Prophecy: War will break out in Europe after Pope visits Moscow

Discussion in 'GARABANDAL LIBRARY' started by mejtom, Sep 24, 2022.

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    I am watching this for a 2nd time. I am SO glad someone posted it!
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  3. AED

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    Just watched this thos morning. Very very informative on several levels.
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  4. HeavenlyHosts

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    Important video. Glenn did a great job.
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  5. SteveD

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    To call Padre Pio a 'superfan' of this prophecy seems wholly inappropriate when dealing with such holy things. It is also untrue as far as I have been able to ascertain. I attended a (very long) talk given by Joey Lomangino many years ago and he said that he heard about the alleged apparitions at Garabandal when visiting Padre Pio's monastery. He wondered whether he should take the trouble to go there and enquired of Padre Pio who merely said, 'Go but be discreet'. Whether this can be taken as an endorsement of the apparitions seems to me open to question. There exists a letter purporting to be an endorsement signed by Padre Pio but the signature on it appears to be nothing like his signature on documents known to have been signed by him. (One should also remember that the Cure D'ars changed his opinion of the La Salette apparitions, so even saints can be wrong or confused on the matter.) I am 'on the fence on Garabandal but think that its supporters do the alleged visionaries' credibility no favours by exaggerating the support given to it by Padre Pio.
  6. Carol55

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    SteveD, Personally, the fact that Padre Pio left those relics (a burial veil, a glove etc.) to Conchita does speak volumes but you have the right to your opinion also.
  7. Jo M

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    True, Carol. I hardly think Padre Pio would have left these blessed relics to Conchita if he felt she was not worthy. This is the saint who had the gift of reading souls.
  8. Luan Ribeiro

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    Has anyone ever considered that in the face of rumors in recent months that Francis would step down in August, Putin thought it would be a good opportunity to restart Russian relations with the Holy See from scratch so that the next pope could visit Moscow?.
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  9. AED

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    Hmmmm. Interesting Luan.
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  10. Byron

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    I wish we knew what is going to happen. Most believe Putin is done and NATO will take over. Which would mean no Pope will be visiting Moscow soon.
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  11. AED

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    Byron i don't think any of us really know what is happening. Western media is so dishonest and Russian media is also the propaganda arm of the state. We will only get a picture of it when it actually unfolds and even then the media will obfuscate. "Pray hope and don't worry" (easier said than done)
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    I have listened to a speech by the new PM of Italy. She sounds pretty amazing to me. However, the left (EU, NWO) have been demonizing her… I was wondering if maybe the persecution of Italy will come from the EU and not from Russia as I have always thought.
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  14. thomas21

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    Encouraging rhetoric. But let's see if actions back them up.
  15. Ang

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    Good point. Most politicians are full of lies. I give her many props for courage though. Not many have the cahonies to speak such truths.
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  16. AED

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    And let's face it--if she is for real there is a target on her back. May St Michael protect her.
  17. Byron

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    Just like the Japanese prime minister. RIP
  18. Carol55

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    Byron, I still think that Canadian Prepper and Monkey Werx YouTube. Channels are good resources. CP does not believe what you state here about NATO, you should watch his latest video titled the next 72 hours…
    Monkey Werx stated a couple of days ago that Russsia has moved nukes into Kalingrad, Belarus and now Crimea and Donbas. I don’t know anything definitively either but time will tell.
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