Prince Philip dies, age 99

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    My sister (naive) is going on about his death in her social media. :coffee: I've thought about posting some quotes of his, but don't want to humiliate her.

    An acquaintance of ours, with three grown children and at least three grandchildren said -- shortly prior to COVID -- that he's for Open Borders, and that if we suffer and/or die from an influx of diseases from migrants, it's payback for Native Americans dying from European-brought diseases. :unsure: :coffee:

    That would include his children and grandchildren! :X3:

    Haven't seen him since (by choice). If he's THAT foolish, adios.

    Migrants didn't bring COVID, but here's some disease Ronnie wished on us. If it winds up including him ... you know? :censored:
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    Freemasonary has been condemned over and over again by numerous Pontiffs in the strongest possible terms up until the present one who has always been on very warmest, cordial terms with them and was forever meeting up with them.. They welcomed publically his election as Pope with glee.

    Pope St Pius X once as a Parish Priest famously waded into a Free Mason demonstration with his fists punching all round him. Bless him. Wonderful Pope.

    I wonder if he had any Irish in his background. :D:D;)
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    Argentine Freemasonry Salutes Pope Francis
    More documents that show different Freemasonries praising and supporting Pope Francis are coming to public knowledge. Recently, the official salute of Argentine Freemansonry became accessible on the Internet. After praising Bergoglio, the Grand Master of the Lodge of Argentina expresses its pride for having a co-patriot elected Pope.

    His letter was documented on the websites of both Masonic Actuality and Impulse Baires, which got the scoop. Photocopies of both webpages are found below. The photos are preceded by our translation of the Spanish, in blue.

    Masonic Actuality

    Pope Francis and the Freemasons

    Published on March 20, 2013 by the editor

    Last March 13, the members of the College of Cardinals who were gathered in Vatican City elected the Argentine Jorge Mario Bergoglio as the new Pope of the Catholic Church. Bergoglio, who took the name of Francis after his election, is the first American to occupy this office; he was Archbishop of Buenos Aires before his election.

    The naming of the new pontiff motivated a communiqué by the Grand Lodge of Argentina, which was diffused by Impulso Baires [see the second document below] on the same day of Pope Francis’ election. Its text follows:

    A man of austere life consecrated to his devotions, the designation of the new pontiff of the Catholic Church supposes a great recognition of the Argentine Nation.

    In the Argentine Freemasonry, based on the principles of tolerance, profound respect for personal convictions, liberty, equality and fraternity, the brothers who profess or adhere to this religious faith stand together with others who belong to other creeds, are agnostics or lack any faith. In the name of all, the Grand Lodge of Argentina greets our co-patriot Cardinal who just received such a high world distinction.

    Angel Jorge Clavero
    Grand Master


    Second document

    Impulso Baires

    March 13, 2013

    In a communiqué the Grand Lodge of Argentine Freemasonry
    salutes the naming of the new Pope Francis I

    Federal capital – “The Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons, an institution rooted in our country since 1857, salutes the naming of our co-patriot Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio as Pope Francis I,” said a communiqué sent to the editor of Impulso Bares.

    A man of austere life consecrated to his devotions, the designation of the new pontiff of the Catholic Church supposes a great recognition of the Argentine Nation.

    In the Argentine Freemasonry, based on the principles of tolerance, profound respect for personal convictions, liberty, equality and fraternity, the brothers who profess or adhere to this religious faith stand together with others who belong to other creeds, are agnostics or lack any faith. In the name of all, the Grand Lodge of Argentina greets our co-patriot Cardinal who just received such a high world distinction.

    Angel Jorge Clavero

    Grand Master, who signed at the end of the document



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    Thank you, Padraig, for your background info. The expression on the Queen's face is priceless. I found this photo on Spirit Daily today.
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    That man, David Swain, the freemason, has an appalling facial tic.
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    Luke 6:26

    Woe to you when everyone speaks well of you, for that is how their ancestors treated the false prophets.


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    Argentine Freemasonry Salutes Pope Francis

    "Woe unto you when all men speak well of you." St. Luke 6:26a
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    That's a far more de-moralising statement than even the viral re-incarnation one. As Waugh said, in describing someone else's encounter with the Heavenly Throne, "he knows now".
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    Imagine any man saying that what are his children to think of his opinion of their mother. Odious man.
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    When you watch the above video about freemasonry posted by Padraig in this thread, together with the video posted by Julia (below) in the thread "covid is about control" dealing with satanic ritual abuse and get a major lesson in where the world is now!
    Much prayer is needed!

    Sacred Heart of Jesus....Thy Kingdom Come. Amen
    Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary.....pray for us sinners who have recourse to Thee. Amen
    Chaste Heart of St Joseph....Intercede for us sinners in need. Amen

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    If I am not mistaken, Pope Francis is giving a Masonic handshake in this photo.:eek:
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    What is a masonic handshake?

    I can't see a difference from a normal handshake and a masonic handshake , in the photo above.

    But then again I am very naïve in these matters/masonic matters

    I just know prayer is needed.
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    Look at the Pope's thumb. He placed it on top of the Prince's hand on top of the first knuckle joint. I looked online awhile back about Masonic handshakes. This is called the "Boaz handshake." I'm still very uncertain if this was a deliberate act on the part of the Pope or maybe it just turned out that way. Sometimes it's very hasty when people are shaking hands.
    I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt and say I really don't know for sure, since I do not want to bear false witness. Yes, Josephite, prayer is needed.
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    1) After his election, Pope Francis received the congratulations and praise of B’nai B’rith [10], a kind of powerful para-Jewish masonry for Jews only. B’nai B’rith (BB) argues that it is not a masonic organization, yet its assemblies are called “Loggias” and “Grand Lodge”. B’nai B’rith was founded in 1843 and has drawn its various elements to a large extent from masonry. It seems that B’nai B’rith, as an organization, has little or nothing to do with the esoterism. To be lauded by B’nai B’rith means little; B.B. was also happy with Paul VI and John Paul II and with François. But there is a certain difference. John Paul II had openly condemned the Freemasons and Freemasonry had not praised him as soon as he was elected. There was some sporadic praise for John Paul II on the part of Freemasonry for the Assisi gathering of 1986 — culminating in a prize handed down by the Grand Orient of Italian Freemasonry in 1996, but not much more. The previous anti-Masonic condemnation of 1983 had extinguished the vast majority of Masonic enthusiasm for the Polish pope.

    2) on the day of his election, the information website Impulso Baires published a communiqué of the Gran Logia de la Argentina de Libres y Aceptados masons;; The Grand master himself, Angel Jorge Clavero, hailed the new Pope Francis and the former Cardinal archbishop of Buenos Aires. 11

    3) On 15/3/13, the website of the grand Lodge of Italy, GLVDI, issued a statement (although dated 13 March 2013) of the Grand Master of Luciano Nistri concerning the election of the new pope:

    ‘Jesuit Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who took the name of Francis. A decided choice, far from the logic of the Roman Curia and temporal power. From the first moment, François Pope, a man who came from “near the end of the world”, rejecting the ermine robe and the gold cross and replacing them with an iron cross, made his first tangible act. In his first words of greeting, he fostered a willingness to dialogue with the world and with mankind, nourishing the living hope for the laity and the non-believers that a change is underway. Maybe this is really what the world is waiting for and what it was waiting for. A new church that knows how to reconnect love with truth in a dialogue with entrenched institutions defending their own power. It is this same hope for which the world — and especially in Latin America where Freemasons Simon Bolivar, Salvador Allende and even Giuseppe Garibaldi [especially his time in Brazil] Among the many people who gave freedom to these Peoples — has always desired.. A message that Freemasonry perceives itself as a clear break with the past and a message that is now turned to listen to the poor, the marginalized and the weakest. So to the new pontiff, we send our best wishes for your good work in the years to come.” Luciano Nistri, Grand master GLVDI. [12]

    Note – In January 2017, Luciano Nistri 33 ° degree, 58 years old, originally from Prato, was reappointed as Grand Master GLVDI for three years 2017-2019. 13

    4) On 14 March 2013, Gustavo Raffi, the Grand Master of the Grand Orient Lodge of Italy — one of the most important lodges in the world — and hailed the new pontiff. Raffi said, perhaps prophetic: “Perhaps nothing in the church will be as before” [14]

    5-6-7) The Masonic site ‘Fenix News’ led by the Peruvian Mario Rolleri, 33 ° Mason of Lodge Heysen Inchaustegui, Lima, Peru, published on March 15, 2013 a communiqué of the great United Lodge of Lebanon. Grand Master Haddad and Rami Sovereign Grand Commander Jamil Saade sent to Argentina their congratulations to the women of the great Female Lodge of Argentina (sic), on the occasion of the election of Pope Bergoglio. [15] In this single statement, we see the support of the Freemasons of Peru (5), the Lebanese Freemasons (6) and the Argentine Freemasons (7), all of whom were satisfied with the election of Bergoglio..

    On the other hand, Pope Pius IX, Pius X, or Pius XII, when they were newly elected, did not receive praise or greetings from Freemasonry either Italian or international. The names of the above ‘pius’ pontiffs have never been friendly with the Freemasons..

    8) A few weeks after the election of Pope Francis of March 2013, the Canadian Masonic Bulletin of April 2013 called “The Watermark”, stated that the new pope is on the Internet and was considered a Freemason who used Masonic signs 16. The masonic author is confident that the new pope despite his “conservatism” will be ready to build a better relationship between Catholicism and masonry.

    The same article publishes all the message of greeting of the Grand Master of the Great Lodge of Argentina Jorge Clavero, (see point 2 above] to the new pontiff. At the end of the Watermark article, the Canadian Mason hopes for a cessation of unjust secular persecution against the Freemasons by the Roman Catholic Church. 17

    9) In a letter to his progressive friend, Massimo Teodori, on June 20, 2013, the Grand master Raffi revealed himself full of zeal and enthusiasm for the acts and words of Pope Francis. Raffi pleads for a profound “reform” of the church according to the aims, of course, of Masonic and secular thought. Raffi praised the “theologian with in-depth knowledge”, Karl Rahner (a Jesuit), and his theory of “anonymous Christians”. Raffi opposed “The ancient Liturgy of privileges and Sinecures”. 18

    10) Also in favor of Pope Bergoglio was the Brazilian Masonic magazine O Malhete [Hammer]. [19] in an article (“Uma Lição do Papa”) [“a lesson of the pope”], p. 7, the Bishop of Rome was exalted. The author was Derildo Martins Da Costa, Venerable Master of the Lodge “Luz do Planalto” [“Light of the Plateau”] of the Serra-Grande Oriente of Brazil. Martins Da Costa writes: “Pope Francis, before urging others to do so, did it himself first.” Here is the difference between Pope Francis and his predecessors. Moreover, Da Costa says, the pope “seems to have given examples” — examples that it is reasonable to conclude that Freemasons find acceptable. In Brazil, in fact, the “Pope has left us a profound lesson of citizenship” for when passing an “evangelical church”, he decided to recite a “our Father” with the pastors outside.
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    11) in the number 1-2/2013 (pages 65-66) of the Acacia magazine of the Italian Grand Lodge for the symbolic Rite, the editor-in-chief Moreno Neri, hopes that Pope Francis, a Jesuit, can truly reform the church (“no one other than a Jesuit may be More appropriate to meet the challenge of the changes awaiting the church “), and congratulates Cardinal Martini. The Mason Neri hopes that the church is no longer a “closed and dusty system”.

    12) In 2013, Italian journalists Giacomo Galeazzi and Ferruccio Pinotti published the book “The Masonic Vatican”. Galeazzi is a great “fan” of Pope Francis, as Andrea Tornielli, correspondent of the Vatican and colleague of Galeazzi at the newspaper La Stampa in Turin. Galeazzi-Pinotti wrote:

    Over the last 30-35 years, several Jesuits have been interested in a positive way by Freemasonry; They took part in public debates, at conferences organized by the Grand Orient of Italy, wrote articles and books on philosophical thinking about the history of Freemasonry — in other words, they were these clergymen who, despite the anathemas and the various excommunications of the Church of Rome published on the Masonic institution, tried to understand it, and then ended very often to share the philosophical approach. 22

    Galeazzi-Pinotti also reported on the statements made by the Mason Nicola Spinello: “Nicola Spinello, deputy Vicar of the Grand master of the Piazza del Gesù Community, answered the question posed to him on the television show Mystery [Mistero] which aired on March 20, 2013: What is the relationship between the Jesuits and the Freemasons? Answer: The Jesuits and Freemasonry have always had a great mutual speculative interest… »

    Next, the question: The Pope is from Argentina and, in Argentina, there is a great Masonic tradition; He was Archbishop of Buenos Aires, do you think he had relations with Freemasonry? »

    He [Spinello] replied: “Exactly the opposite would surprise me, namely that he would not have had them [these relations].” The Masonic tradition in Argentina is very powerful.

    “And to another question from the investigator, he replied:” I believe that this pope is the realization of a design that wanted to be adopted for a long time “[23]

    Galeazzi-Pinotti continued:

    The Grand master Catania Vincenzo Di Benedetto, head of the serene Grand Lodge of Piazza del Gesù, also replied to our specific question: various sources have indicated the existence of Masonic Lodges also in the Vatican; Do you think that is possible? He replied without hesitation: “Yes, quite, whether you use the name or not.” 24

    13) In July 2013, to commemorate his late friend, Cardinal Ersilio Tonini, Grand Master Gustavo Raffi (Grand Orient of Italy) launched a new homage to Pope Francis, saying:

    ‘Today, mankind is increasingly poor, as is the Catholic Church. But that of Pope Francis is the church which promises to be respectful of otherness and to share the idea that the secular State promotes to know peace and the coexistence of different religions.’ 25

    14) in a two-page letter dated 9 September 2013, Gian Franco Pilloni, Serene Grand Master of the Great Lodge of Italy — U.M.S.O.I. (Unione Massonica Stretta Osservanza Iniziatica), addressed to Pope Francis urging him – to work “towards an end of the divisions existing in the relations between the Catholic Church and Freemasonry”. Pilloni would like us to believe that Freemasonry is not an adversary of the Catholic Church but that it is walking on “parallel streets”. He praised Pope Francis, saying: “The Catholic Church is represented by you dignefiedly” adding “I appeal to Your Holiness, a man of extraordinary human qualities.” [26] adding that his Grand Lodge is “recognized by the grand American lodges to which I belong” (i.e. Pilloni is also a member of the American Freemasonry). 27

    15) Moreover, on 21 September 2013, during the celebrations of Freemasonry of the Grand Orient of Italy on the occasion of the Autumnal equinox, the Grand Master Gustavo Raffi said, inter alia: “Pope Francis launches messages to mankind that are in tune with what we have been saying for years. It also invites people to come out of the catacombs and not to retreat but to be witnesses among the different peoples of their own values, by talking to society. Reflections should not be limited to today, but should build the future. This is a living masonry, by exchanging with people” 28

    16) at an unspecified date in 2013 — on the website of the Leyte Times Magazine of the Philippines — Publisher Antonio M. Reyes, a mason, wrote that the great Filipino national heroes were masons and that though the Church had condemned Freemasonry, as had Cardinal Ratzinger in 1983, he believed that with Pope Francis, things would now change, because for him as for Masons, all religions and groups that believe in God should not be condemned to eternal damnation. … fortunately Catholics now have a leader in Pope Francis who believes that all religions and brotherly associations that believe in God must be respected and not condemned to eternal damnation. We as Christians must take into account his call for religious tolerance and true ecumenism. 29

    17) In an interview published in December 2013, Vincenzo Romano, 33 °, the deputy or the Vicar Grand master of the Grand Lodge of Italy of Ancient Free and accepted Masons : Piazza del Gesù, Palazzo Vitelleschi, stressed that Freemasonry does not follow (Catholic) principles and complained that the church does not accept the way of thinking of Freemasons [31]. He asked “Pope Bergoglio has already made many overtures, can there be something positive to see from him with regard to Freemasonry? And then stated ‘Pope Bergoglio has so far demonstrated that he was a great pope, but I do not know if he has any prejudice against us. Let’s see if there will be any reactions. We declare ourselves ready to embrace the Catholic world.[30] (emphasis added by Iain Colquhoun)
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    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    I don't honestly think it is about Pope Francis per say as to the degeneration within the Church of Rome these days. It is the masons.

    We have known for a number of years that Priests with potential would have been sucked in by the masons for the benefit of their careers. No doubt there are too many Bishops now signed up to the masonic club. Indeed I have thought the main problem with the Vatican is masonic infiltration to the very top, by that I mean Cardinals. I don't think all of the Cardinals would be masons, but too many have got into positions of power and influence.

    If we look back at history. Remember in Lourdes when Our Lady appeared to Bernadette. France was under the control of the masons. People and Priests were afraid to upset the authorities who would lock their Churches and deprive them of Mass and the Sacraments. The masons did it.

    Then when you remember Mexico and the Christiada's and Viva Christo Rey! they were fighting a civil war because the masons had power and control there. Their Churches were wrecked, and Priests and Bishops had to hide or flee or be killed. The masons did it.

    Then when Our Lady appeared in Fatima, remember the people were under the power and control of the masons. They were afraid their Churches would be locked and the people deprived of Mass and the sacraments. The masons did it.

    We are witnessing the same old, same old in our very day. It used to be mainly from without, now sadly it is from within the Church itself. The masons are behind it, we need Our Lady to come and flush them out again. Sons of she dogs.
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    Great post, Julia.
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