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    Joe Biden Gets Confused Again – Has No Idea When He Would be President, ‘Two Years, Another Year… November, Or Actually January’ (VIDEO)

    77-year-old Biden has no idea when he would be president if he were to win the 2020 election.

    Biden flopped after he tried to flex his muscle and claim he could get things done quickly in Washington if he were president.

    “Providing for the additional funding that would provide for no hidden bills etc,” Biden said. “And I could get it done and I could get it done quickly and people would be covered. But even I can’t do that for another two year, another year, between now and November. Or actually January.”

    Oh Joe!
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    When the ignorant media says there is no "deep state," you can point out to this incident as an example of the "Deep State" at work.
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    You betcha. He needs to pardon General Flynn.
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    Something fun that will probably disappear soon, but this happens when you google "democratic party".

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    Is the "Storm" this near? Is this the "Key"?

    Check this out at 26:30 point:

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    I think right now this X-22 is hogwash. It’s been giving us false hope from the beginning. Our hope should come mostly through prayer. I’m a Q fan, but this virus wiped Q out. We should concentrate on focusing how badly government is handling this through no fault of Trump. Mark levin’s interview tonight with Dr Fauci revealed that in the Blue States of NY, Washington, and California, the Democrat Governors are not preparing their people. They have the equipment, supplies, and medication and they are stalling. Cuomo is blaming Trump, and it’s not Trumps fault. Cuomo has the resources and he’s not using them. You don’t need to nationalize industry to get supplies, equipment and meds to hospitals. And as far as Dr Fauci...well he’s lying. The Chloroquine drug has already been tested and it works. Maybe this explains why he is lying. upload_2020-3-22_22-51-47.jpeg
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    If the Blue States let the virus go rampant, it will spread to the rest of the Country quickly. Remember these elite Democrats have the medication for themselves. It’s the rest of us that don’t. I called my doctor for it, and he said he can’t get it, there’s a waiting list, and regulations. Wake up. Call Congress! Forget Q
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    So Fauci who has been around through several different administrations is political and leans left? Surprise, surprise! Nevertheless he has NOT stood in the way for this treatment of symptoms to be tried....only that in the meantime it should also continue to go through further trials as the scientific protocol demands. He doesn't want to look, as a medical professional, like he is demeaning that process and putting his reputation on the line. Ego and self protection!

    Are you saying that people who take Chloroquine now are safe to not acquire the virus and can expose themselves to those who are infected with no danger? Actually no doctor would say anything but that the data for this specific virus, being treated with Chloroquine only for affecting the symptoms....but not as a only anecdotal thus far. The only reason for the permission to use it now to treat symptoms and lessening the time of the virus, thus enabling the degree of attack, esp. on the elderly and compromised, is that it has been out there for decades, known as a treatment for malaria, and has proven so far not to be harmful to those who have been treated. That's not the same as a vaccine.

    The Trump hating authorities of the known lefty states would not be accepting, and even now praising Trump's efforts if they already had the supplies, medications, and enough equipment on hand. They need him and so they have opened themselves up to also having to accept the National Guard oversight of their domains. It would seem then more evidence that "the" plan is in process!!
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    The NG serves at the Governors of each states request. The Governor is the equivalent to their Commander in Chief when they are deployed inside the states borders for any reason. Are you implying that this is somehow because they have been ordered to by the Feds? I find that a bit if a stretch to believe. What's the evidence for this when it is something that normally takes place when the governor declares a state of emergency?

    On another note, I have taken Chloroquine which is also called Plequenil for Rheumatism. It is no joke and some people it makes very ill even in safely prescribed amounts. You don't want to not take this medication seriously or not follow directions to the letter.
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    Earth the medication works to treat Corona. That has already been established. Gilead Sciences even has a patent on it. We don’t need Fauci to tell us we need more test’s before we distribute this to patients. It works, stop with the regulations! People are dying.
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    I said nothing else....that it has been shown, while in studies considered to be anecdotal (that has been acknowledged as well by the President himself....if you've listened to the WH update conferences), to be effective for "treating" the symptoms of the virus. The medical community is testing it now also for "prevention" or as a prophylaxis.....since that has not been as yet accepted. There IS a difference between "prevention" and "treating symptoms already present". You're the one stating the unnecessary fact of "needing Fauci" for such approval or still needing "regulations". That's just simply not the fact here until your introduction of it as some kind of straw man to argue. This treatment (also being "played" w/ in combination with other past used flu remedies for even more or greater efficacy) IS being used/permitted now BECAUSE the medical community knows that its prior uses, as in cases of malaria, has shown it to be safe for humans, in why not? Esp. when a vaccine is still awaited. If this Chloroquine was THE answer alone they wouldn't still be seeking a vaccine for prevention. So please don't put words or thinking to your own liking into what I've related. I've presented only the facts that are being used currently. If you want to take the chance of taking this particular drug in order to expose yourself to the virus w/o any other protection or influence others to do so I don't think any doctor would approve. IT IS OUT THERE NOW......WE CAN GET IT THROUGH A PRESCRIPTION.....PEOPLE ARE TESTIFYING TO ITS LESSENING OF SYMPTOMS AND LENGTH OF TIME IT TAKES TO TEST NEGATIVE. But medical science will continue its own tests due to their own protocols for all drugs and their uses and proofs for exactly how this works and what other treatments can enhance its use even further. I have received a prescription due to my own underlying compromising conditions....and we have cases in our area....but a limited one since right now doctors are aware of its demands and limited supply while it's being pumped out.
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    First of all the Governor of a state does not simply have the ability to issue orders to guardsmen at his leisure. There is a chain of command under which the state authority must adhere to. Normal state use is for lesser disaster relief purposes. The President has declared this to be a National "in a war".

    President Donald Trump said Sunday that the federal government has activated US National Guard units for three of the states hardest hit by the novel coronavirus -- New York, California and Washington state.

    "And through (Federal Emergency Management Agency), the federal government will be funding 100% of the cost of deploying national guard units to carry out approved missions to stop the virus while those governors remain in command," the President said at a White House briefing.

    In this case the governor of New York as well as the mayor (same w Gov. of California and Washington State to which same deployment has begun operations) have recognized that what they can do is limited and have requested the President/Federal Government to do more. New York and California had already activated their own Nat. Guard but needed more Fed. help. No matter the Title under which the Nat. Guard is deployed the Federal law governs....esp. when there is a conflict between the State and Federal law, but the President has dealt with this w/o using force since he knows the pressure under which these state authorities are living anyway!! Smart!

    In these cases the Feds are funding this. The Govs. have agreed to this and thus they will have this agreed to oversight of their domain under Federal observation. One could say then, as I have ventured to do, that the Trump hater state authorities are forced to admit both their own limits/lack of preparedness as well as the President's powers to help out to the point that they have had to publicly praise the President whom they have done everything to thwart previously.....esp. in his executive orders as well as attempts to use their own compromised courts against him.

    President Trump:

    "We'll be following them and we hope they can do the job and I think they will. I spoke with all three of the governors today, just a little while ago and they're very happy with what we're going to be doing." Trump said.

    My husband had to take the Chloroquine prior to (and after) and once a week while deployed in his two tours in Viet Nam. He said that the troops sometimes had to be observed taking the treatment since they might forget or just not wish to do so. It does have its possible bad side effects as well, depending on underlying conditions of the individual.
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    Chloroquine works in treating the virus if one has it. That’s what I’m trying to say. So why the regulations??? I’m not asking to use it for prevention. I called my doctor who cares for my husband with a heart condition, and asked him if he has access to the medication, just in case my husband gets the virus. He told me because of the regulations it’s hard to get Chloroquine. There are waiting lists here in Miami for Chloroquine. That should concern us all. And as for test’s, I agree with last nights FOX reporter, she said the entire country should get tested. It’s the only way we will be able to control the contagion.
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    I don't understand your use of "regulations". Doctors have guidelines while the supply is that those suffering most at this time are able to get the drug......until the supply is increased by the manufacturers.....which is now taking place. Also, like any prescription, a doctor has to consider side effects and this drug can have side effects depending upon the underlying conditions of each patient.

    We were having the discussion in the family about testing. If one is tested today and tests negative but still remains in a larger community that to some extent has cases of infection how will he/she know if tomorrow or in a few days he could contract the virus w/o symptoms as yet and so not getting treatment until symptoms show up. It would be impossible to have each citizen tested each day.....and many would simply refuse testing unless under some tyrannical orders and even then they would be difficult to locate.
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    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    It should be noted that the message highlighted near the end of that video about watching for a twitter message on a Friday, was posted in 2017. I don't think people should be quaking in their shoes about old news.
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    Well, if one follows the posts, and those who can possibly interpret them, the "future proves the past" is often quoted in that such future times and plans are mentioned years earlier, even specifically by date and activity, which to some is also a rather amazing aspect. Allegedly....and even stamped by certain respected military commanders when questioned in general..... Q is high ranking military w/ the most complete access to the highest military intelligence as in why we now have "white hats" at NSA rather than the corrupt last regime's "black hats"....why "Q" often drops that "they have it all". Most don't understand the usage of this and how misinformation is included since it is read as well by those within the DS. Quite a "puzzle palace" invention....why I let those who follow most deeply do the "decoding". Obviously it is not for everyone....and why it often mentions the very low percentage of those who can even comprehend what is coming in this war between long planned globalization through the necessity of overtaking America, which almost happened, and the Patriots!
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    Well, I never said he did. I said when he declares a state of emergency which he did back in Feb in the initial stages of this. I understand though what you are saying about the deployment of these units and serving under Federal emergency powers over riding the states emergency declaration command and control structure. Maybe this will help to keep the state governments like WA in line. It's all about making the president look as if he is not doing enough because optics are everything.
    What will be interesting is seeing how this will affect things going forward which I think we all can agree are being manipulated to reflect as poorly as possible. Maybe things will begin to improve now that there are more eyes on the ground rolling up to the Feds so to speak.
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    Sorry if I misunderstood you. I was answering your own questions of me re: this deployment of NG going beyond what the states naturally do with them....which I explained that it had and thus was the basis for my applause for Trump's methods that actually make the govs. of these radical states beholding to him, publicly, supplying more info for this move. If they could have acted alone and w/ the normal state use of NG they would not have been so publicly admiring of the President's extra Federal help.

    Are you implying that this is somehow because they have been ordered to by the Feds? I find that a bit if a stretch to believe. What's the evidence for this when it is something that normally takes place when the governor declares a state of emergency?

    Anyway it's done.o_O
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