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    This is not a Monday morning quarter back account concerning Ron’s Warning predication (s). Sooner or later, if we live long enough, things may occur that one could claim was almost correct, just a few weeks or months off the perdictive date.

    To quote Ron; “error in my predictions has been a Providential correction for me from God.” IMHO I believe that Ron believes this but what other choice does he have? Was his predictions equal to those of Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins Left Behind series, which sold over 65 million copies. LaHaye truly believes that he also has study scriptures, and portrays writings that should be believed. sells millions of books holding the same claim.

    The problem with prophesy is that some individual may make serious monetary decisions, become fearful of pending nuke attacks, wars, cause serious conflicts in families, and may alter individuals mental stability. To predict atomic attacks on new York is akin to attesting that millions of people are pending immediate death. To prophesy that the US military and NATO are not capable to defeat “any force” IMHO, is a total lack of knowledge and experience concerning our military capabilities.

    IMHO Ron’s eschatology and scripture teachings reflect his fallible personal interpretations; however, if one counters with a view, even from an individual holding a theological PHD, or PHD writers from EWTN, or other sources, it is his way or the highway.

    Without doubt it is his wed site, he has the authority to require members to sign that they believe in his teachings, and dismiss members who refuse with the boot. It would be nice, IMHO, if God provided him a Providential correction concerning his communicative and administrative skills concerning his response to members.

    IMHO, the main teachings of scriptures are God’s love, humility, and charity in all that we do or attempt to do. Everything else makes great fictional writings for those with a mental capacity to know that it is just that – fictional. IMHO we must hold true to the teachings of the Catholic church and treat all “Secrets” and visionaries reported accounts, as well as saints interpretations of God’s word or prophesy as fallible and not required beliefs. If the authority of the church has not authenticated accounts be cautious.

    I truly hope and pray for Ron and all members of his forum and Padraig forum. I pray that this Lent season, Good Friday, and our Lord’s resurrection this Holy Easter morning will be fruitful for all.

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    You are right in all you have posted, Cecil. I also notice Ron has not said,

    ' I am sorry'.


    'I am sorry you misunderstood me'

    In other words firmly placing the blame on everyone else.

    Also he continues with the contention that the Warning will happen next year {probably}

    I also took Mary, Deanna's and everyone else's points on this.

    I only hope those who are visiting this site from Ron's take these points too.

    Like Deanna I am concerned at the lack of positive criticism and debate after what has happened. It strikes me as weird. Like Communist China when the Party line is radically changed to correct a Party boo boo.
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    Padraig I enjoyed reading your post - so true. We look for signs - the sign was nailed to the cross yesterday and God's grace willing, we will partake of Christ resurrection tomorrow.

    Yes it all starts anew, will it be April 2 2010, how will Clinton get to be president and end abortion, etc. Eliminate members that question his writings and teachings to maintain control and grow a group committed to Ron.

    I pray that many of the members did not take actions that cost them dearly in financial matters, plane tickets, etc. I could not get one priest to get pass a few paragraphs before it was tossed out as fictional trash.

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    My heart goes out to all those who really believed and put their trust in this. If you are well grounded in faith then its not a huge blow but for those coming to the faith and searching for knowledge of God in this crazy world then this is totally shattering. Now its a case of lets move quickly along. The difficulty is some people are putting Ron in the place of the church because from reading his site he is quite capable of challenging the authority of the Pope on any issue.
    If a theologian does not submit his work for approval to the church authorities then beware likewise its not a good thing that he does not have a spiritual director and argues that he does not need one as he basically knows more than any priest even a very holy priest.

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    I agree, Mary. It could be a gutwrenching experience to value fallible predicted dates above our living Faith, i.e. our daily relationship with the Good Lord and His Blessed Mother. Even though I admired Ron for his predictions and the amount of thought and study he has put into them, I adopted a 50;50 'let's wait and see' approach to see if the Warning would happen this past Good Friday. To put any more into them beyond a passing interest would be potentially harmful. Thankfully no members on the site have left or have admitted that their Faith was harmed in any way, so at least that is a good thing. As for the rest of the 'dates', they're not going to keep me awake any night soon...

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