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  1. Fatima

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    I don't think I would trust that Padre Pio revealed this. Padre Pio was very well known by the 60's, so I could see someone using his name to seemingly canonizing JFK.
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    I agree. I'm fascinated with the protestant prophets - and I'm watching as they inch closer to the Truth. Several of them openly proclaim that they've been told by the Lord that their way of having "church" doesn't please Him, and that their theology is all wrong. It seems they assume He means All of us. (When did you ever hear a Catholic mystic ever say anything but "hold fast to Peter and the Church?") I fully expect to see the Lord reveal Himself fully to them, and soon. In the days to come, we need unity like we've never needed it before!
  3. Fatima

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    One of the saddest verses in the Gospels is when, after Jesus reiterated the teaching of the Eucharist 4 times on his body and blood, "many of his disciples left him and followed him no more". That is what happened with the Reformation as well.... they could not accept the Mass or the literal presence of Jesus in Eucharist or that it is only through his priesthood that this miracle can come about. It is so sad. It is in their bible as well. The greatest gift and grace God gave mankind and they have said "no" to him.

    I am curious if those on this forum think the reunification of all Christians will take place before or after the Warning and Miracle foretold at Garabandal?
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  4. Jackie

    Jackie Archangels

    Fatima and kathy k,

    You two are so nice, I love this place and don't wish to disagree. Reading the Protestant messages, Jesus is saying it more, speaking of the Eucharist to prepare our Brothers and Sisters in Christ. It is the big block, if only they would believe.

    Here is an example. I have shared a couple of Our Lord's kindly references to the Eucharist with the Protestant prophets themselves, sending them a PM. Most of them who replied to me said NO. Two haven't so I have hope.

    Look at this Protestant message back in April. Jesus says it! And interesting about this message below, Our Lord uses the word "abide" in John 6, the original word except you see in the KJV, the translators changed the word to "dwell."

    All those rotten changes to the KJV Bible. I am thinking of one, about the mother of the king being queen. The KJV changed the original word about the mother of the king sitting on a "throne" to "seat" in 1 Kings 2:19! This could of helped with their denial of Mary being Queen of Heaven and earth.

    note: 1 Kings in the KJV is 3 Kings in the Douay Rheims. And, the NIV does say "throne."

    ~ ~ ~

    from a message to Protestant Amanda Leonard

    I Am the Door, Come Abide

    April 25, 2013

    ..."I also see fresh bread. This bread is everlasting. I see it cut in slices and there's an endless supply to feed the nations. People are throwing this bread to the nations, to the nations, to the nations. I see people eating and drinking OF Him, feasting ON Him, abiding with Him, communing with Him at the marriage supper of the Lamb. As THEY CONSUME HIM, His children will take on the very nature of Jesus. This bread will not mold, this bread will not rot, it will not be like the MANNA in the wilderness, for this bread IS Him (JESUS) ALONE. I see people feasting at His table and there is an endless supply.

    I AM the door, those who ABIDE in Me have the key. The key is intimacy. As you set Your affections on Me, as You EAT of MY flesh and DRINK of MY blood, you will become one with Me. The world will try to teach you another way, but all fruitfulness flows from intimacy. Come abide with Me, under the shadow My wings."
  5. Jackie

    Jackie Archangels

  6. kathy k

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    This makes me sad too. I think of them as starving at a banquet. Before I receive communion, I lift up my persecuted brothers and sisters who have lost the freedom to receive Jesus often (or at all!), and my separated brothers and sisters who are ignorant of the treasure waiting for them at the altar.
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  7. Ang

    Ang Archangels

    Kathy, what a wonderful idea. I will start doing the same. :)
  8. FoundSoul

    FoundSoul Angels

    I think uniting Christian has started already but its the revelations that the warning brings that finally finishes all the divisions.That means that sometime after the warning there will only be two sides - Gods and Satans. No more of people saying that can except so much of Gods Law butthey can divorceor abort or whatever if they need it. Its all or nothing after the warning. Its so strange in one way here in Ireland the greatest opponents of abortion all seem to be Protestants and a lot of the so called Catholics are awful.
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  9. Jackie

    Jackie Archangels

    And some are misreading in their responses what Jesus is meaning in His current messages to non-Catholic Christians. He is speaking about them and their taking it as forget 'traditions', 'rituals' and organized religion. They're not getting what Our Lord is saying and responding, you only need Jesus in your heart.

    kathy, yes! Look how Jesus is gently and very kindly speaking of the Real Presence to them now. It use
    to be just messages saying God is going to bring oneness of belief, new things to understand.
  10. Jackie

    Jackie Archangels

    The message to non-Catholic Christian Amanda Leonard about the Eucharist is pretty obvious, maybe why no replies. I am feeling out of the loop here at MOG and having nothing to contribute. I do not need to post anymore Protestant messages.

    Witnessing to our brothers and sisters about the Eucharist is needed though, when they see greater persecution of the Church and the changes prophesied (the abomination of desolation) will they believe they are correct? Who can imagine, anyone rejecting the Warning. Everyone in the world before the appearance of the anti-Christ will have experienced the Warning so Catholics are praying disbelievers accept God showing them, all people on the earth the Eucharist is truly Our Lord.

    Helping Protestants now talking about the faith, the Eucharist, they will recall when the Warning takes place.
  11. kathy k

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    Jackie, I so appreciate your contributions here!!! It seems to me that we are an army in training. Understanding what's being revealed to our separated brothers and sisters, and their various interpretations, is important, I think, for the future. There will be much confusion after the warning, and many will seek answers. If we are doing our preparatory work according to the heart of our Mother, which includes a growing love, respect and understanding of those currently far away from the truth, and making ourselves ready to be ambassadors for the Church, think of what the Lord can do through us on this forum!
  12. Fatima

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    Jackie, if you are witnessing the Catholic truth to protestants that is wonderful. Keep doing it if you are finding success. I have beat my head silly over the past 30 years talking 2000 years of the Catholic faith to them and can honestly say, I haven't converted one to my knowledge. As far as posting protestant prophecy on MOG, I assume most here have heard what the Mother of God has been saying through Catholic mystics for 200 years and nothing the protestants are saying can add to this. Until they recognize the role of Mary, the Pope, the Eucharist and the Mass, I for one don't think they can add anything new to what the Church has already revealed. I am not against them, but why listen to them when Mary has been sent as the prophet for our times with all we need to know?
  13. Fatima

    Fatima Guest

    Actually, I did convert one person I work with, but he was a fallen away Catholic and he just needed to understand what he left before he came back with his whole family.
  14. Eamonn

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    Growing up in Belfast as a Roman Catholic in the 1970s & 80s
    you soon learn the differance between the Protestant religion and the
    Catholic religion. You had to learn this very quick as it could cost you your
    life if you were caught in the wrong part of town, As kids growing up i remember
    being told they may have all the jobs but we have been given the true faith.
    As it turned out we found out that God and religion were used by different
    forces as cover for their politic's and own personal gain,and in fact there was
    more that united us than divided us and that was our love of god. So when the warning
    comes and the world see's whats in store for it dont be surprised when you see not only
    protestants, but the rest of christianity beating a path to the Catholic Church. Each one looking
    to save there souls through the promises god give us for the forgiveness of sins through the Blessed
    Eucharist. And as Pope francis is trying to tell us he wants the church opened for all sinners espicially the catholic ones who have rejcted the church they were born into. So when the big day
    does come and the warning happens we should help people by showing them this gospel passage.
    Tell them were the nearest catholic church is. Show them this web address as many people will need information on how and were to save their souls.

    Gospel according to john

    Jesus said to the crowd;
    "I am the living bread which has come down
    from from heaven.
    Anyone who eats this bread will live
    for ever;
    and the bread that i shall give
    is my flesh, for the life of the world."
    Then the jews started arguing with one another:
    " How can this man give us his flesh to
    eat? they said.
    Jesus replied:
    I tell you most solemnly,
    if you do not eat the flesh of the
    son of man
    and drink his blood,
    you will not have life in you.
    Anyone who does eat my flesh and
    drink my blood has eternal life,
    and i shall raise him up on the last day.
    For my flesh is real food and my blood
    is real drink.
    He who eats my flesh and drinks my
    blood lives in me and i live in him.
    As i who am sent by the living father,
    myself draw life from the father,
    so whoever eats me will draw life from me.
    This is the bread come down from heaven;
    not like the bread our ancestors ate
    they are dead,​
    but anyone who eats this bread will live forever.
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  15. Jackie

    Jackie Archangels


    Thanks much, I was feeling down and too "touchy" as the messages say.

    It is frustrating not being able to help our brothers and sisters see now but the time is coming. I worry I am
    being triumphant except reading their messages, Protestant current prophecy is getting specific so we are closer to
    the Warning and other end time divine events.
  16. Jackie

    Jackie Archangels

    Fatima, hi,

    I am with you, I've never converted or know I convinced our brothers and sisters. You answer their questions and objections and the same come up time and time again. My fault, I have posted a lot of Protestant messages here, I have a zeal about sharing their messages because you can see the Catholic prep in them.

    There was a recent message/vision reposted by a Protestant lady named Chris Williams. A vision, words describing a type of part of the Holy Mass in the Old Covenant. You put a description of the Catholic Mass besides it, it is almost the same.

    You want to say, there is so much more than the written Word, how happy you are with it and touched dear Protestants, just think how in love with God you will be when you accept all of His revelation, all the plan.
  17. Peter B

    Peter B Powers

    Following up on what I've been saying elsewhere on this forum about charismatic Protestant/Catholic convergence, watch this incredible conversation released yesterday between Terry Law and Rick Joyner (technically Protestants) telling how the charismatic revival began in the Polish Catholic Church in the 1970s through the meeting of the Polish Primate Cardinal Wyszynski and a visiting music group of American Methodists to Saint Anne's Church in Warsaw (the church in which my brother-in-law was married and which I know pretty well as I lived in the city in the 1990s and played a recital there myself a few years ago (I'm a professional musician)). Rick Joyner speaks of the prophetic anointing of John Paul II and the two men talk about the assassination attempt of 1981, the Pope's exchange with Brezhnev etc.

    I find this truly remarkable in terms of demonstrating
    i) that God has for decades now been working across denominational boundaries created by human divisions in the One Body of His Son. Part of that work involves being taken outside our comfort zones and theological boxes that God always transcends
    ii) that those who are genuinely open to the Holy Spirit can recognize His activity in others regardless of their background
    iii) the great humility and courage of Stefan Wyszynski and Karol Wojytyla
    iv) the power of music in going to places too deep for words
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  18. Jackie

    Jackie Archangels


    Peter, Rick and Terry's testimony, wow, their love for Pope John Paul II and they shared history not known about Pope John Paul.

    Terry Law heard God direct him. He obeyed God and went in and held Protestant concerts in some of Poland's Cathedrals. Terry shares, he heard a few years later that doing these concerts got "the wheels of the Charismatic Movement rolling....for the people of that persuasion."
  19. Jackie

    Jackie Archangels

    Mary Clark is a PROTESTANT messenger. She receives light messages, never the grave. I wonder about "very unusual-looking" tam.

    The Fuchsia Hat

    December 10, 2013

    In a vision, I saw a man dressed in clerical garb, wearing a bright fuchsia, very unusual-looking tam. Why did You show this to me, Lord?

    Beloved, I am doing a new thing, an outstanding thing that will get the world’s attention. Watch Me. Watch Me bring forth this coming hour of wonder. Many will say that My work is flashy and overdone. Many will not like My style, but those who seek after My heart will applaud Me, applaud Me with great exuberance. So look forward to seeing this unusual happening and anticipate taking part. Know this: I do all things well, and this occurrence will not be the exception to that truth, no exception at all, beloved, no exception at all!!!
  20. Jackie

    Jackie Archangels

    Protestants misinterpret their own prophecy. Look at these images put up, of the Holy Father and of the Blessed Sacrament on the altar! :eek:

    Protestants do not see Satan desires to destroy the faith, they think Our Lord is returning with full approval of the destruction of "Rome." And they do not get when God refers to "religions", He is not referring to the faith. Another misunderstanding, some "traditions" are good and holy.

    Offer every day prayers for conversion.

    Protestant message of December 8, 2013:

    "joined forces with Rome" 6:56
    "depart from YOUR religious traditions and mockery" 7:04

    I put in caps "your" because God is speaking to Protestants.

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