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    The amount of corruption being exposed is almost unbelievable. I am happy to see it but I think we have reached a point of no return. In order for Trump to expose the fraud against him it is also going to expose the US involvement in elections around the world. Even with a Trump win things are going to get interesting.
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    Remember : "To err is human; to REALLY foul things up needs a computer ."
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    Until recently, Sidney Powell was an integral part of Trump's team on the election:

    WATCH: Giuliani-Powell news conference about election fraud allegations

    Dated: November 19, 2020 by Sharyl Attkisson 28 Comments

    The Trump campaign legal team held a news conference detailing allegations and evidence surrounding claims widespread election fraud responsible for stealing hundreds of thousands of votes from Donald Trump.

    Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani alleged the evidence shows Trump was elected in a "landslide."

    Among other matters, they discussed sworn affidavits filed in court. They also said they have testimony from an insider who they say unearthed provable fraud regarding voting machines and software used in multiple states.

    They describe a process of vote switching as well as "trashing" Trump votes through a simple drag and click process.

    Additionally, they say this election involved a manipulation of the ballot count in a foreign country.

    And they describe multiple incidents where the number of votes cast far exceeded the population of the public in that county, including children.

    Democrats deny there is any evidence of "widespread fraud." They and the news media have broadly called the election for Joe Biden and urged President Trump to concede...
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    Anytime I want to know what’s going on with this stuff I check the Donald. It looks like this isn’t really new but it’s being treated like new news?

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    i think it's similar to how Trump published an executive order in 2018 against foreign interests being engaged in American elections. Not one major media source has mentioned that, meaning they're expecting to surprise everyone when it's revealed in court. Nor has anyone mentioned that the head of the Biden campaign in Texas was arrested for election fraud last week.
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    Sydney Powell is taking it from a ‘We the People’ defense, that the American voters were robbed of their votes. I saw an interview with her this weekend and she said she hopes to have everything gathered by Wednesday or Friday this week.

    General Flynn recently tweeted that Powell has been suspended from Twitter for 12 hours. I am not sure what the tweet was that put her in Twitter time out.
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    Probably for disputing the AP's calling the election for Biden.
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    I was confused by Sidney Powell coming out with all the conspiracy theory type stuff about other governments using the cheating for ballots in their countries. It seemed like opening a can of worms that America does not need right now.

    I suppose she is working for Trump in the sense that the systems were probably manipulated to change the outcome of the election, and if corrected Biden might not be elected once all the disputes are settled in court or at the Supreme Court. We can only Keep Watch and Pray.

    I hope one of Giuliani's family buy him some hair dye that does not run down his face. They must have bought it at a cheap outlet. Poor man. Sigh.
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    It was for posting this link about Dominion.
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    A lot of the evidence she is putting out there is so intertwined that I don’t think there is a way for her to prove her case without bringing in the other stuff. It looks like it all ties together.
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    I've read that conspiracy is the most difficult crime to prosecute, because it's the most difficult crime to gather evidence that can be presented in court. She might be laying the groundwork for future prosecutions after this is resolved .
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    I think it also helps as far as public opinion goes. Some of the information that comes out sounds so much like a movie plot on its own (ie server raid in Germany) that it’s hard to comprehend everything that is happening at the same time.
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    I saw a couple stories about the vote altering software/voting machines being possibly developed and implimented in other countries by the CIA....The President and the CIA are not always on the same page.

    If this is the case, it might explain why the Trump administration is separating itself from that part of the investigation.
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    News came out that the GSA is releasing some transition funds to the Biden team. Apologies for the language in the following link but it includes the actual letter released and has some interesting comments.

    The GSA official that wrote the letter has been under tremendous pressure to release the funds and has had hundreds or more threats made to her and her family.
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  18. I would rather not read the link you have provided. Are you implying that there is still a coordinated effort to make sure that Donald Trump continues into a second term? Maybe it would be better time spent to just accept that Donald Trump is getting ready to live at Mar a Lago. He and his wife are having their accommodations there renovated for their occupancy. Secret service members have been asked if they will relocate to Florida to provide security to them. I no longer get emails from Trump/ his associates asking for donations. I think that it is over.
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    Nope not over, I received a text at 9:35pm tonight asking for a donation. Received this after the gsa article.
    No mention on any of the alternative news sites about conceding.
    Will continue to pray.
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    It ain't over till the fat lady sings.
    Thanks for the reminder to say a rosary!

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