Prophecy: War will break out in Europe after Pope visits Moscow

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    A Russian who recently left Russia has made an interesting point about the possibility of a nuclear strike on western Europe or the US. He says that since almost every member of the top echelon of the Russian government has children attending universities in the west, they are unlikely to do anything drastic while their children are in the crosshairs. He also makes the point that since many of their wives and mistresses actually live/spend considerable time in luxurious properties in the west that they own themselves or own under the names of resident family members, this makes such a possibility even less likely. Putin's official salary (a little over $100,000) is very modest so, presumably, the salary of these high officials is even more modest but surprisingly they can still afford university fees, living expenses and luxury properties in the west where the cost of living is several times higher than in Russia. They must save very hard or be very lucky at the casino! Such a situation does not apparently stop at the highest levels, many medium level politicians, civil servants, military and FSB agents can also afford to move their children and their inexplicably substantial assets to the west and almost invariably seem to choose to do so. Many have dual citizenship in western countries (even FSB agents) although technically illegal for government employees since 2018. To attack the west would be to kill their own children and close relatives and destroy their own properties.

    Since the Russian media constantly tells Russians how corrupt and degenerate the west is, it is surprising that their own leaders are so ready to expose their children, wives and mistresses to these evils.

    RUSSIAN PARADOX | Why Russian Officials Love To Reside In The USA - YouTube
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    Yes, Carol, thank you I found it. But I thought about it, and it may not be atomic. The event of the Warning is God made only.
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    Things seem to be going crazy I Ukraine this morning

    Prayers through the day .
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    Yes that is certainly true.

    As far as I know, however, this first of all means that the attack on Ukraine is no longer declared as a "Special Operation" but as a war.
    So in terms of Russian domestic regulations.
    And under martial law, the attacks are legitimized to become more ruthless.
    Targeted destruction of infrastructure etc.
    This is of course very bad for Ukrainian civilians.

    But I agree with you that the use of nuclear weapons has also become more likely as a result.
    The concept of tactical nuclear weapons is based on the fact that they could be used by one side if it was conventionally inferior.
    And Russia is clearly inferior to the concentrated supplies of material from the NATO countries, so the use of tactical nuclear weapons will certainly play a role in some Russian minds.
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    Byron, This is what Jacinta said about the Warning;
    The Warning – Jacinta
    Jacinta Gonzalez said, “The Warning is something that is first seen in the air, everywhere in the world and immediately is transmitted into the interior of our souls. It will last for a very little time, but it will seem a very long time because of its effect within us. It will be for the good of our souls, in order to see in ourselves our conscience…the good that we have failed to do, and the bad that we have done. Then we will feel a great love towards our heavenly Parents and ask forgiveness for all of our offenses. The Warning is for everybody since God wants our salvation. The Warning is for us to draw closer to Him and to increase our faith. Therefore, one should prepare for that day, but not await it with fear. God does not send things for the sake of fear, but rather with justice and love. He does it for the good of all His children so they might enjoy eternal happiness and not be lost.” The Warning will coincide with celestial phenomena of some sort.
    I’m not certain if that last sentence is part of her quote or not.
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    If the pope doesn’t go soon it might be too late.
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    if Pietro Parolin is elected pope in the course of this war, I think he will be favored in the matter of visiting Moscow for having mediated the Vatican's agreement with the Chinese government, an important ally of the Russian government.
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    I don't think {according to the prophecy} it's not a matter of if but when-the pope returns from Moscow hostilities will break out.
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