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    Cardinal Burke gives warning on Biden

    by Paul Murano
    • • January 29, 2021 7 Comments

    In his homily last Sunday at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Wisconsin, Cdl. Raymond Burke targeted three main points of the anti-God, anti-human worldview Democrats are imposing on Americans.

    Burke's first salvo was directed at the great American holocaust: "The federal government wants to codify as law the totally unjust decision of the Supreme Court which made legal abortion on demand."

    The cardinal's second shot was at the irrational, anti-science gender ideology created by the Left — sowing confusion among children and parents. He noted the threat "to impose upon schools the teaching of the iniquitous gender theory."

    Biden's third nefarious agenda item in Burke's crosshairs related not only to the First Amendment, but also to the Ten Commandments — our obligation to God.

    "At the same time, it threatens to deny the freedom of religion, the freedom of citizens to follow God's plan for the world and for man inscribed in nature itself and written upon every human heart," Burke said.

    The good cardinal referenced the real enemy and his use of government to destroy the Faith. "We are naturally tempted to discouragement and even to the abandonment of the battle against the Evil One and his program of lies and murder," he noted.

    Thus, Burke gave the faithful the remedy and the key to victory: "But Christ is with us to win the battle if we only engage it. We must always be of good courage — of good heart in the Sacred Heart of Jesus."

    As Church Militant recently reported, another Catholic giant, Germany's Cdl. Gerhard Müller, reminded the faithful to not trust in earthly powers and that the food for the battle given by God is the Eucharist, the medicine of immortality.

    Burke's over-arching theme was how the Devil lures man into sin. Both he and Müller see clearly both the challenge and the solution, Who is Christ.
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    :LOL: Yep, that's Joe.

    I have to admit that I have not yet arrived in a place where I could ever refer to this man as 'President '. :(
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    Me, either. Not now, not ever. I won’t even say his name. :(
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    I can't watch him or listen to him.
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    Pray pray pray for Biden, Harris, etc.

    That, like St. Paul, the scales will fall from their eyes.
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    Thank you, Christy.
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    In Facebook post, JPII Institute defends Biden’s abortion record

    “The Pontifical Theological Institute’s Facebook page reposted an article published on Jan. 20 in the Italian edition of the Huffington Post, titled “Joe Biden, a Catholic at the White House among the poisons of the American Church.”

    The article emphasized what it calls Joe Biden's “Social Gospel” and presented a series of declarations by political scientists and theologians to support the theory that Biden's election is complementary to Pope Francis' election because both of them give a sort of new breath to Catholic social teaching.”
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    Did anyone happen to catch EWTN's coverage of the closing Mass for the vigil for life today? The camera kept going to a white haired man{masked}all alone in the front row who looked like Biden. I think it will be repeated at 7pm
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    Bishop Donald Hying of Madison, Wisconsin

    US bishop says he’s praying for Biden’s conversion on abortion

    Fri Jan 29, 2021 - 12:32 pm EST

    MADISON, Wisconsin, January 29, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Bishop Donald Hying of the diocese of Madison, Wisconsin, has said that he is praying for “a deep conversion” of pro-abortion President Joe Biden.

    “Within eight days of taking office, President Biden has pledged to codify Roe v. Wade and has rescinded the Mexico City policy. We pray for a deep conversion within his heart to build a culture of life and respect the child in the womb,” Madison tweeted yesterday.

    — Bishop Donald Hying (@bishophying) January 29, 2021

    Despite his support for abortion in any circumstance, contradicting the Catholic Church’s total condemnation of abortion in all circumstances, Biden regularly touts his supposed Catholic faith and his friendship with Pope Francis.

    Hying was one of 14 bishops who last week came out in public support of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ (USCCB) post-election statement warning about Biden’s pledge to pursue anti-life and anti-family policies that would advance “moral evils” in the areas of “abortion, contraception, marriage, and gender.”

    In a November 7 congratulatory message to Biden, when the media called the election for him, the USCCB not only hailed Biden as president-elect but also referred to him as the second “Catholic” president after John F. Kennedy.

    The message called for political leaders to show “national unity and to commit themselves to dialogue and compromise for the common good.” It was promptly republished by Vatican News.

    Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò issued a response to the USCCB’s November 7 letter to Biden, in which he said that in calling Biden “the second Catholic President,” the bishops have confirmed their complicity in abandoning Church teaching.

    “With these words of the USCCB the pactum sceleris [plot to commit a crime] between the deep state and the deep church is confirmed and sealed, the enslavement of the highest levels of the Catholic hierarchy to the New World Order, denying the teaching of Christ and the doctrine of the Church,” Viganò wrote.

    On January 20, the day of Biden’s inauguration as president, Hying published a letter stating, “The Catholic Church will seek to work with the new administration on issues where we find convergence.”

    “Regarding the difficult issues of divergence, such as abortion, contraception, religious freedom, and gender the Church will challenge our leaders to embrace the full vision of the human person, as revealed by God and inscribed in the human heart through the natural law,” Hying continued, before encouraging everyone to read the letter published by USCCB president Archbishop José Gomez.
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    From Crisis Magazine, a plea to the Cardinal-Archbishop of Washington, DC

    February 2, 2021
    When Salvation is a Phone Call Away
    Regis Martin

    Cardinal Wilton Gregory and Joe Biden

    It is not likely that anyone will have heard of Heywood Broun, but he was a once very well known, well-connected newspaper columnist. His take on the world was fairly cynical, especially on the subject of organized religion, which he held in some contempt. But everyone will have heard of Fulton Sheen, the world’s first and most famous televangelist, whose TV ratings nearly equaled those of Milton Berle and Frank Sinatra. “If I’m going to be eased off the top by anyone,” said Berle, “it’s better that I lose to the One for whom Bishop Sheen is speaking.”

    In addition to dozens of books, retreats and, of course, countless TV shows, Sheen had a reputation as a convert maker, among whose conquests included high-profile people such as playwright Clare Booth Luce, industrialist Henry Ford II, and violinist and composer Fritz Kreisler. But perhaps the hardest nut to crack was Heywood Broun, in whom one would be hard pressed to find anything remotely religious. One day, Sheen simply called him up and said he wanted to meet with him. “About what?” demanded Broun, in his usual gruff manner. “Your soul,” Sheen replied.

    A meeting was arranged and, strange to say, within minutes Broun had unburdened his entire life, revealing the deepest, darkest secret of all: “I do not want to die in my sins.” What lent a special urgency to the matter, of course, was the fact that he did not have long to live. So, cutting right to the chase and after a session or two, Sheen received him into the Catholic Church—the only “the” Church, as Lenny Bruce, another cynic, would put it years later. Within a few months Broun was dead, and it fell to Father Sheen to preach his Requiem, which took place at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in December of 1939. Exactly 40 years to the month, by the way, before Sheen would himself would face the same summons.

    In thinking about Broun’s conversion, it is important that we not lose sight of the fact that Sheen himself felt a great urgency to reach out—to try and win this man’s soul for God. His mission, of course, came directly from Christ, to whom he had given his whole life and priestly service. “If Jesus Christ thirsted for souls,” he asked, “must not a Christian also thirst? If he came to cast fire on the earth, must not a Christian be enkindled?”

    It would seem almost a no-brainer, right? Isn’t this pretty much the job description for every Christian? Certainly for priests and bishops it is. Who among them would not wish to leave this world having first dispatched great numbers to the heavenly kingdom? Indeed, to be eulogized in words very much like those spoken by Saint John Chrysostom on the feast of the martyrdom of Saint Ignatius of Antioch—that here was “a soul seething with the divine eros”? Is there another, more credible way to give witness to the grace of priestly ordination? What else is there to light fire to the imagination and work of a priest and bishop, if not to save souls? “Unless souls are saved,” said Sheen, “nothing is saved.”

    They were certainly not chosen for administrative or managerial duties.

    Or to exchange empty pleasantries over drinks with powerful politicians.

    Is it too much to ask, therefore, that maybe one or two of them might begin with Joe Biden? Besides being their president, he happens also to be their brother in Christ, who stands in peril of losing his soul for his refusal—both obdurate and longstanding—to protect innocent, unborn human life. Does Joe Biden not have a phone number that they might use to call him up? Who knows, perhaps catch him on the fly next time he shows up for Mass?

    “Mr. President? I need to talk to you. It’s about your soul.”

    Is that going to happen anytime soon, do you think? The answer is no—which should tell you everything you need to know about the state of the Church in this country; about the level of prophetic leadership in the episcopate.

    What would it cost for, say, the Cardinal-Archbishop of Washington, D.C. to make that call? To schedule a meeting in which he, the chief Shepherd—they live in the same neighborhood after all—were to sit down with a member of his flock who has gone astray and try and bring him back to a right relationship with Almighty God? An hour of his day maybe, in order to (as they like to say in social justice circles) speak truth to power? And not just to save his soul, which is irreducibly precious, but to put an end to a scandal that grows graver by the day.

    f he succeeds, it will, in addition to the conversion of Joe Biden, have hastened the day when little children are made safe in the womb. And if, God forbid, he should fail, what has the Cardinal-Archbishop got to lose? Not his soul, certainly, which God will surely bless for doing all that any good pastor should do; namely, discharging the most important job he has been given.
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    I'm also praying for Mr. Biden's conversion on abortion, and if it should happen he will indeed need Divine Protection ... for likely having a "terrible accident" shortly after (marbles in his bubble bath or similar), and "hello Pres Harris" otherwise. :cautious:
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    I just received an email from a lady named Maggie who is a spokesperson for the Benedict XVI Institute. She works with Archbishop Cordileone. The news broke that the Pope has cancelled a Mass with President Biden at the Vatican.
    Abp Cordileone has requested prayers this Friday 18 June, prior to the Bishops meeting concerning giving Holy Communion to pro choice politicians. He especially asked for us to join him at noon EDT on Friday.
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    Protestors heckle Biden outside his Delaware church over abortion (

    At the now St. Isidore forum and formerly at the Catholic Answers forum, that closed and I'm glad, an individual said, "nobody is protesting Biden at his church", this was telling a blatant falsehood.

    Like one of the protester's sign reads, a comment on infanticide.... it may be pretty much the same thing as abortion but infanticide for many is a step too far.
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    However, it truly is infanticide. :mad::(
    Thank you for your post.
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