Presidential debate last night?

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    I do feel the way the dems have gone against him especially in media, that there is a plan...replacements ...there are no accidents. He was not much better than this 4 years ago so the way he acts should not come as a shock.
    Straw man.. alot of strawman out there.
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    I can't help thinking poor old Joe Biden is being perfectly punished by God in this for what he has been up to in his wicked past.

    I cringe when I look at him and this brought about by his own family, the people he should count on most. God seems to have a sense of irony.

    What a horrible fate.
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    They are already considering that it would be dangerous to leave the American nuclear arsenal's password in the hands and mind of this man.
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    Biden said he would only quit if God told him too. Now there’s a challenge…kinda like signing your own death warrant.
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    I suppose from all he has said he really, really does believe in God. This is so frightening. It reminds me of the Words of Jesus;

    Matthew 7:21

    “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.

    It reminds me that when we die we will have to face Jesus, as Just Judge, at Judgment Day. That He might very well say to each and everyone of us, 'Depart from me I do not know you!'

    I was talking to a young priest in confession a few months ago and asked him, 'What if I am deceiving myself? What if I honestly think I am on the good path but am on the Path to Hell?'

    The young priest thought about this for a while and said that so long as we are honestly trying to walk the path the Church sets before us, of going to Mass, praying and going to the Sacraments we have really nothing to worry about.

    This is where it is really, really important for our Catholic Bishops to speak to poor Biden. Not to hurt him or cause him any kind of harm. But to wake the poor , poor man up from self deceit in order to save the poor guy from going to Hell.

    Hopefully someone in the Vatican when he visited there in the past pointed out to him the real danger of falling into hell he faces. But I'm not betting any money on it.

    Although if we are deceiving ourselves very deeply about our Spiritual State I suspect its because we want to deceive ourselves. We won;t get in such an awful position by accident.

    “For judgment I have come into this world, so that the blind will see and those who see will become blind” (John 9:39).

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    It is possible you know that poor Old Joe by speaking about God talking to him it might actually happen.

    Be careful what you wish for.

    Prayers for Joe, offering up Mass this morning, for himself and his family. Poor, poor people.

    May God have mercy on them all.

    Hell is a dreadful thing to think on.
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    I have a theory, that for me would explain a lot. There are two primary factions in the democrat party fighting for power, which simultaneously exist in the Republican party. One is stronger in the democrat party, the other is stronger in the republican party. Essentially this would mean that the US is already having a kind of civil war fought by two different proxies, both who want to control and subdue the US, and the world.

    One side comprises primarily of the forces of the Beast the other side primarily of the Whore of Babylon, both of Revelation. The forces of the Beast are stronger in the Democrat party while the forces of the Whore of Babylon are stronger in the Republican Party. Both sides are intent on controlling the world. One side wants the destruction of the US, while the other the enslavement. So where both sides benefit, they keep certain things going like the open border, lgbtq brigades, economic destruction and covid vaccines. But where they differ they fight. The whore of babylon side seems to be comprised mostly of zionists.

    So it seems like the Whore of Babylon wants Biden to step down, while the Beast side wants him to stay in power. It makes sense in regards to the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. They left everything there for the forces of the Beast. How many sweet heart deals did the democrats give to China.

    Whore of Babylon would be the zionists, where the Beast would be those who want Russia and China to come to power.

    Whore of Babylon = Zionists
    Beast = Communists
    Both sides are also full of Jews.

    Both have captured the US and have been fighting internally for some time. The Zionists have already secured the republican party nominee Trump, whereas the democratic party leader Biden is already secured by the Beast side. But if he continues to fail, the Zionists may secure that nominee too. If the Zionists secure the democrat nominee, they then secure the presidency.

    This theory gets interesting with the war in Ukraine too. The babylonian side wanted the destruction of Russia, the beast side went along with it so they could use the war to further deplete the west of defensive materials.

    It also becomes obvious in the media when it is seen through the lens of communist vs zionist positions.
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