Prince Philip dies, age 99

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    What i am realizing is how long this rot has been eating at the vitals of the Church. It certainly didn't begin with PF or even VatII. At the turn of the last century it was on the March. Think of Mexico and Portugal. That predates Russia!!!
    It is staggering.
    And to think all those years I was growing up in the "old" Church safe and secure under Pius XII I really wasn't safe and secure at all. None of us were. We are in the endgame perhaps now. Our generation born into it and ending with it. I am so grateful for the promise of Our Lady.
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    You are quite right!!!!
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    The Lord works in mysterious ways. Sin has its own consequences. I seem to be reading increasing reports of demographic collapse in developed societies, those most likely to have come under the influence of the 'sexual revolution' and its Marxist/Masonic antecedents-two just this morning, regarding China and South Korea. We can't say that we weren't warned.

    In contrast, we are hearing that the Faith is growing most rapidly in sub-Saharan Africa, which is also the region experiencing the fastest population growth, their economic and infrastructural backwardness perhaps protecting them from the worst predations of sexual depravity. The mathematics seem clear.
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    Spot on.
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