Protestant details locution about the Warning

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  1. I'm going to a Divine Will Conference on July 18-19 in Casper, Wyo!!!! Can't wait!
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  2. Jackie

    Jackie Archangels


    I am very happy to here this, you will enjoy, the time will fly. I've mentioned, I got to go to a Divine Will Retreat given by Father Joseph Iannuzzi at Conception Abbey in 2011.

    The other day, matter of fact, I was wondering if I could attend a talk given by Father Iannuzzi again or see Monsignor John Esseff for the first time. No way on Monsignor Esseff after looking at his schedule of conferences and retreats. But, Father Iannuzzi would be 8 hours away for me, when he speaks at the Colorado National Theological Congress in Colorado Springs, Colorado coming up August 1 - 3rd, 2014. Father Mitch Pacwa who is sooo.. loving (listening to him on Catholic Radio) and he's a walking book on the history of the faith. He will be speaking too. Bishop Michael Sheridan will offer the opening Mass. I am not sure for myself, depends but if you can get there, no registration fee, a good will offering is asked.

    I keep a holy card where I can see it to recite from that Divine Will Retreat, on it a prayer for the souls in Purgatory. Oh the words about the Blessed Mother :cry: :love:.

    Prayer for the Souls in Purgatory

    Entering the Divine Will, I take its Power, the immensity of its Love, the immense value of the Pains of the Son of God, and all the Divine Qualities, and pour them over (name your deceased), and over each of the souls in Purgatory to bring them comfort, relief and to shorten their years.

    For each of them I offer You, My God, all the Holy Sacrifices of the Mass offered throughout the world throughout time, all that Our Blessed Mother Suffered in her inexpressible "martyrdom of Solitude" and all that Luisa did and suffered for her parents' souls after their deaths.

    Eternal Rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all faithfully departed, through the Mercy of God, rest in peace. AMEN.
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  3. I won't be able to go to Colorado, as I will be in Colorado visiting relatives at that time! My family is dropping me off in Wyo. for the conference and I will get a ride back up to Montana. We are talking about bringing him to Billings and Kallispell to speak after Wyo. if he has time. Busy man!
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  4. Jackie

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    MOG looks forward to you sharing about the Divine Will Conference. And I like your "family" is "dropping: you "off" comments. :D I would love it if they were headed toward Winnipeg on a certain date. :cool:
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  5. Jackie

    Jackie Archangels

    I have a question. If anyone has a Protestant background, maybe you know. In the Protestant messages and discussion I often see two terms I am not familiar with, they are:


    What do they mean?
    Confusing, why is corporate used, it fits the world not the spiritual. ??? Example today, from a message given James Donovan, March 4, 2015. I added the in-red.

    "Yes with this shaking which will effect the way My corporate church functions, There will be a dying of self kingdoms. I am calling My church, My body of believers to go back to the book of Acts and meet breaking bread (the most holy Eucharist) and ministering to one another."
  6. kathy k

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    Jackie, I don't have a protestant background, but I think "corporate" refers to formal church structures and activities, and "suddenlies" refers to biblical prophets who talk about the great day of the Lord, and "suddenly" chastisements happen, which are then described. I think calling them "suddenlies" is just a shorthand way to refer to chastisements.
  7. Jackie

    Jackie Archangels

    kathy k,
    Thanks for defining both words. I was guessing, I thought "suddenlies" meant a positive miraculous sign from God.
  8. Dusica

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    Curious thing happened last week one evening. I ordered some food with friends, but the delivery guy came late and mixed our order. One bag was our but the second was missing and instead we got the order for some foreigner called according to the receipt attached Mary B. (english names are not common in czech republic where this happened).
    Eventually we resolved this issue but that's not the point of course.

    The same evening I was on youtube when I noticed a video recommendation about William Branham. Let me elaborate why this video recommendation was interesting for me:
    Two years ago, when I was feeling empty and searching for truth and God, I stumbled upon series of books documenting his life. He led a huge and successful healing ministry and from his early years it seemed he had supernatural gifts of reading hearts and healing. Those series on his life sparked my interest about the supernatural and Christianity as a whole again. He was a pentecostal but ironically led me to embrace Catholic faith fully for the first time, as I spent more time on the subject of the supernatural and discovered saints and catholic miracles.
    As I discovered at the end of the series, he lost his way and preached a lot of heresies against catholic church which I was part of for my whole life, so that was too much for me and I lost interest in him, but the curiosity for the supernatural stayed.

    Back to the video recommendation, it seemed quite random as I didn't watch anything about him for a year at least...Anyway I didn't watch it, but it made me wonder if he was discussed here on MOG in the past.
    The only hit was on this thread on page 9. Nothing weird so far but after I read some posts a name jumped up on me: Mary Beth
    (So quite possibly the same name as of the person who got our food instead of us, on the same day... :confused:)

    I don't know if this coincidence means something, but after reading some of this thread I thought I may just bump it. It is controversial for sure as it contains a lot of messages from protestant messengers, but I found some of them interesting and it may be of some use to read through it, considering the times we live in today.
    For example, at the beginning of the thread are messages about the evil pope and two popes competing. I think the reactions to them would be maybe different if posted today, knowing how is our Pope acting now...

    Here is the message from Mary Beth, quite interesting knowing it came from a protestant:
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  9. Mario

    Mario Powers

    Yes, the Warning could be the tool to bring Protestants home, but that will be a challenge for us to mentor them and lead them into the riches of our Faith.:)(y)
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  10. lynnfiat

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    I also can attest to what you say regarding living in the Divine Will. I came to learn about this great Gift over 26 years ago - not only through Luisa's writings, but also through those also who have lived in the Will of God whom I have previously mentioned in my forum about living in the Divine Will (which were taken off MOG), and have taught others about the Gift since that time. When we live in His Will and not our human will, all becomes peace - the peace that only comes from God. If interested, there is a website "Mary's Hill" that can tell you more. I have a blog,, where I have posted from Luisa and other exemplars.
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  11. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

    We must use much discernment on such messages. Our Blessed Mother has given enough messages to Catholics throughout the world that, for myself, I see no need for going to messages given through Protestants.
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  12. AED

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  13. ellen

    ellen Ellen

    I ditto your point of view lynnfiat. (y)
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