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    God gave me an illumination of conscience over time of the future. I'm going to make it big in Hip-Hop and who I'm going to marry. I met her a few times in my life and didn't treat her well Good forgive me. He showed me the kids we are going to have so much peace. I got kicked out of my house and gift in a way. I got better at hip hop. And God showed me it would be roughly 20 year s or so and my fate which I asked for .My future wife is Soo beautiful I wish I treated her better. Prayers I'm at a respite temporarily.Pray for sleep this place is spiritualy tough ancient home. Also pray for her. God provided me with a Holy family novena booklet after the visions praise God. Also temporarily I'm being forced to see a therapist and psychiatrist. Low dosage of meds. Also prayers for me and her to connect . Thanks and God bless.
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