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Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by garabandal, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. Joan J

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    We have been told many will realize but it will be too late. With the UN meeting in December & the WEF or elites meeting in Jan (read recently that is moved to summer) for the official start of the Great Reset, it only makes sense for Biden to be declared winner.

    Do we really want the Warning postponed longer?!

    Just my thoughts.
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  2. Advocata Nostra

    Advocata Nostra Archangels

    If he’s winning by the popular vote, then it’ll be by the FRAUDULENT popular vote. This will then need to be proved so in the courts. We’ve got a battle on our hands! President Trump surely needs our prayers and our sacrifices. God help our blessed nation that I love!
  3. Beth B

    Beth B Beth Marie

    Honestly, this just might be scripted for the time of the “warning” as we understand it. Maybe this is part of heavens plan and we just need to trust Gods permissive will here. Not my will, but Thy will be done! Many conversions will occur and souls will be saved if the warning occurs. This election may be the catalyst for the in the long run, it may be a blessing.....
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  4. Advocata Nostra

    Advocata Nostra Archangels

    Remember that it is to come when communism is at its worst. If Biden wins, that could be sooner than later.
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  5. Beth B

    Beth B Beth Marie

    Yes, God help us....
  6. Beth B

    Beth B Beth Marie

    Agree AN!
  7. Dolours

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  8. WTW

    WTW Archangels

    It’s not that I don’t want the warning to come but I still think it’s our duty to fight. We are the church militant!
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  9. Christy1983

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    Perhaps members of the forum could have a Mass said for the intention that the election be resolved according to God's will? I think I will see if the very nice new pastor I know would consider it.
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  10. Mark1

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    ...except now we would have to endure another two years (2022), and that's only IF 2022 is the even year of the warning. Some think it might not be until the 2030's. And Glenn, who posts here about Garabandal, has tended to suggest we need to buckle up because things will only get worse. Between depression, other issues and this election, I swear all my coping skills are kaput. Christ's return and / or The Warning can not come soon enough.
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  11. WTW

    WTW Archangels

    Good point. We are given signs to look for but we don’t know how long it will take for the true prophecies to play out.
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  12. Muzhik

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    OK. I checked out that web site mentioned a few pages back:
    I can say from my experience in both IT and printing, everything in that conversation is possible.

    In short, if true, ALL THE MAIL-IN BALLOTS WERE WATERMARKED! Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS) after the 2016 election, was tasked by Trump to improve voter security. They could have (and I believe did) decree what kind of paper was to be used for ballots - ALL ballots, not just mail in. The printing of the ballots would have been farmed out to regional printers who could do the required work, using the paper provided by the DHS.

    If true, then all of the fake absentee ballots would lack the required watermark!


    In addition to the watermark, it appears the printers added small seemingly random dots to the ballots. To the untrained eye, they look just like dust got in the print job, or other bad quality control (to be expected in a rush print job). In fact, these dots are NOT random and they can be used as a second factor in verifying the validity (or not) of the ballots. IOW, if the ballots have the watermark but do NOT have the dots, then the ballot is false. Either someone was able to steal a couple of pallets of the special paper (about as likely as someone stealing the special linen paper used to print US currency), or they got a bunch of ballots and "washed off" the ink. (It's an old counterfeiter's trick.) New ballots would be printed on the washed paper, but they wouldn't have the "random dots".

    I SO hope and pray this is true. If so then the Trump lawyers would just have to show to a judge that these mail-in ballots do not have the required security features, and are thus fake. Given the ... errr ... "male genitals" needed to pull off such a con, this could NOT be hushed up after the evidence is given to the court. What's more, given the potential size of the potential fraud, this is something that would be turned over to the FBI to find and convict whoever set it up.
  13. Wes

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  14. WTW

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  15. Dolours

    Dolours Powers

    The US Bishops and the Pope will answer to God for every baby killed by PP and forever murdered baby in developing countries where US aid will be tied to legalising abortion. So will every Catholic who spurned the opportunity to prevent it.

    Meanwhile, this would embarrass a banana republic:
  16. josephite

    josephite Powers

    I know how you feel Mark and I'm not even an American citizen!
    The personal crosses have been phenomenal over the last 18 months with no abating.
    All we can do is Hope and Pray and Trust in our Lords Divine mercy.
    Cleave to Jesus.
    And remain under Our Lady's mantle.
    Oh Mary conceived without sin, and who suffered for us, pray for us, who have recourse to Thee.
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  17. padraig

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  18. Clare A

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    My heart is heavy. I cannot imagine what President Trump is feeling now. He put everything into this role - all that campaigning and it was always pointless because there was never any doubt about the result. It’s like a one-party state. I don’t know about the Warning- I am not convinced about it. I can only see evil and hellishness coming from this ‘election’. I am saying the Hail Marys as suggested by Fr Ripperger and the rosary. Only Our Lady can help us now.
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  19. padraig

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    The same God who leads us into bondage on account of our sins, will strike our chains when we turn to Him in full repentance. No one can fully appreciate the twin gifts of Freedom and Peace unless they have once lost them.
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  20. Catherine L

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