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    It’s a great video. :)
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    Yes, I think that it's a great video too. +


    Just in case you have not seen the following yet I'm posting it but I do wonder if it will be deleted soon by "the Youtube Police".


    The Lin Wood (Nick Sandmann's attorney) is also suing GA in relation to the election fraud that allegedly occurred there. You may want to check out his twitter page here -^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author .
    For example: upload_2020-11-16_17-12-50.png

    and: upload_2020-11-16_17-22-9.png

    He suggests that we watch the following video -

    My main news sources have been Newsmax and OAN for a longggg while now but I have been concentrating on praying more than anything else for a longgg while too.

    Howie Carr's show (4pm EST) on Newsmax is very good imho. Here is a link to him on parler . You'll find two interviews that he recently did with Lin Wood (one today and one 3 days ago), if you are interested.
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    Thank you Carol. Very helpful. I have pulled back from TV news outlets too for more prayer. But I get all my news online these days at sources I trust.
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    From Fr. Heilman

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    This says a lot using very little. Excellent. I hope it reaches beyond the choir.
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  6. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    We should thank the Bishops of America for a great lesson in the True Faith. For If the Bishops acknowledge Joe Biden professes the Catholic Faith, we now know professing the Faith is not what makes a True Catholic, since Joe is a fake. Living the Faith practising the Faith in keeping the Ten Commandments must be it.

    Joe Biden practises the fake, not the Faith.
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    Dietrich Bonhoeffer certainly wasn't cheap. He paid full price, God bless him.
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    I read his book back in the 70's. It helped shape my understanding of the call to Christ. Bonhoeffer said that when Christ calls us He bids us come and die and that is really the blueprint. Dying to self every day for His sake and dying for Him in martyrdom if asked to do so.
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    Unless a grain of wheat........
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    This one is worth watching. Trump declared a national emergency regarding possible election fraud in 2018 and backed it up with an executive order with massive teeth, in anticipation of the 2020 nonsense.
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    I read the article yesterday, along with a good portion of the comments. Less than a quarter called it fake or bogus (why is it appearing in a BUFFALO paper instead of a Pennsylvania paper?), most of those who had grown up in the Philly area thought it was gospel truth, and maybe a 10th raised issues of "buying a pardon". This guy wanted a pardon not just for stuff he'd done in the past, but for this particular crime too. If the Justice dept. goes along, that could be seen as Trump buying someone's story, taking the fall (as it were), and getting away with it, making the entire story fake.

    I think if it DOES happen, it will happen after Trump has been declared the winner, as part of a plan to convict and imprison the brains behind the con (i.e., testify before congress; laws prohibiting Dominion or any of its board members or any of its programmers or executives being allowed anywhere near any government contracts again, etc.)
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    I've listened to this video twice now. In my opinion Father Ripperger is giving us THE PLAYBOOK on how we are being attacked and what we need to do. Demonic oppression and tactics are being used with both covid and the election. He says the only solution is to fight spiritually with prayer and the sacraments or we will be overcome by this oppression. In the middle of an exorcism the possessed often become discouraged and want to give up but that means victory for the demons. He tells them that they can keep going with the help of God but it means praying until the job is finished. In an exorcism, the possession continues until a certain amount of prayer is achieved and then God grants freedom to the possessed.
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    Tucker Carlson talks Archbishop Vigano and the Great Reset. Worth a listen through the 1st 11 minutes. Glad to see this news is making it to the mainstream media.

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    She’s awesome.
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    Vision of Protestant prophet Chris Reed on 20th August this year, concerning Philadelphia. Really this is for your discernment. I don't know this guy or how holy he is. However his connecting Adonijah from 1 Kings with the post-election confusion is fascinating. Adonijah proclaimed himself king after David, but the throne went to Solomon. There's a certain amount of waffle as on many shows like this, but I found it interesting. I hope he's onto something.
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