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  2. My religious convictions didn't allow me to vote for EITHER of them, Host - my alternative was to vote for Johnson.
    In the 2016 election, the Devil presented us with a no-win situation, for which the best and certainly the most moral response was to simply refuse to play.
  3. [QUOTE
    Also, with regard to the Antichrist, the Church Fathers make it crystal clear that the Antichrist will be Jewish and rule from Israel. Trump doesn't meet either of those requirements. Nor is he loved by the mystical body of Satan in the manner in which antichrists like Obama have been and the final Antichrist will be.[/QUOTE]

    The Church does not teach that the Antichrist will be Jewish, only that he might be, and the very early Church believed that Nero was the Antichrist - you can't get less Jewish than that.
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    Odd that the "devil" would approve of someone advertising bringing back religious freedoms, defending life, defending victims like the Little Sisters of the Poor, putting violent criminals with no right to be in the country in the first place in jail and ridding the country of them, helping the forgotten, esp. with jobs, promoting the family, etc. Just the opposite, there was probably a more clear cut choice for good in this past election than in most others.
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  5. The Great Monarch?
    Please show him to me in the Bible or the Catechism.
    The Great Monarch is a fairy tale concocted to get people ready for the Great Deception - The Catechism makes no mention of the coming of any Great Catholic Monarch - it speaks only of Christ as the king who is to be manifested in "the last days", preceded by the Church's ultimate trial, a religious deception offering men an apparent solution to their problems at the price of apostasy from the truth - WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT WE'RE SEEING WITH TRUMP - the supreme religious deception of the Antichrist, a pseudo-messianism by which man glorifies himself in place of God and of his Messiah come in the flesh".
  6. Hitler promised those very same things, and Satan promised Jesus the whole world, if He would bow down to him. The Devil is always ready to offer that tired old bargain - whatever we want, even GOOD things, if only we will lay aside our faith and follow him. His trick in the 2016 election was to offer us a choice between two disparate evils, and it's amazing how many people fell for it.
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    Those who refuse to vote can't then later show up on forums like this and spam them with anti-Trump nonsense. It's clear you have an anti-Trump agenda. You say your alternative was Gary Johnson. Well guess what, he is pro-death (excuse me, "pro-choice") You ain't foolin anyone here.
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    Perhaps to avoid people from considering you to be just a troll without reason you might offer some sources for your personal scenario that appears to control your thinking. So in your view only, Christians now are already committing apostasy for backing an individual who has acted to bolster Christian values and save more lives of the most innocent. Such a "great deception" would conclude that the devil himself has converted! Well, it is said that we would enter such times when up would mean down, etc. BTW, the Great Monarch or such a "type" is recorded by many Catholic approved mystics. And Pope Benedict, no flaming liberal, btw, has spoken to such things as being open for discussion within the area of eschatology, thus no "fairy tale" at this point.
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  9. Certainly I have an anti-Trump agenda, and anti-Clinton too. By voting for Johnson I voted against BOTH of them, and since Johnson had no chance of winning, his views didn't matter much.
    As for agendas, Richard, it sounds like you're still campaigning for Trump, which is your perfect right, but you might want to think about cooling down the nasty attitude. The fact that I have the bald-faced effrontery to disagree with you does not make the ideas that I am presenting spam, but your railing and insulting is a dead giveaway as to whose side you're on, and it's NOT the side of Heaven...
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    AND, the alternative was: wait for it, HILARY CLINTON!!!!
    What religious convictions would you have if you voted for her? GEEESH.

    All I can say is "de proof be in de puddin'!" Donald Trump has done more to bolster Traditional Christian positions and the morale of The Faithful than any prez in my near 3 score & 10 life ............ and put the fear in Islamic Radicals, Atheists and Abortion Providers/Supporters. Plus done wonders for the economy, unemployment and International Respect. I just Hope-n-Pray that The Usual Suspects, including the phony conservatives, continue to fail in their campaign of personal destruction against Trump and his Deplorables. The Fight has just begun and I hope This Flame spreads to Europe and beyond. It will take years to rebuild the economy, pay-off debt and rebuild the Military AND undo the 50 years of PC Madness that has prevailed in the secular AND Church. ............ Is there still TIME!!??

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    The Great Monarch prophecy is part of sound Catholic private revelation. It is not a fairy tale.

    So Trump has offered us "the apparent solution to our problems?" Really? I must have missed it. And not every President before him? LOL! And while the government is shut down and half the country hates him? You can't be serious. Did Gary Johnson send you here for comedic relief?
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    Except Hitler didn't do it. Didn't notice that? But then Mussolini did get the trains to run on time. I think you may be mistakenly thinking of Mr. Obama. He promised all that "hope and change"....while Mr. Trump's rally theme song was "You can't always get what you want. But if you try sometimes you just might find. You get what you need". Anything but promises of everything as you mistakenly report. Mr. Obama forced laying aside one's personal faith. Mr. Trump repaired such and reopened such freedoms of worship and faith in the market place as well as in all of the public arena. Perhaps a reset of your moral compass might be in order here....or maybe just a reset of your sources.
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  13. Christians commit apostasy whenever they abandon the teachings of Christ to follow a clearly amoral man who promises to solve their country's problems. As for the Great Monarch, there is nothing about him in the Bible or the Catechism , and the prophecies concerning him are not approved by the Church. Certainly we may DISCUSS him, but to set forth an unapproved prophecy as if it were factual simply because it is "recorded by many Catholic approved mystics" is a recipe for error - in days gone by, many Catholic thinkers also believed in personages such as King Arthur and Prester John.
  14. Exactly what "freedoms of worship" has Trump restored? Trump has talked a lot, but he hasn't delivered on any of it. Mussolini got the trains to run on time...but at what price?
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    Soooo, you don't want to discuss what you just said was permitted for discussion by the Church. Seems you just may be covering up your original "Great Monarch is just a fairy tale". And as far as what you consider to be "approval" within the arena of private revelation demonstrates a woeful lack of understanding of that particular study within eschatological theology. It might be better to leave such topics up to the experts. Our earlier Pope has done that, showing you a wonderful example for obedience.
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    Maybe if you stick around and read the posts here with an open mind, and realize that we pray the rosary a great deal, and that this forum is for the Mother of God, it might calm the storm.
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    So you are actually promoting the pre-Trump state of exercise of religion. Um, Mr. Obama, hey, we have a worker at your service over here!
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    Your best bet is to inquire of the good Little Sisters of the Poor.

    And hey, the Mussolini example was checking off one of your own requirements for what you feel makes a candidate worthy of trust....doing what he promised...ha!

    Take a're beginning to twist yourself into a pretzel. It's not pretty to see. Just maybe think about the possibility that the good people here might be other than heathens....esp. since they are offering you alternative and truer answers to what you've apparently been convinced to believe by the NWO types. The good folks here just want you to be prepared to be able to figure out the phonies from the real solid ones in order that you won't mistakenly follow someone without the correct discernment of him.
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    Do you live in the United States? Do you pay taxes? If you answers “yes” to both of those, then according to your own logic you have committed apostasy because you are supporting the Government led by the Antichrist. Perhaps you should consider moving out of the United States if you truly believe Trump is the Antichrist.
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  20. I find the topic fascinating, and I'd love to discuss it, EarthtoAngels, as long as my partner in said discussion doesn't require me to believe it. I'd rather limit my actual beliefs to those things which are approved by the Holy See.

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