have mass said for him. I was puzzled so i asked around.Relatives confirmed it re brother before me...he didn't bother me for some 30 years until that very night- uncomprehensible that i never understood. After that, he never bothered as if peace returned to him.
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