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    Its stirring to see red blooded true Christian/Catholic men and women stand up for truth and to protect our heritage. This is a marxist movement and they wont stop til we make them stop.
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  2. Why doesn't Donald Trump talk about id2020alliance? Why doesn't he urge the FTC to break up the monopolies of Microsoft, Amazon, Google,and Apple? Trump is only in place to mollify conservative catholics while they set up everything for the nwo.
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    HA! So HAPPY then to be "mollified"....and so are those who are saved by new Trump laws against abortion!! Apparently you are laboring under the false idea that the President is a dictator, like Putin, who can just destroy things at his will. He has to have congress to act.....and if you haven't noticed, every attempt he has made using an executive order to move things that the Dims won't agree to gets taken to SCOTUS.....delayed, delayed, delayed. Meanwhile he moves on creating the best conditions for minorities ever by any President while the propaganda arm of the left lies about everything and NEVER even mentions the great successes he's had despite having his hands tied behind his back every step of the way by the criminal left and their positions of control within Obama's agencies of control....only beginning to get cleaned out. The globalists EVERYWHERE will fight to the end for all the big tech controllers. He's already begun the attempt to break up the election controlling/free speech denying social media giants through his AG....perhaps you've missed that? We're still a nation of laws!!

    “We will Be Making Decisions in the Next Few Weeks about Actions on That” – Bill Barr on Antitrust Investigation of All Major Internet Platforms (VIDEO)


    During the interview Barr told the Texas Senator that the DOJ had “scores of indictments” filed against the far left criminals who committed violence during the recent far left riots across the country.

    Bill Barr was also asked about the continued censorship of conservative voices online.

    The Trump AG responded, “We have antitrust investigation of all the major internet platforms…I expect to be making decisions in the next few weeks about actions on that…”
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    I disagree with the notion that things are being setup for the NWO and Catholics are being mollified. The NWO has secretly already long been in place and doing its will against that of the people and our interests as a nation for decades, even since Kennedy was in office. The President is working to remove them from this position piece by piece but it is an effort that all of us must take part in and it has many moving parts and pieces.
    Some who call themselves Catholics are a big part of the problem to be honest but they are exposing themselves quite readily thanks to Trumps presidency.
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  5. He is selectively helpless as president. You can't be preside by executive order only. We have to pray a great deal.
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    Yes, we HAVE to pray a great deal.
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    On behalf of BLM, can we go burn down all the Planned Parenthoods since they were founded by a eugenecist who wanted to kill black children from poor families?
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    My sons told me that Taylor Marshall and Charles Coulombe have called young Catholic men to form local leagues to defend Catholic churches and art.

    It's starting.....
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    Trump not hatemonger.jpg
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    Sometimes I wonder. I really do.
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  12. AED

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    Thanks Don. This rings true.
  13. AED

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    Good answer.
  14. earthtoangels

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    Although his left hand appears to be painted red.....perhaps that's a pro Commie sign? But nevertheless he's still standing!

    The One Statue That Remains Untouched: Vladimir Lenin


    Protesters destroy statues of an ex-slave, abolitionist… leave Lenin untouched

    A statue in San Francisco of Miguel Cervantes, author of Don Quixote, was defaced with the word “bastard” spray painted onto it by protesters.

    What protesters may not know is that the Spanish author actually spent five years as a slave after being captured off the coast of Africa.


    Outside of Wisconsin State Capitol the statue of Hans Christian Heg was also toppled.

    Heg was an anti-slavery activist who joined a militia that fought slave traders. Then he joined the Union Army during the Civil War, and died in battle, fighting to end slavery.

    Perhaps statues in general are sinful in the new social order.

    Except for the statue of Vladimir Lenin in Seattle. His statue has remained untouched.

    Click here to read about Cervantes and here for Heg.
  15. Don_D

    Don_D ¡Viva Cristo Rey!

    Knights of Columbus I would think will likely play a part in this as well. It is a quite large fellowship of good and faithful Catholic men.
  16. Don_D

    Don_D ¡Viva Cristo Rey!

    Just in case anyone wonders, this statue of Lenin is actually privately owned and resides on private property. It is not and was never a statue that was endorsed by the city or state of WA. I have long hoped one day in my lifetime it will be removed but not at the cost of violating the rights we hold dear. That is the difference between us and them.
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  17. Sunnyveil

    Sunnyveil Archangels

    A lot of the young men in the Ventura group who confronted the anarchists to save the St. Junipero Serra statue were from Thomas Aquinas College according to my son who has friends there. And, oh my, they were mostly WHITE and UNMASKED. IT'S MADDENING THAT THE PASTOR OF THE MISSION IN VENTURA AGREED WITH THE COMMIES. He is no exception however. Bishop Barron of Los Angeles wrote an article stating that it's really up to the laity to handle such secular issues. These guys are so deep in self interest and politics that they're wholly incapable of leading when a difficult situation arises. I have visions of them cowering in their very nice homes while their churches are smashed to bits because, you know, it's really a secular issue. My ghastly visions include their post destruction appeals to the 'secular' laity to cough up a lot more money because rebuilding is, after all,their responsibility too.

    For a time Saturday, it looked as if a statue of Junipero Serra outside City Hall in downtown Ventura might join the growing ranks of toppled figures.

    Two days earlier, a joint statement from local political, indigenous and Catholic leaders pledged to remove the monument, originally commissioned in the 1930s but replaced in 1989.

    “The time has come for the statue to be taken down and moved to a more appropriate nonpublic location,” read the statement, issued by Ventura Mayor Matt LaVere; Chumash elder Julie Tumamait Stenslie, tribal chair of the Barbareño/Ventureño Band of Mission Indians; and Father Tom Elewaut, pastor of the San Buenaventura mission, the ninth and final mission founded by Serra.

    By the time the statement — which called for a collaborative process, including community discussion — was released, a protest had already been scheduled and a petition calling for the statue’s removal had received more than 5,000 signatures.

    When Saturday came, protesters unfurled a banner in front of the statue.

    “Father Genocide,” it read.

    Counter-demonstrators — many bearing American flags and who appeared to be white and not wearing face masks — formed a circle around the statue of the Spanish missionary, blocking protesters from reaching it.

    This group carried its own signs. “I <3 Padre Serra,” read one; “Serra: Defender of the Chumash” read another.

    After the dueling groups departed, the statue remained standing.
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  18. AED

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    "Collaborative process community discussion"--these are the waffle words of Newchurch. Masks are falling off and I don't mean covid masks either. Your son and the others are real men. Knights. May God give them many great Grace's. May Junipero Serra intercede for our country.
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  19. earthtoangels

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    The differences between what the Federal Govt. can do and what is expected from local city and state gov. officials. If you have those who are of the left and have supported the local destruction then it's up to the people to do something. If the destruction locally is of federal property then you can expect punishment of those federal crimes:

    GOP Rep. Brooks: Expect ‘Sometime Soon’ Significant Number of Arrests Related to Rioters, Vandals Damaging Federal Property

    Friday, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) said he anticipated a more proactive response to those committing acts of vandalism to federal statues and monuments based on interactions he had with Trump administration officials.

    “On the federal level, we are going to be enforcing the law,” he said. “But not all destruction of property, not all the riots involve violations of federal statutes. That’s where you get into municipal ordinances or state laws. That’s where you get into the politics of whether it is advantageous or disadvantageous for the mayors or the governors to push for enforcement of these laws. They’re counting heads. They’re afraid they’re going to lose votes if they enforce the law. That is why the rioting has gotten as bad as it has. And that’s what we’re looking at nationwide the more these socialist Democrats gain power.” (my emphasis)

    Brooks told of a conversation he had with White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, formerly a U.S. congressman from North Carolina, which involved a tougher tack from the federal government when it came to the desecration of federal property.

    “That is the position of the House Freedom Caucus, to which I am a member,” Brooks said. “Last night, I met with President Trump’s chief of staff for dinner, Mark Meadows. He and I were sitting next to each other. That certainly was a paramount item of discussion. In my judgment, you’re going to see sometime soon a significant number of arrests related to those who committed those criminal acts. And I hope they will be able to get convictions for the arrests that come from these investigations.”
  20. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    HUGE: Per His Lawyer — General Flynn Was Targeted Because “He Knew About the Billions Brennan and Company Were Running Off the Books

    General Michael Flynn had to be removed. He knew too much. He had to be shut down and silenced. He was the primary Deep State target.

    Sidney Powell was on the Vicki McKenna radio show and she dropped another bomb. Per a report from Lifezette, General Michael Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell shared the following:

    “He was going to audit the intel agencies because he knew about the billions Brennan and company were running off the books,” Powell said, referring to former CIA Director John Brennan.

    Powell began her interview noting at the 1:00 mark that when she took over the Flynn case three things were very, very troubling and egregious:

    Powell (then) drops the bomb at the 5:50 mark where she discloses that Flynn was going to audit the Intel agencies because he knew about the billions former CIA Director John Brennan was running off the books.

    It was all about money and power. It always is with the Democrats!

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