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Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by padraig, Mar 14, 2018.

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  1. Verne

    Verne Principalities

    Query: What about the majority of mankind today which is not part of the faithful? Jesus is appearing to Muslims in their dreams and they are converting. The majority of mankind today does not know God or the Catholic Church.
  2. MonicaHope

    MonicaHope Angels

    Yes, how Heaven must rejoice when a soul is saved! Verne, may I ask you a few sincere questions? Are you saying that in the book GSWYL, as well as now, that these are personal meditations, obtained through prayer? Or, are you saying that these are messages given to you directly from God The Father to spread to others? This is important to clarify. Have you in any way gained financially from these messages? Does it matter to you whether you have the Church's approval in spreading these messages? Please know that these questions are in no way an attempt to oppose the Truth of the Holy Spirit. Thank you.
  3. Dolours

    Dolours Guest

    What about them? The majority of mankind has never known God or the Catholic Church.
  4. padraig

    padraig Powers

    I am just curious Verne, do you know this guy; we are friends on Face Book?

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  5. Verne

    Verne Principalities

    I do not know him, but I have read some of his items. He is definitely being used by God
  6. padraig

    padraig Powers

    Yes so interesting, he is certainly of God. I see he is blind now, I think maybe this was somehow related to him being a Satanist. He is very brave, I am sure his former associates will be out to get him. Of course he is not the first to convert and become very holy from Satanism, there was a guy in Italy who was a Satanist and is a saint now...let m think of his name.....

    ah yes... Bartolo Longo

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  7. Verne

    Verne Principalities

    First, I do believe God can speak to humans. I was in the adoration chapel and I heard a voice in my head asking me to write down words. I rebuked the devil and I recorded the words. Over a period of time, I wrote the words down on notebook paper and stored them away in a bookcase, pretty much forgotten. I kept receiving these words, so I showed them to my friend Cletus who was convinced they were from God. He took the information and gave it a number of clergy in Mn, some of whom were theologians. None of them found anything against church teaching. So my friend Cletus made them into a book. Each book was blessed by a priest. My friend Cletus paid for the books and the books were given away free. These books were meant for those who do not go to church or do not Know God. That is why there is no imprimatur on the book. The imprimatur would turn people off. My friend was right on this. I remember an 83 yr old woman who wanted nothing to do with the Catholic Church, she read the book and came back to God. Also, I have been amazed the way the books are distributed. I have a family and work full time as an optometrist. God has raised up many people over then yrs who have passsed these books out. The website I renew every year in honor of my friend. Frankly, until recently I have pretty much forgotten about these messages. Our friend Mark has been used by God to help me with this mission. The fact that I wrote some words on paper from God which has led to the salvation of souls baffles me. I know I could never have written those words on my own. I do not write books. Also, it was interesting when the book was put together how much interference there was from hell. We had to transfer the book from a computer to a Cd to take to the publisher. The computer worked fine until we tried to download the book. The computer would not work. For each individual message, I had to rebuke the devil in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for the computer to download to the cd. Otherwise the computer would not work. What should have taken several minutes, took several hours. Once we took a break from downloading the messages and the computer worked find. I know God has used this book for certain people and that is good enough for me. It is not for me to judge the will of God. It is for me t0 say Yes to the Will of God. Everyone is entitled to their opinion about this book. I respect your opinion. But I know this is God’s project and not demonic in origin. In a world turned away from God, as Jesus says, he will raise up stones to speak, if he must. Jesus is in the business of saving humans from hell. I fail many times, because this is not always my priority. I hope this answers some of your questions. My I gave a final repeated word of advice: If this book does not help you, then leave it alone. Pray for the many people around the world every year who read the book, that maybe some words will lead to their conversion. God bless you. Who would have guessed, outside the us and Canada, this book is the most read in Russia.
  8. Dolours

    Dolours Guest

    I mean you no disrespect, Verne, but there could be no imprimatur on the book unless it had been approved by a Bishop. No priest or theologian who is not a Bishop has the authority to issue an imprimatur. Perhaps you didn't mean to give the impression that an imprimatur has been received but not shown on the book, but that's what could be easily inferred from what you said.

    In essence, nobody with the authority to do so has given official Church approval of the messages. Isn't that so? Or did you receive a Bishop's approval and your friend Cletus decided against showing the imprimatur when having the book printed?
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  9. Verne

    Verne Principalities

    I only know there is no imprimatur for the reasons my friend gave me. Also since I think 1966, the Vatican ruled imprimatur’s are not necessary regarding these type of books. I maybe wrong, but that is what I have read. All I know is what I have stated and the rest is up to God.
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  10. MonicaHope

    MonicaHope Angels

    Thank you Verne for your thoughtful response. I don't have time now to ponder and pray about this. I do believe that lost souls would most benefit from Truth, from the Deposit of Faith handed down by our Catholic Church. You seem sincere, but I don't understand the almost threat by you that I leave the book alone. How do you know that your book is so popular in Russia? Will pray about this.
  11. Dolours

    Dolours Guest

    I think that the way it works is that a Nihil Obstat is obtained first, and then an Imprimatur. As far as I know, the Nihil Obstat means that the Bishop or someone authorised by him has read the book and finds nothing in it contrary to the faith. The Imprimatur is permission to have the book printed, and is required for every reprint and every translation into a language other than the language of the original book.

    Here's a link to what appears to be the relevant section of Canon Law:

    The following seems to be the part covering books by the laity, and if your book doesn't fit the description of what requires permission you probably don't need that permission. (I'm not familiar with your book and I reckon that Canon Law is way above the pay grade of all members of this forum.)

    §2. Books which regard questions pertaining to sacred scripture, theology, canon law, ecclesiastical history, and religious or moral disciplines cannot be used as texts on which instruction is based in elementary, middle, or higher schools unless they have been published with the approval of competent ecclesiastical authority or have been approved by it subsequently.

    §3. It is recommended that books dealing with the matters mentioned in §2, although not used as texts in instruction, as well as writings which especially concern religion or good morals are submitted to the judgment of the local ordinary.

    §4. Books or other writings dealing with questions of religion or morals cannot be exhibited, sold, or distributed in churches or oratories unless they have been published with the permission of competent ecclesiastical authority or approved by it subsequently.

    Can. 828 It is not permitted to reprint collections of decrees or acts published by some ecclesiastical authority unless the prior permission of the same authority has been obtained and the conditions prescribed by it have been observed.

    Can. 829 The approval or permission to publish some work is valid for the original text but not for new editions or translations of the same.

    Can. 830 §1. The conference of bishops can compile a list of censors outstanding in knowledge, correct doctrine, and prudence to be available to diocesan curias or can also establish a commission of censors which local ordinaries can consult; the right of each local ordinary to entrust judgment regarding books to persons he approves, however, remains intact.

    §2. In fulfilling this office, laying aside any favoritism, the censor is to consider only the doctrine of the Church concerning faith and morals as it is proposed by the ecclesiastical magisterium.

    §3. A censor must give his or her opinion in writing; if it is favorable, the ordinary, according to his own prudent judgment, is to grant permission for publication to take place, with his name and the time and place of the permission granted expressed. If he does not grant permission, the ordinary is to communicate the reasons for the denial to the author of the work.
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  12. padraig

    padraig Powers

    This is true imprimatur's are very rare now:

    I forget the last time I saw a modern book with one; perhaps in Professional Theological works?
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  13. Pray4peace

    Pray4peace Ave Maria

    Where is the "almost threat" in Verne's response? I think that what he wrote is kind and charitable.
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  14. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Powers

    Right. He just said that if the book does not help you, then leave it alone. And then to pray for people. No threat! o_O
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  15. Verne

    Verne Principalities

    If you misunderstood me, then I apologize. Do not worry about this book. Go serve God’s kingdom. I also have books which I have read which do not help me. By all means read the Bible and ask God to guide you. I receive statistics form my website company about who read the book on the internet around the world.
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  16. padraig

    padraig Powers

    I am a little lost here too, Monica, I read and reread Verne's recent posts and have struggled to find a portion in which you might find an , 'almost threat'?

    Perhaps you could indicate or quote it? The word , 'Threat', is quite a serious use of words and I take it, myself, seriously, of course.

    Many thanks. :)
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  17. MonicaHope

    MonicaHope Angels

    You guys are right! Threat was too strong a word. Forgive me Verne and forum members! Verne gave me advice to move on if this book does not help me and to pray for others that it may help. Like who cares if they are Truth, from God? Move along Miss?
    I stand by my original post stating that if a person is claiming to be receiving messages from God The Father to relay to the world, he very cautious! As for me, I truly am moving on from this topic/thread. Nothing but good will for you all! Peace!
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  18. Dolours

    Dolours Guest

    Pardon my curiosity, but do you receive an income from your books and website?

    It strikes me as rather strange that God the Father would give you messages to relay to the world yet you wouldn't take the prudent approach of going first to the shepherds God has placed in authority over you. Don't you think that they would be better placed than your friend Cletus to ensure that your messages get the widest coverage?
  19. padraig

    padraig Powers

    I do respect your right to your opinion on this Monica and I do apoligise if my or other people's contrary opinions place you under any kind of pressure.

    But this is the very nature of free and open discussion in a place like this. I do value your contribution on the matter however, as so, I am sure, do other members.
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  20. Dolours

    Dolours Guest

    Note the last paragraph in that link:

    In all, these official declarations state that a publication is true to the Church’s teachings on faith and morals, and free of doctrinal error. Too many souls are in jeopardy because of the erroneous literature that is promoted as genuinely representing the Catholic faith. In an age where publications are abundant, a good Catholic must be on guard and look for the imprimatur before buying.
    No offence to Verne, but we have no way of knowing the source of his messages. Without an imprimatur, the average Catholic cannot be sure that his book is free of doctrinal error.
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