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    Yep. All part of a plan obviously.
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    Cuomo gets in front of the cameras when Trump offers 70k courses of the promising anti viral medication to be used to treat the critically ill in NY and gushes all over about how great it is (he has no choice but to appear supportive of the Federal efforts to help) and how it may make a huge difference in the saving of lives. It's all simply about optics.
    Meanwhile, he writes an executive order that stops what is being insisted is "experimental" anti viral drugs from being dispenced by pharmacists unless the patient is in the approved list of people participating in the official trial of this medication in NY. They are doing this because these drugs were not meant to treat what they are being prescribed for so they certainly should be cautious BUT in a time of national emergency many times these cautions are deemed less of a risk than the actual eventual death of a patient due to illness and are exempted. I have taken part in such things due to illness.
    We all know, medical trials are limited in scope and number of participants as well as degrees of illness and they take time to complete and be authorized for use. This will stop who knows how many people from receiving these medications even thought they are being prescribed by an MD (hoping to save their lives) using the FDA guidelines for this particular viral infection because they are not an official part of the trial participant list.

    It is much like why Trump called Jay Inslee a snake. Inslee got in front of cameras and made a big show of stating that he had activated the National Guard and made it appear he was "taking the bull by the horns". In reality he activated only 45 people who were assigned to primarily administrative tasks and planning. It was all optics and appearances.
    This was why Trump last weekend activated 3300 National Guard and assigned them to specific missions in each state (WA, CA, NY equally) reporting up the chain of command federally and not strictly to the Governors office where Mr Inslee can control the message and make it appear he is working miracles by taking credit for something he had no part in setting in motion. Inslee (Cuomo and NV's governor as well) is a snake and he is playing politics with lives and counting on the fact that people like us will have no idea how these things work. Instead he hopes to continue to blame the Trump administration of being slow to act and wail on about people dying as a result.

    What it comes down to IMO is Governors who are intentionally trying to prolong and intentionally mislead the public at the expense of people who very well may die. They are maximizing the adage "never let a crisis go to waste" by shutting down the economies and lives of millions of people let alone acting without humanity toward people. They very well may see this blow up in their faces.

    This video was immediately removed on Youtube. It is E Michael Jones talking about this virus and the times we are in. I highly recommend it. It is only about 15 mins long. It doesn't really talk about this issue but the broader issue which is that this virus is a weapon and is being used to try to unseat a president and when it comes down to it overthrow the world as we know it.
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    Well worth the read on what is happening behind the scenes with this stimulus bill.

    In other words, the federal government is nationalizing large swaths of the financial markets. The Fed is providing the money to do it. BlackRock will be doing the trades.

    This scheme essentially merges the Fed and Treasury into one organization. So, meet your new Fed chairman, Donald J. Trump.

    Oh and BTW, the next few weeks will be really interesting when the media actually realizes what just happened.
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    It is very sad. But honestly, I would rather have Biden as the runner than Cuomo. Biden has no chance to beat Trump. Sorry. I just want 4 more years of not having to worry about absolutely everything.
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    Tanker I couldnt agree more! May God grant us those 4 years.
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