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    This is so frightening Luan. I hope it doesnt happen. I pray it doesnt.
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    LR, I have thought of this also and if you look up Mayor Pete Buttigieg's dad, Joseph Buttigieg, on the internet you will find that he is a communist and taught at Notre Dame U.:eek:
    But I have also been praying that just the democratic nomination of either of these two men would fulfill the prophecy and I pray not the presidential win. I honestly can't see how either one of them can beat President Trump unless something quite terrible happens. Please keep praying. +

    ref. From Joseph Buttigieg's Wikipedia page:
    A 2019 Washington Examiner article described Buttigieg as "a Marxist professor who spoke fondly of the Communist Manifesto."[12]
    PS - Elizabeth Warren seems to fit the bill too imo but her popularity seems to be fading very quickly.

    PPS - Many of Mayor Pete's policies are very scary, .
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    I don't think Bernie has much traction this time. The media is telling another story I know as they are playing the same old "anyone but Trump" in their newscasts. The Dems are purely pissed that Trump was not impeached. They are livid and dangerous. However, if you look at the candidates, all parties, none of them can fill a stadium like Trump can. Trump's rally's are over flowing.....each and every one of them. The media doesn't show this and down plays it but the proof is the proof.

    It astounds me that anyone would stand in line for socialism. It honestly does. It's like the world is blinded.
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    Is Pete Buttigieg the Israel Lobby Choice?

    Cyberwarfare began in Iowa

    Many Americans might consider it decidedly odd that the recent impeachment trial of U.S. President Donald Trump also featured constant vilification of President Vladimir Putin, to such an extent that one might have though that the Russian leader was also in the dock awaiting sentencing. The irony is, of course, that while “Russian interference” has virtually become a cliché, its actual impact on the 2016 election outcome was less than negligible.

    Russia was cited seemingly incessantly by House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff, to include the always useful assertion that “if we don’t fight them over there [in Ukraine] we’ll have to fight them over here.” Even more ridiculous, Schiff suggested that if Trump were to lose the presidential election later this year, he might well refuse to accept the result and could be supported by an invading Russian army.

    Senator Charles Schumer of New York delivered one of the more astonishing pre-impeachment vote diatribes, tying Trump to foreign interests. He said “No greater subversion of our democracy than for foreign powers to determine or elections… My fellow Americans, asking for foreign interference in our elections is a high crime. Our Nation was founded on the idea of truth.” Yet the same Schumer brazenly claimsthat he is the “protector” of Israel in the U.S. Senate, that his surname is derived from the Hebrew “shomer” which means “guardian.”

    Strangely, the country that, acting directly and through proxies like Schumer, does regularly and openly interfere in American politics and elections is Israel, but it was not mentioned at all in the hours of testimony in spite of the fact that Trump’s partiality towards the Jewish state has done more actual damage to genuine U.S. interests than the Kremlin was ever able to do. One would have thought Israel and its kleptocratic leader Benjamin Netanyahu would have deserved at least a nod from Congress.

    Indeed, Israel has been involved in American politics before, even if it is predictably never held accountable, and it has been suggested that Russiagate was really Israelgate based on what actually took place when shortly after the 2016 election, when Trump National Security Adviser designate Michael Flynn called Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. The call was made at the direction of Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner, who, in turn, had been approached by Netanyahu, who not coincidentally is a family friend of the Kushners.

    Netanyahu had learned that the Obama Administration was going to abstain on a United Nations vote condemning the Israeli settlements policy, meaning that for the first time in years a U.N. resolution critical of Israel would pass without drawing a U.S. veto. Kushner, acting for Netanyahu, asked Flynn to contact each delegate from the various countries on the Security Council to delay or kill the resolution. Flynn agreed to do so, which included the call to the Russians. Kislyak took the call but did not agree to veto Security Council Resolution 2334, which passed unanimously on December 23rd.

    What exactly did Kushner seek from Flynn? He asked the soon-to-be National Security Adviser to get the Russians to undermine and subvert what was being done by the still-in-power American government in Washington headed by President Barack Obama. In legal terms this does not quite equate to the Constitution’s definition of treason since Israel is not technically an enemy, but it most certainly could be construed as covered by the “conspiracy against the United States” statute that Special Counsel Robert Mueller exploited in his investigations.

    Currently, Israel may just turn out to be part of last week’s story of the astonishingly inept Democratic Party caucus in the state of Iowa. Award winning investigative journalist Max Blumenthal has provided the back story relating to the app that was developed to expedite Iowa’s voting but which instead delayed the reporting of the results for nearly a week. It now appears that the app might be part of an operation being funded by Jewish billionaires with close ties to right wing Israeli settler groups who are opposed to Senator Bernie Sanders and supporting Mayor Peter Buttigieg. The failed app that caused the problem was developed by a company called Shadow Inc., which was staffed by former Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama supporters and funded by billionaire Seth Klarman, who also is a major contributor to Pete Buttigieg’s campaign and also has been linked to former and current senior members of the intelligence community. The Iowa Democratic Committee reported that the software that included the app was paid for by the Buttigieg campaign, “Pete for America Inc.”

    Klarman is a deeply committed hard line Zionist...Klarman also financially supports major Israeli lobbying and disinformation organizations to include AIPAC-founded Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) and the anti-Iranian neocon think tank Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD. Blumenthal also reports that Klarman owns the Times of Israel, which once called for Palestinian genocide.

    The delay in the Iowa results just might have been deliberate, possibly caused by the Shadow app. The New York Times review of the caucus results concluded that they were “riddled with errors and inconsistencies,” with tallies that are “internally inconsistent, that were missing data or that were not possible under the complex rules of the Iowa caucuses. In some cases, vote tallies do not add up. In others, precincts are shown allotting the wrong number of delegates to certain candidates. And in at least a few cases, the Iowa Democratic Party’s reported results do not match those reported by the precincts.”

    Apart from possible fraud or even a hack, Senator Bernie Sanders, who appeared to be heading for a win, found that the inconclusive and even disputed result denied him momentum and a victory speech heading towards this week’s primary in New Hampshire. It also allowed Buttigieg to preemptively declare a predicted win on twitter even before any votes had been counted: “By all indications, we are going on to New Hampshire victorious. #IowaCaucuses.” And it is possible that worse is to come as the Democratic National Committee (DNC) head Tom Perez is tweeting his intention to “recanvass,” which would mean a complete review of all work sheets and might even require new voting. It could conceivably cost Bernie a win. Sounds a bit like a conspiracy, doesn’t it?

    It is, in fact, remarkable the extent to which Buttigieg has hardened his line supporting Israel. He has abandoned his commitment made last June that he would withhold aid from Israel if it were to seek to annex more of the West Bank, saying then that “If Prime Minister Netanyahu makes good on his threat to annex West Bank settlements, he should know that a President Buttigieg would take steps to ensure that American taxpayers won’t help foot the bill.”

    Buttigieg also is on record as having said in October “I think that the aid is leverage to guide Israel in the right direction…that our policy goal will be to do what you do when a friend is moving in a way that you’re worried about, which is to put your arm around them and guide them somewhere better.”

    Presidential aspirant Pete Buttigieg is not saying that any more. Mondoweissreports an exchange he had in a speaking engagement in Iowa on January 29th with IfNotNow organizer Elias Newman...

    In short, Buttigieg is a manufactured corporate candidate who is little more than an empty suit, having no core values whatsoever apart from seeking to become the first gay president. The Establishment is comfortable with him and he is good-looking, seemingly affable and articulate, though he suffers from an unpronounceable surname. He has now checked the box making him acceptable to the Israeli government and its powerful domestic lobby, which have always been suspicious of Trump even as he gives them gift after gift. Being Israel-friendly is also a must with the mainstream media...
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    I've always have a bad feeling about Pete Buttigieg. I am certainly not a fan of any Democratic candidate, but I pray that Mayor Pete is not nominated.
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    There is an Israeli swamp just like a US and a China, and a Iran, and a Ukraine..... We can not lump them together but have to look carefully at the alliances of the individuals and their actions. I have no doubt that Mr Buttguy is a long time friend of some NWO intelligence agencies.
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    Boy Trump pulled a rope a dope with Liu. Wow, gloves are off.

    Good News!
    President Trump pulled his nomination on Tuesday of crooked Deep State US Attorney Jessie Liu to the Treasury Department.

    TGP contributor Joe Hoft wrote about this political hack back in September 2019–

    Jessie K. Liu should not be practicing law. She should be disbarred, impeached and indicted. She is the US Attorney involved in three Deep State Mueller related cases where the government is withholding or withheld evidence from the defense. And she is involved in other corrupt cases.
    Jessie K. Liu was an up and coming star in the Department of Justice. However her actions of late prove that she never should have been elevated to her position in the first place.

    Ms. Liu is involved in three cases where pertinent documents were withheld from the defense –
    Via Rosie Memos.

    What do all of the f**ked up cases have in common? They all hide evidence and they're all lead by Jessie K. Liu. @TheJusticeDept

    — Rosie memos (@almostjingo) August 31, 2019

    Liu was involved in the Maria Butina case where a young woman sat in prison, due to the fact that she was set up by the Deep State FBI. The information related to the FBI’s set up was never provided to her or her attorneys in spite of numerous requests from the defense for this information which was the government’s duty to provide to her.

    Liu also is involved in the Concord Management case. This case has been a mess since day one. The government alleged numerous lies about the company in order to tie the Mueller sham to Russia. Mueller’s team stated Concord and its sister company Concord Catering were involved in spreading news on Facebook that impacted the US election. The problem is Concord Catering wasn’t even in existence at the time they were indicted by Mueller and the Mueller team was never able to tie Russians to Concord Mangement which spent only $3,000 on Facebook ads that supposedly impacted the 2016 election.

    Mueller insinuated that Concord was led by Russians who didn’t want Hillary to win. But Mueller and Liu have never been able to prove this while making up crimes along the way. Concord Management’s attorneys are toying with the corrupt Deep State, even saying their logic is similar to Tweety bird saying, “I did, I did, I taw a puddy tat.”

    In addition, Liu is involved in the Deep State’s sham indictment of the courageous General Mike Flynn. Since the 2016 election and before, General Flynn was targeted by Obama’s Deep State. Flynn committed the crime of disagreeing with Obama’s insane policies in the Middle East. Since that time, Flynn was a target.

    Today Flynn’s case is still ongoing and it is costing Flynn a mint. This past week his attorney requested documents from the government pertinent to his case. The Deep State government won’t provide the documents nor will they provide Flynn’s attorney the classified status to see them. Ms. Liu is involved in this case as well.

    Ms. Liu also was involved in the James Wolfe case where he was indicted for leaking a FISA application to the New York Times –

    Jessie Liu refused to prosecute James Wolfe (SSCI director of security) for leaking a FISA application to the NYT.

    Her reason to protect SSCI (Wolfe) is the reason to protect the FBI (McCabe).

    The decision will have to be made for her. [Barr/Rosen]

    img ht @TheLastRefuge2

    — Techno Fog (@Techno_Fog) August 26, 2019

    The Wolfe case was a sham as he was sentenced to only two months for his crimes with the US Senate stepping in to request leniency for Mr. Wolfe.

    Now it looks like Liu is involved in the McCabe case and will determine whether to bring charges against former corrupt FBI Director Andy McCabe.

    If Liu is involved it is doubtful that McCabe will be indicted for any of his many crimes!

    In 2017 Liu was nominated by President Trump to become the next US Attorney in Washington D.C. She took over that position a few months later. Then in March of 2019 the far left Washington Post shared this about Liu –

    Jessie K. Liu, the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia who had been tapped to take the Justice Department’s No. 3 job, has withdrawn from consideration after Republican senators raised concerns about her past membership in a lawyers group that supported abortion rights and opposed the nomination of Samuel A. Alito Jr. to the Supreme Court.

    The Trump administration signaled weeks ago that it would nominate Liu for the position of associate attorney general, in which she would oversee the department’s extensive civil litigation work. That nomination will not happen, because of her past role with the lawyers group, officials said Thursday.

    Somehow this sham of an attorney was recommended to President Trump and eventually removed by the Senate from moving onto a bigger job at the DOJ. (The President really needs to vet those who are vetting others for his administration.)

    Ms. Liu should not be prosecuting individuals for crimes. Her actions related to the Mueller cases she oversaw provides ample evidence that she should not be practicing law. She should be behind bars. She should not be the one making the decision whether to indict corrupt cop McCabe!
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    I do believe it would cause a big jolt, as much as the election of Donald Trump caused. Initially, the affect on the financial markets would be very negative. However, for what it is worth, the only way Donald Trump will not be re-elected, is the USA must suffer an economic reversal such as a major stock market crash. IMHO.:barefoot::):coffee::unsure: I actually believe the Socialist Party's current ascendancy in Spain marks the beginning fulfillment of that prophecy.

    O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!
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    I think Mayor Pete will be their guy. Bernie doesn't stand a chance with anyone but budding young communists. Mayor Pete is pretty clearly their selection for the next US President if they have their way and will pull some of the lesser of two evils crowd along with the "let's elect a gay guy, that will piss them off!" crowd as well.

    It's all going to hinge on external factors IMO. None of these clowns can beat Trump and they know it. Trump is pretty good at making the best of a bad situation so even when things do go sideways with the economy etc he probably stands the best chance of bringing the silver lining to the fore front of anyone I've ever seen. He's had a lot of practice at it too.
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    I know it's childish, I just can't help it. The guy is a serious creep IMO.
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    I didn’t think it was childish. He is definitely a serious creep. And he’s becoming socially acceptable :eek:
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    And Trump doesn't mention names unless something is already in the works against them....and coming!

    DEVIN NUNES DROPS BOMBSHELL!… Teases Mueller Team Corruption Will be Revealed in Coming Weeks (VIDEO)


    Trump is on a Rampage – Turns His Ire Toward Tony Podesta, ‘Why Did Nothing Ever Happen to Him?’


    WOW! President Trump TORCHES Corrupt, Evil Judge Amy Berman Jackson!
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    I do believe that Satan would certainly endorse Mayor Pete. :sneaky: It will be a dark day for America if he is elected.
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    Wow, thank God he wasn't murdered the way they were going after him. I wonder, did he have no security there or simply not enough? Although, once the mask of the socialists comes off it's pretty hard to hide the real nature of it. Not that the media will cover it though.
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    etoa, I got a strange feeling when the camera panned over to Guaido at the SOTU address. Prayers going up for him. +


    On the subject of the US Presidential election, today I started wondering if it is at all possible that Bernie and Mayor Pete unite forces and they end up running together? I still don't think that they could beat Trump by doing this but if their policies are not that far away from each other's I wonder if their party would realize that this may be their best chance.

    I originally thought that AOC might become Bernie's running mate but she has proved way too controversial since she was elected a congresswoman and she has also shown her stupidity, imo. On the other hand, it is the older folks who like Mayor Pete because of his intelligence and his youth and the younger folks are flocking to Ol' Bernie. After I heard part of Warren's unite the party speech last night, I began wondering if this could be a possibility, President Bernie and Vice President Pete.

    I realize that the MSM is touting Bloomberg but I really don't think that he has a chance. He is working on getting the young people's vote by paying for micro-influencers but it's not going so well*. I suppose the Dems are trying once again to prevent Bernie from being on the ticket. But have you seen Mini Mike's new political ads? I don't think that the younger folks are his "peeps" in any shape or form. In addition, some clips of him supporting the Stop and Frisk initiative in NYC are making the rounds on the news. I referred to him as "Mini Mike" because that is what President Trump calls him because although his license states that he is 5'10" many believe that he is under 5'7" and no US president has been shorter than 5'8" since 1876, I think. I believe that Bloomberg is also asking to stand on a box at the debates.

    CarpeDonktum just posted posted a quick video for "Mini Mike" or "Lord Boombox" as is his called here . I'm not a fan of the song but the video is cute.
    upload_2020-2-12_10-59-30.png Please click on the link just above to watch the video.

    *Here is an article about Bloomberg's latest ads,

    Bloomberg has no problem calling Trump a liar but he lies about his own height. :rolleyes:

    I think Trump is either 6'2" or 6'3", Clinton is 6'2" and Billy Crystal is 5'7". So what would you say Bloomberg's height is?
    Giuliani should have been wearing a red hat in this photo too, right, it's very interesting that Trump is. Almost like the red hat was foretelling the future.(y)
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