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  1. Don_D

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    Yes, I saw this today when he gave his address. I was very disappointed to hear him say this but in looking back on it at least he is being honest on where he stands versus wagging the dog and never addressing the issue like so many others. He is evolving just like Obama did on gay marriage. Surprise, surprise, surprise. All we can do is continue to pray for him and ask God to change his heart.
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    This is a pretty extensive article on the Biden situation in Church. I simply cannot reconcile this so called “Cuomo” principle of being personally aligned /support Church teaching but publicly opposed. Isn’t the whole point of our faith to live it publicly? It’s hard to be a follower of Christ in this world. Like Christ, we need to carry the Cross. Christ even prayed for his disciples (and us by extension) that we be in the world, but not OF the world. Every Mass concludes with the priest (Christ) exhorting us to Go Forth…. And spread and live the Gospel.

    This dichotomy that not just politicians have - fulfill Sunday obligation, pray, do Rosaries, etc as if that’s all there is while not walking the walk and way of Christ is the heart of our problems in my opinion. And lest I appear to be preachy here, I don’t always do this myself. There have been times where I left my Catholicism at the Church door to play nice, fit in, etc. But, on this big issue of life, there just is no way to separate it from day to day. I believe we are now facing the time where we will need to make those choices more and more.
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    What did Our Lord say about the lukewarm?
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    Great reminder HH.
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    Yes, to all of us, one day at a time, Sweet Jesus.
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    Whisperin’ Joe Biden - What’s He Got To Hide?

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    The elephant in the room is Biden’s mental competence. He doesn’t personally decide anything; he hasn’t the ability to do so. He is being controlled, probably by the people who installed him, and he will be ditched when his dementia has become such that he can’t speak coherently. That time is coming fast, if the rambling reply to a child who asked about vaccines is anything to go by. He waffled about aliens and the man on the moon. If his predecessor was so hopeless the media would have roasted him. I dislike Biden but what they are doing to him is elder abuse and very cruel. I can’t understand why his wife allows it. I have never referred to him as “President “ and I won’t. America is being conned and this deception is being colluded with by the media. The people are being duped and God is mocked.
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    I agree. It is a tragedy for our country to watch this man deteriorate before our eyes. The rigid routines, the constant watch checking, frequent references to the past, an angry, defensive posture are all red flags for Alzheimer's. Yes, shame on Jill Biden for allowing her husband to be used as nothing more than a prop, she should be protecting his dignity. I do not like Joe Biden, and I too, will never call him 'President', but as you said it is abuse, and it is a disgrace that it is allowed to continue. :(
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    I have had the sorrow of observing family members suffering dementia and have carefully observed and compared Joe Biden to them. In my (totally medically untrained) opinion, he is not yet suffering dementia but is clearly showing worrying signs of confusion on occasion that indicates a clear possibility of this outcome.

    It is clearly a unique kind of pressure when a camera is on you and you hold the most powerful position in the world and are expected to respond quickly to questions about the most pressing global matters but he is clearly not always up to doing so even with prompts, notes and cards. This situation is obviously not going to improve but can only get worse (however gradually) and the most influential people in the DP will obviously be only too aware that this is the situation. They will have to act at some point and, if they have any patriotism, they will not delay doing so for more than weeks, or at most a very few months, longer knowing that his mental acuity might suddenly and seriously deteriorate further with potentially enormous consequences for us all.
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    I am sorry that you have walked this journey. Thank you for your insight,
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    Anyone else notice that there has not been a single interview of one American that was evacuated from Afghanistan by the media?
    Not one.
    Fox? Nope. CNN? Nope. MSNBC? Nope. ABC? Nope. CBS? Nope. NBC? Nope.
    Someone is keeping one heck of a lid on this whole situation and the media, the so called 4th estate that is supposed to stand with the people of this country has been absolutely silent on the matter. They should be ashamed. I don't know which concerns me more to be honest. The administration pressuring these people with non disclosure agreements or the media being utterly and completely complicit in their cover up of what went on there.

    I'm going to be honest here, this reminds me of the kind of crap that went on in Nixon's term and absolutely sunk the republican party when the dam broke.
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    I completely agree!
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    Now that you mention it......
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