Prophecy: War will break out in Europe after Pope visits Moscow

Discussion in 'GARABANDAL LIBRARY' started by mejtom, Sep 24, 2022.

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    Jeffrey Sachs is a longtime George Soros minion. He's been involved with many Vatican affairs since Pope Benedict resigned.
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    Sunnyveil, you know, when I saw his name, it rang a small bell. I am glad you posted because I remember seeing him in Vatican photos. Thanks for giving us the background.
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    Yes, thank you from me too. So that little clip could be staged to throw more confusion out there? As if there isn't enough confusion already. Maybe I should remove it then or I'll add your comment to my original post so readers know.
  5. Sunnyveil

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    I've been following Tom Luongo closely since the Ukranian war began. He's excellent in my opinion. He is not religious but believes that the WEF/Davos elite are the source of many evils including the Covid pandemic/lockdowns and the Ukranian war. Luongo believes you should watch who aligns with WEF/Davos in order to know who belongs to their faction (e.g. Biden, Yellen, Obama, Clintons, Bush ). The WEF goal, as they themselvesf stated at the beginning of the pandemic, is to have a Great Reset, with a new world order, a single world digital currency, and depopulation en masse. The UN, the IMF, BIS, the ECB etc are all constructs of the WEF. He believes they are trying to bring down the world economy in order to enslave humanity as part of the Great Reset. They're destroying the EU in the hope that the rest of the world will fall too.

    Opposing the WEF/Davos elites are Russia, first and foremost, along with the Shanghai Cooperative Organization, a new trade group . It includes China, India, Saudia Arabia, Pakistan, Turkey, Iran (I think) and others who are circumventing the West. Surprisingly, he believes the US Federal Reserve, which is controlled by banks like Goldman Sach, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo and others, is also opposed. Why would they agree to give their money and power to the IMF and BIS? He believes these powerful bankers are responsible for the ousting of Draghi in Italy and helping Meloni get elected. Their goal is to have Italy leave the EU which would cause its complete breakup. Also, the Fed is raising interest rates quickly to ensure the dollar survives and to destroy opposing banks like the ECB which are controlled by WEF/Davos elite.

    Importantly, he also believes that while their are powerful WEF factions operating in the US (like Biden), the USA is being scapegoated in order for the EU to play the victim and weaken the US.

    Maybe God is using Russia to chastise the WEF/Davos dominated West. Wasn't that part of the Fatima prophecy? Here is a good Remnant article that talks about how Putin's cultural reforms have incurred the wrath of the world elites:

    For anyone interested in Luongo's geopolitical theory, here's a good overview:
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    Yes. Here’s the video. Go to about 4:50.

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    I am astounded in many ways that Sachs has spoken so frankly about this. Wow
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    And he’s not alone in saying that.

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    More info on Jeffrey Sachs from an article by Elizabeth Yore, a Catholic lawyer and children's advocate. I give this guy a zero on credibility. He's part of the global elite.

    'Jeffrey Sachs, Special Advisor to UN Secretary General on the MDGs also enjoys a 30 year long economic relationship as a Soros stalwart, close advisor and grantee of Soros’ millions. Sachs headed to the Vatican to craft the blueprint for the Vatican’s rollout of the theology of global warming"

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    I saw that show with Jeffrey Sachs and it brought chills. I couldn’t believe Sachs was so disturbed. He actually seemed to mean exactly what he said. I’ve never seen him so nervous.
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    Sachs may very well have convinced Pope Francis to come out of the Vatican and urge for peace.
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    I agree. I would believe nothing out of his mouth. We are in the middle of a large propaganda war. I remember Pope Francis apointing him as something or other a few months back. Consider the source
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    I would normally agree with your post, but this time Sachs may be telling the truth. Go back and watch the video Miker sent on the Libertarian’s view on what’s really happening in this war. Some American neo- cons who have pushed against Russia, may be getting a little nervous now. Seriously, I certainly hope so.
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  15. Malachi

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    There is no doubt the USA is up to their neck as per usual in this. Sachs speaks truth here. Biden said as much months ago.
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    :( So much confusion.
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    Nothing happens by accident...nothing. i remember bidens words not long ago. I remember thinking why would he say that?? A man who cannot find his way off a stage? The world is a stage right now with the same predictable actors. It doesnt matter the reason or who did what but the zelinsky propaganda machine seems to be working on people. Playing us with fear. Ill stick with trusting in God and not in man at the moment.
  18. Sunnyveil

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    Tom Luongo, as you said I think, speaks of factions not countries. The WEF/Davos global elite are a faction that exists within each country. In the USA Biden and the neo-cons are most likely aligned with this faction and are working against the best interests of the US as a nation. The global elite faction has no allegiance to a particular country although their power is centered in the West. That's why they have no compunction about destroying countries if it furthers their goals. As Putin said in his speech, they're Luciferan. So, most likely there are powerful people in the US govt. who are pushing hard to get us into WWlll and may bear responsibility for the pipeline blow up.
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    According to Edward Pentin, Sachs is a well-known population control advocate.

    "Sachs, who has also been allied with radical pro-abortion billionaire George Soros and works with the ardently pro-contraception Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, went on to criticize the U.S. for “dismantling the international system” and urged those running global institutions not to be “cowed by bullying” by the current administration, and what he called “relentless US daily pressure on multilateralism.”

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