Prophecy on the Next Pope

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    Courtesy of Steve :

    A Prophecy on the next Pope by Antonio RUffini ,who is dead now but was a stigmatic. Apparently the next Poep IS GOING TO BE MAGNIFICENT. I have the strong feeling Antonio is correct.


    Stigmata in the hands of Antonio Ruffini


    Antonio Ruffini was born in Rome in 1907 on the 8 December, the feast of the Immaculate Conception. He was named in honour of St Anthony, the eldest of three boys and lived in a devout family with a very caring attitude to the poor. His mother died when Antonio was very young. Antonio only had a primary school education but, from an early age, he prayed with his heart rather than from books. He had his first vision of Jesus and Mary when he was 17 years old. He saved his money and went to Africa as a lay missionary. He stayed for a year visiting all the villages, entering the huts to take care of the sick and to baptise the newborns. He went back to Africa a few more times and seemed to have the gift of xenoglossy, which is the ability to speak and understand foreign languages without ever having studied them. He even knew the dialects of the various tribes. He was also a healer in Africa . He would ask the people questions about their ailments and then God would heal them with the herbal remedies that Antonio would find, boil and hand out. He didn’t know what he was doing - it was all instinctive. Word soon got around to the other villages. Antonio Ruffini had the stigmata on his hands for over 40 years. They went clear through his palms and have been examined by doctors, who could offer no rational explanation. In spite of the fact that the wounds went clear through his hands they never become infected. Venerable Pope Pius XII authorized the blessing of a chapel on the spot where Ruffini received the stigmata on the Via Appia, and Father Tomaselli, the miracle worker, wrote a booklet about him. Riffuni is also reported to have had the gift of bilocation.
    As can be seen from the picture at the top of this email, the piercings of his stigmata were wide and very deep. After receiving the stigmata Antonio became a member of the Third Order of St Francis and took a vow of obedience. He was a very humble man. Whenever someone asked to see the stigmata, he would mumble a short prayer, kiss the crucifix, remove his gloves and say: “Here they are. Jesus gave me these wounds and, if He wants, He can take them away.”
    Father Kramer some years ago wrote these comments with regard to Antonio Ruffini: “I myself knew Ruffini for many years. In the early 1990s Ruffini was asked point blank in his home: “Is John Paul II the Pope who is going to do the Consecration of Russia ?” He answered: “No, it’s not John Paul. It will not be his immediate successor either, but the one after that. HE IS THE ONE WHO WILL CONSECRATE RUSSIA .”

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    He is indeed going to be a fantastic pope. He is going to proclaim the 5th dogma. Of that I am 100% sure. This is his mission. Pope Benedict completed his, now this pope has been chosen to take over the helm. For a very specific reason. (y)
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    Cannot wait to see who our Lady brings forth:)

    Ave Maria
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    When Cardinal Ratzinger was elceted last time it was no big surprise as he was frontrunner. This time its wide open. I think its difficult for the press to get their heads round the idea that its not democratic.
  5. Jane

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    Goes in line with the prophecies of La Salette in 1864.

    15. ‘The holy Father will suffer much. I will be with him until the end to receive his sacrifice.’
    16. ‘The wicked will make an attempt several times on his life without power to do harm to his days; but neither he, nor his successor [who will not reign long,] will see the triumph of the Church of God.’
  6. Came across this tonight, but I'd be REALLY surprised if Cardinal Burke got in..but Father Hardin was SUCH a holy man, with great insight

    Hardon kept to a demanding work schedule, especially during the creation of the 1992 Cathecism. At that time, once daily demands for his advice as a local spiritual director lessened (around five or six pm), he would write and organize material and continue to work into the night (where upon it would be morning in Rome). He often received phone calls at this time from Cardinal Ratzinger who sought his advice and input to fine tune the Cathecism.[11] Ratzinger had a good relationship with Hardon which included sending him notes of thanks for his assistance in the faith.[12]

    Having been known throughout his life as a holy man, there is interest among some Catholics for his canonization, and a Church-sanctioned prayer for that cause has been written. Cardinal Raymond Burke, when he was serving as the Archbishop of St. Louis and was the national director of the Marian Catechist Apostolate (began by Hardon), initiated Father Hardon's cause for canonization in 2005.[20] Father Robert McDermott is the postulator for the cause.[1] An effort is underway to establish a Father Hardon library and study center at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Crosse, Wisconsin.[2]
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    lol, you lot are cracking me up speculating. I am happy to wait and see who God gives us. :)
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    Yes, the election of a Pope is the work of the Holy Spirit but Cardinals have free will so there is a human input too.
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    That is very true Garabandal. But God will have His way. I have every trust in Him.

    You know, this is a very simple thing, but shows God in action.

    I have six candidates for RCIA this year. One week, I got them all to pull a name out of a hat for their homework. And told them that if they pulled their own name out to put it back and choose again. This didn't happen, yet it was a high probability.

    The homework was to spend 10 mins contemplating Christ's love for the person whose name was pulled out of the hat. They then had to tell them the next week what their thoughts were, inspirations, how Christ sees them etc..

    The following week they all came back smiling, telling each other what they had learnt..

    The amazing thing about this, was that everyone was paired up with a partner and were contemplating Christ's love for each other. I was amazed by that! What are the probabilities of that happening??

    A most definite God incidence. God only needs to be able to speak to enough hearts to stop someone being voted that he is against. God is in absolute control..

    Another true story...

    A hindu joined our Catholic Church last year. We didn't rush things. but spent over 18 months looking at the Gospels, the History of Our Faith and all that Christ has to offer. He developed a wonderful prayer life. He was plagued with huge doubts at times. Told me I could convert anyone.. lol :).. I wasn't aware of these doubts until afterwards, but to me they were healthy. It showed that he was aware of the seriousness of what He was undertaking.

    Anyway, He is on the RCIA team with me this year, sharing His faith with all the new ones coming through and helping them in their walk.

    I was at an RCIA meeting of the Diocese of Westminster. A big diocese. This lovely man was unable to attend. In his absence, a person was called upon who would carry up the names of all the catechumens at "The Rite of Election." .. I held back from putting his name forward, though I wanted to. I did suggest him in the end.

    Others were pushy. The rite of Election takes place over two days in our cathedral as so many become Catholics each year. One by one all the leaders decided that they couldn't do it as their day was on the Sunday and not the Saturday, and someone was required for the Saturday.

    I walked away from the meeting thinking, oh I must have the wrong day. As I was sure that I was going on the Saturday. I decided that if this was the case I would go on the two days. It transpired that I was booked for the Saturday after all and that I was right.

    Amazingly enough, when I arrived at "The Rite of Election" So were all the others there. It was them who got the day wrong, and so Our New catholic, Our lovely new catechist, was the one who walked freely without obstacles on to the altar at the Cathedral carrying the names of the catechumens and remained seated on the altar for the rest of the service.

    That space was absolutely reserved for him. He was most definitely of God's choosing. :D
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    Digging up a really old thread here, hope thats ok.
    I found this thread as I was searching for more info on Antonio Ruffini (Thanks Padraig for bringing him to our attention ).
    I was startled by some of the text quoted from La Salette "He will not reign long".
    Which pope is this line referring to?
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  13. WTW

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    Super interesting! Would love to hear your current thoughts on this.
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    Hmmm interesting!
  15. padraig

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    Well there's as much chance of Pope Francis Consecrating Russia to the Immaculate Heart as me making a moon landing.:)
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    The warning could change anyone's heart, including a Pope. My guess is things will get progressively worse till the warning. The warning comes. Then millions will matter their place in this world.
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    When I think of Pope Francis converting I think of pigs flying. Pigs may indeed fly, miracles certainly happen. If God wanted it we could see thousands of pigs heading at high speed overhead. But...well it doesn't seem very likely, does it?

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    St Paul, St Augustine, St Olga of Kiev, St. Vladimir the great, Blessed Bartolo Longo to name a few that flew.
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    Wow, this thread really didn't age well o_O:whistle::ROFLMAO:
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    I hope for his sake he does convert. I pray for it.
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