Priest Attacks

Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by js1975, Oct 9, 2007.

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    I hear in Dublin city centre, the capital of Catholic Ireland priests and nuns cannot go in clerical clothes. It is incredible
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    My Jesus mercy......the times have begun. :cry: Padraig, I think of how you will see so much more Christian bashing over in Europe and I do pray for your safety.
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    Because of the long war here we never got many immigrants until lately. There are virtually no Muslims in the north here and we do not have a single Mosque. The majority of our new comers now are devout Polish people who tend to practice their faith better than we do. I am sorry to say the worse hatred comes from our fellow Irish Catholics. People who have apostasised and hate the Faith. I notice this in the U.S too. The people who hate most are ex Catholics. It is as though when the good goes bad it becomes really evil.

    I think in your own country it will be nature itself that will rise up against you.
    I can't help feeling at the minute we are all in some very great Advent of graces. If people would only 'Harken to his voices, as the fathers did at Meribah on that day at the Massah in the desert' I think they would really be flooded with graces.

    Recalling how we prayed for the downfall of Communism adn never really believed it would happen, I still have hope. But things are so very close now.

    Hopefully many poor people will see the great sign and illumination will stop in their tracks and go back to the faith, please God.
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    Sorry to hear the extent of the poor treatment towards Catholics. I think that your observations are the same as Ron's prediction that explains why the world will fall quickly towards evil. Culpability, or knowing right from wrong and still choosing wrong will be the world's downfall. I guess you see it already. Of course I never want to be persecuted, and God willing when I am may he save me.

    I think one of the most painful things is persecution and hatred from someone you love. May the Lord spare my family from falling away. I am almost done a 72-day rosary novena for the sake of my extended family, asking Mary to lead them to holiness. Mary, Please help our families!

    God bless.
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    You know Jay I think the USA is in a much better position than Europe for whats coming in many ways. Forinstance I notice in the last decade or so there has been a real fight back against the fall of into amorality and immorality.

    One thing I noticed was that the Southern Baptist Conference reversed its earlier proabortion stance . That must be very close to miraculous. I suppose there will be perse3cution in the States but I don't believe you will see the wipe out Europe will see.
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    To me it often seems to be a war of nerves, a war of constant vigilance against the testing and brazen wickedness showing contempt for any standard of virtue. It's like a pot of water on a hot stove, the situation ranges from a seething simmer of malevolence, to sudden splattering boil until boil-over is reached. Boil-over of this cauldron is in the form of some heinous act of blasphemy, or depraved cruelty of lust and crime that assaults innocence and horrifies all who hear of it.

    If I hear again from some simpleton commenter from the media that things have always been like this, these crimes and horrors are nothing new but only failed to be reported to authorities in the past--well, I think it is time to put away that lame and false rationalization. It is now a daily diet of the diabolic mentality playing out in our society's lost souls, a society fully steeped and schooled in bestiality and crime.
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    :shock: :roll:

    a bit disheartened, maybe, a bit glooooomy. sorry 'bout that.

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