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  1. Jackie

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    kathy k:
    "I've been thinking that protestants have partial truth, and two things will happen that will seem to verify their erroneous beliefs.

    1. The Catholic Church is the seat of the anti-christ. If an evil man assumes the chair of Peter invalidly, and then champions the one world religion of the anti-christ, this belief will appear true. When in fact, the true Church will still exist as an underground remnant."

    Doesn't it drive you nuts. This is what Protestants are believing the prophecy they're receiving is saying. Completely off in their interpretation. No, no, my dear Protestants, Satan wants to destroy the faith - Roman Catholicism.
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    I think it will be very hard for protestants to humble themselves before Our Lady after the Warning. It will take a ton of humility to overcome their own pride and scorn of her for so many generations. I pray for them always.
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    Just yesterday I had more confirmation of the extent to which sincere, loving prayer is needed for the charismatic/Pentecostal Protestants (i.e. the ones who at least believe that prophecy didn't just cease with the end of the age of the Apostles). Even some whose accounts of supernatural experience I have grounds to consider credible have basically inherited a wrecked theology, and I mean wrecked by any standards of historic Christianity. I don't want to provide a video link as I think folks would simply find it too upsetting, but what I heard coming from a high-profile 'prophetic conference' was essentially a rehash of William Branham's 'Seven Ages of the Church' not only condemning transubstantiation as Baal worship but even seeing the Council of Nicaea as the beginning of Christian apostasy (Branham went as far as to deny the Trinity as a 'doctrine of demons')!!! I was just stunned that anyone could still trot out this sort of stuff in public.

    The tragedy is that before he went completely off the rails in the 1960s, William Branham is widely credited as having had a truly remarkable international healing ministry, and given the historical evidence I wouldn't necessarily want to contest the reality of those healings. So ... what on earth happened? It would seem to illustrate the dangers of what can occur when there is no structure of Church accountability (i.e. Magisterium to protect the deposit of faith) and indeed precious little Biblical grounding. This is why the 'dialing-up' of sincere Pentecostals to the doctrinal solidity of genuine Apostolic Christianity remains critical - for all their dedication and desire to be open to the Holy Spirit (for which I give them credit), they just won't survive without it.
  4. Peter B

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    Jackie, Kathy,
    The word 'confusion' has been on my mind all day... and watching the prophetic video link above just confirms this intuition. Not easy to evaluate...Returning to the speaker I just mentioned, there's a type of schizophrenia going on here: in the same presentation where he inveighed against Catholic idol worship, the rosary etc. he also praised Joan of Arc as a true prophetess(!?!) and prophesied revival in the Catholic Church (correctly, I think). Sounds to me as if his natural mind is telling him one thing and his spirit another...
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  5. Jackie

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    Yes, confusing with their "mix" and sometimes in the Protestant messages, some lines sound so Protestant but it is His loving heart, He has to speak to them this way, it is what they know and slowly He reveals the Truth. Well, speeding up now, Jesus is speaking about the Eucharist in the Protestant messages without saying the word Eucharist.
  6. Jackie

    Jackie Archangels

    Remember not too long ago, how a couple of Protestant messengers, Julie Whedbee and Bonnie of Australia include the 3 Days of Darkness written along with words about the Warning in their messages?

    St. Faustina was told about moments of darkness, at the Warning so NOT the same as the 3 Days of Darkness which is a lot longer period of darkness prophesied at the time of God's Chastisement at the end of Tribulation, the end of the 6th Day.

    Here is an excerpt from a message to Light of Mary (a translation).

    Confidence from the Holy Archangels
    given to Light of Mary (Latin America)


    ...“The earth continues to shake from one point to another on the Globe and thus it will continue; volcanoes will rise and man will suffer. From the Universe will come a test for man. Everything is uniting to move consciences and AWAKEN men, this is the INSTANT, the INSTANT in which those who live in the truth will be seen before all and those who live in darkness, will not even be able to look at themselves.

    Do not confuse, beloved of ours, the Great Warning that is NEAR and about which you know, with the Three Days of Darkness revealed to various prophets and mystics. Do not entangle or confuse the People, be cautious, we cannot hide the truth from you.

  7. kathy k

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    I think you really nailed it with the "wrecked theology" statement. It amazes me how many of the Protestant prophets claim God told them to forget all their theology, that it's all wrong, then they continue to hold fast to it.

    This is why the warning gives me such hope - for them, as well as the vast number of people who don't give their spiritual life thought. What a gracious God, what immense mercy, to share the truth with each soul!

    I'm praying every rosary and every chaplet with two new, additional intentions: for those who will die from the shock of the warning, and for those who will be tempted to deny the warning later. The great harvest the protestants talk about is going to be something. And I think it was Billy Graham who said, from his experience working on a farm, that harvest season is intense work and incredibly short.
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    Kathy K,

    Two beautiful prayer intentions. I pray for the grace of final perseverance, that I/we may keep the faith and not falter at the finish line.
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  9. Jackie

    Jackie Archangels

    Maybe I am off, Catholics have it wrong that the 3 Days of Darkness is at the end of Tribulation but look
    at these words to Julie, the messenger in the OP.

    Our Lord to Julie Whedbee:
    December 2, 2013

    Although you do not have the complete understanding of My timing in coming for you My Bride, know without a doubt that every detail of your joining to Me has been lovingly orchestrated by My Father in Heaven. Lean not unto your own understanding at this time as much is still being veiled. It is only for you to rest in My presence knowing that you are loved beyond measure,...
  10. Jackie

    Jackie Archangels


    I join you, united for this intention. I noticed too recently looking at these messages, a reminder of offering CODM's for conversions.

    11/02/06 A.M.


    The Warning

    ...After this warning experience, my remnant will be like Isaias filled with the Holy Spirit and will go out to evangelize the world with no fear of man or evil.You will have seen your King the Lord of hosts. This is why I want you to prepare yourself with confession, penance, and communion so you can be ready to participate in THE GREAT HARVEST OF SOULS. PRAY YE THEREFORE THE LORD OF THE HARVEST, TO SEND FORTH LABORERS INTO HIS HARVEST. All those in sanctifying grace are my laborers and after the warning each more so. It will be a glorious time for the Kingdom of God. Many souls will be delivered from the bondage of Satan because of my mercy and your willingness to be my servants. Do not dwell on the darkness so much. Satan wants to put fear in my church. He wants you to fear persecution, the antichrist, and the one world order. This warning will destroy much of his power and take souls from his kingdom. His power over much of mankind will be broken. My Holy Spirit will inflame and fill the hearts and souls of my faithful like my disciples on the day of Pentecost. I will renew my church for I am its founder and head.Praise the Lord for this day of warning. Pray for those souls who are in the darkness of sin and especially the lukewarm that they will respond to my mercy during the warning. Pray divine mercy chaplets with this intention now. Those who reject my mercy will face the wrath of God. Be not afraid my faithful. I am not the author of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind. Be filled with the Spirit and prepare for the GREAT HARVEST OF THE LORD. Peace be with you.
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  11. FoundSoul

    FoundSoul Angels

    Peter B mentioned on another thread about Elijah List site. I visited that site and its true Protestants are coming around to acknowledging Our Blessed Mother. Its wonderful to read.
  12. Andy3

    Andy3 Powers

    What do you think children will experience during the warning? I can imagine such a joyful experience for the most innocent and pure. Jesus says to be like children. I keep picturing how wonderful for us to keep preparing with the sacraments of communion, confession and prayer and fasting so we too could possibly experience what the children experience. I am doing pretty well with three of the four mentioned but am terrible at fasting. I need to work on this!
  13. Andy3

    Andy3 Powers

    What an interesting message from Julie Whedebee. The whole time reading this I instantly thought Jesus was speaking of his Mother Mary and not his bride the church in the first paragraph then it seems to switch to his bride the church. In fact if you replace "My Bride" for "My Mother" it is even more powerful for me. I have edited the first part of it below with this replacement. Once again I just feel that Jesus is preparing protestents to bend a knee to his mother.

    December 23rd, 2013
    Tell My people little one that My Mother/Bride is My heart. It has always been a heart matter and My Mother/Bride is captivated by Me. Many have been called but few are chosen. My Mother/Bride, My pearl lives for none other than Me. She anxiously greets Me each morning in complete and utter surrender and obedience to My will alone for that day. This heart lives and moves and has her being in Me alone. The sufferings and sorrows of this heart are deeply etched and intertwined with My heart, My sufferings and My pain. We live as One. Our hearts beat as One. She knows no other. Her life is worship of Me. This dear one no longer descends into the world, seeking to satisfy shallow yearnings and desires with the lies and feigned love of the traitor, her enemy. This one knows Me, knows Me intimately, therefore knows true, abiding, perfect love and will not settle for anything else. This pearl has endured much over time. This heart has bled and died alongside of Me. The scars and abrasions of this pearl are what made her who she is in Me. We speak spirit to spirit and she loves with a love that is genuine and pure. It is only through the refining process of being sanded and molded and set apart that she has been transformed from something ordinary to My Beloved. She wears My righteousness as her wedding gown. She forsakes all for My glory and incessantly intercedes for the lost. Her desires are My desires. This pearl comes together with other precious gems in My Kingdom in union as they honor, serve, and glorify Me as One Body . It is My life's blood coursing through her veins. My Mother/Bride has given her all for Me and therefore certain privleges are bestowed on her. She will see Me in all of My glory before the rest of My church. Her time of waiting has drawn to a close. She is My Queen and she will rise to assist Me in My last and greatest harvest. She will be given much power and authority in Me.

    Many are you who profess Me as Lord, but your hearts are far from Me. Believing on Me as your Saviour is not enough to qualify you as My Bride. Your lives must reflect My heart. You must be a new creation in Me. Spiritual pride and idolatry have taken dominion over you. I tell you this--I am coming for an undefiled and pure people. Have you allowed My Holy Spirit to completely blot out every bit of self in you? Is every thought and action measured and tested against My Holy Spirit as your guide? Have you willingly let go of every lure this world has to offer you? What do you continue to allow your eyes to view and your ears to hear? Do you still continue to compromise? I will say to you-your time has not come yet. You have work still to do before we meet face to face in order that you enter My Kingdom for My Father will send Me for His first-fruits before His church. My church as a body has more training to do, and more purifying before she is worthy to come home. She has lost her first love and continues to drink from the cup of iniquity.
    The door is closing My children and then tribulations as you have never seen shall come. What say you this day? Do you know in your heart of hearts that you belong to my Mother/Bride, My pearl or have you forsaken Me and My ultimate sacrifice for you? I died to give you life eternal and because of My love for you. The door is indeed closing very, very soon and then there will be no turning back.
    YESHUA-the Artisan of your heart
  14. Andy3

    Andy3 Powers

    Another message to Julie that points to Catholicism and the true presence of Jesus's blood in his cup. Her vision before was even Jesus giving her a cup of his blood to drink.

    January 14th, 2014
    Oh My daughter how it pleases My heart so when My children come to Me in total humility and surrender and cast their cares at My feet as you have done. My message has been one of obedience, and sacrifice. My chosen ones have sought well, as you have now allowed My blood to cleanse and purify you, to refine and mold you into My new vessels of glory. You have come through the fire in the past and you have given Me full permission to continue to bring you through the fires of refinement in order that we are infused as One. It is in the crushing of self that I bring you to a higher level of intimacy, as My anointing covers all aspects of your lives. As you have come to Me, each one of you, it is this I ask, are you willing to drink the fullness of the Cup of My blood? I am not asking for a partial consumption but I am asking that you would drink the full Cup of My sacrifice. I Myself have emptied this Cup for every one of you, now I ask if you are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice of love for Me? Will you now in this day, at this appointed time in these last days, lay it all down for Me this final time? This Cup of trembling is not for the weak or faint of heart. This Cup when completely consumed, brings about a great transformation for you. For at the bottom of this Cup is The Key to Me. It is who I Am, it is who you are intended to be in Me. Choosing this Cup means no going back. It is finishing your race strong, never looking again behind you at those you may have to leave behind. It is running and not walking, passionately pursuing and becoming One with the Lover of your soul.
    The fires of your testing bring revelation as they unlock spirits of bondage, spirits of addictions, spirits of lack and separation. Drink of this Cup My precious Bride and find The Key when you have consumed it all. This Key will provide for you and Open Heaven as you ask and nothing will be denied you. It is in this that I will pour out the extra oil you need for the upcoming events that are just before you. I then ask for you to take this Key and unlock the storehouses of My immeasurable flow and blessing. Set the lost free with this Key. Break the chains of the enemy in every situation using your Key. Open the doors that have previously been closed to you and find your freedom in and through Me. Go forth to set the captives free, do miracles in My Name and heal all who are in need. This Key will also lock the door behind you to the enemy, forever closing off his access to you for you become Mine, body, soul, and spirit. We then move as One to consumate our Wedding and bring in the great harvest! Your desires become My desires, your heart becomes My heart. You then go forth with clear eyes, clean hands, and My purity of heart. You become My eyes that seek the lost and hurting and bring them to My heart. It is then you speak My words of love and comfort and peace. It is then you boldly walk to places you would have never walked before, Me and you, you and Me, treading the darkness without fear, reclaiming what belongs to Me for My Kingdom. Your arms become My arms reaching out and embracing the most lonely, the most desperate, and the most fearful ones who have lost their way. In Me you live and move and have your being. This is the design of My Father and His will be accomplished in this place. Your sorrow becomes our greatest joy as I share with you the oil of My gladness. The effects of Our union will be unmistakable! For none of you is separate from another. Your infusion brings forth My glory and sets off a chain reaction amongst you. Let us go now Beloved, the day grows shorter even and the night is come. Come to Me---Drink My Cup---Walk as One with your Groom---
    As a preface to this vision, I had been facing an extreme weariness, and a sense of discouragement while waiting for Yeshua to come for us in these last couple of weeks. The enemy wanted nothing more than to lie to me and tell me that Yeshua's return was not close, and that life would become increasingly difficult and distressful. I had been crying out to Yeshua for strength and hope and reassurance of His never-ending love for us and the seriousness of the hour of trial we are facing. It was in these cries for comfort and direction that Yeshua visited me and gave me the above message. He concluded our visit by standing in front of me with The Cup of His Blood. He first told me that He had given His all, His life's blood for all, and then as He began to hand me The Cup, He asked me if I was willing to drink from The Cup as well, The Full Cup, in order to enter into complete intimacy and Oneness with Him. I said yes, of course I would, and reached for The Cup. As I did however, He hesitated, and told me I could not accept this Brideship if I did not drink The Cup in full. Shaking, I reached out and said yes again, taking The Cup in both hands and drinking until finished. To my astonishment, there was a Key at the bottom of The Cup! He looked at me with such love and smiled saying, "Now to you is given The Key to Me, to all that I Am, and all that you will now be in Me." He went on to explain how The Key would bring an Open Heaven to me, to all who consumed fully, and the ability through Him to do all He requires us to do. It is The Key to Him and the mysteries of His Kingdom, and The Key that forever prevents the enemy from harming us again, The Key that seals us under His anointing. He told me then I would never go back to where I had come from, and His glory could now be revealed in and through me. This is what He is offering to every one of us in the Bride right now. The Bride is made of those who have now submitted themselves to Him in total repentance, searching only His truth, holiness, and righteousness from here on until He comes for us. His promises are sure and true, and there are no words to describe to you the love He has for every one of us, an immense, immeasurable and undying love that will take us higher and higher and higher***
    Until we meet face to face my brothers and sisters,
  15. Jackie

    Jackie Archangels

    This loving Protestant messenger, she share's the OP, Julie's blog link at her site. I started watching her
    videos, she has this way of including everyone. I do not understand her talk of a rapture but enjoy listening to her speak of the love of God. Her name is Mary Beth.

    Mary Beth shared in a recent video, a message from Our Lord. She read it aloud, not typed in print for you to read. I heard one important concerning the faith. I wrote it down.

    Message to Mary Beth

    January 12, 2014 a.m.

    ..."Be not surprised at My original heavenly plan as you have been taught only man's version of Me and My Word. Do not faint with fear at the sight of the unexpected as timing will not be followed to this teaching but will follow My divine ways and words spoken in the beginning."...

    Jesus is gently preparing non-Catholic Christians for the shock of seeing the faith, Roman Catholicism in the Great Warning.
  16. Andy3

    Andy3 Powers

    I was reading a message from someone recently and can't remember who it was but it felt kind of like a rapture. It was talking about how after the warning there will be many converts to the church but God said they would be spiritual babies and if he did not take them out of the world during the Chastisement it would be awful for them since they would not be strong enough to endure the evil everywhere. He mentioned that there would not be many true, devout of faith people in the world during the Chastisement but there would be some who can handle it with true faith that will endure to see the new heaven and new earth. I found this to be rather interesting but can't remember where I read this. Maybe one of Verne's messages?
  17. Jackie

    Jackie Archangels


    In Vern's messages, you were reading, there's that "spiritual babies." And written along side, maybe this is what Protestant Mary Beth means, her speaking of a Rapture. God taking the faithful but spiritual babies home?

    ... After the warning, there will only be one church. All Protestant denominations will have no reason to exist. For all Protestants will see the truth in my Catholic Church. Those Protestants who in their pride reject my truth, will become apostate and persecute my true Catholics. Many Protestants will enter my church because of the warning. The ungodly will persecute my faithful remnant because the ungodly rejected my mercy. A fierce persecution will rage like a fire in certain parts of your world. Europe, North America, and Latin America will persecute my faithful severely. My son, the largest number of converts will come from the pagan religions. Many Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and tribal peoples will accept my mercy and truth because of the warning. My church will experience a large amount of growth in those areas. I will need my faithful to teach these converts. Many miracles will take place at this time. Bilocation and other miracles assisted by my angels will occur. My faithful may be teaching in different areas of the world. After the warning, there will only be a short time given to mankind to repent. If no repentance is done, I will allow Satan and the antichrist to chastise a sinful generation. At this time, many faithful will be: called home, persecuted, martyred, and taken to my refuges. Only those who are not spiritual babies 98

    with my divine life residing in their souls will endure those days and enter my era of peace
    . My son, at baptism all my children receive sanctifying grace, but many do not progress beyond spiritual infancy. I will not lose any the Father has given to me. My spiritual babies will come home to be with me to prevent the loss of their souls. A soul who does not partake of my Eucharist remains a spiritual baby. Just as a human baby must eat solid food to grow to adulthood, so spiritually you must receive my graces through the sacraments to mature to spiritual adulthood. The body must be fed to grow.Likewise, the soul must be fed to grow and mature. Satan knows this truth. ...

    link to the word search for GOD SPEAKS WILL YOU LISTEN
  18. Andy3

    Andy3 Powers

    yep that was the one. Thanks!
  19. Peter B

    Peter B Powers

    A really intense message and vision which I find very inspiring... the implications go much further than simply acknowledging the Real Eucharistic Presence here, as the call is to the imitation of Christ in self-sacrifice, maybe to the point of being martyred. This is a call not just to piety but to radical discipleship. The theme of martyrdom is sobering, but there are many prophetic sources talking about it at the moment, Catholic (see Fr Adam Skwarczynski) and non-Catholic (Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj, Glynda Linkous...). This would seem to be an indication of what may lie ahead, and of course in many parts of the world this is not merely a theoretical issue.

    This connection between Christ's sacrifice and our own call to denial of self is well worth pondering. For the first disciples participation in the Eucharist was about precisely that: sharing in Christ's cup meant going to their own deaths for his sake and thereby offering the greatest proof of the reality of the message.
  20. Fatima

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    Who is the alleged message calling "My Bride"?

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