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Discussion in 'Prayer requests' started by heyshepard, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. heyshepard

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    Hello all!
    If you haven't noticed I have not been on the forum since last Sunday. We have been having some small snow storm here in the U.P of Michigan. I shoveled a path to the car. Put on my Second Advent Sunday go to meeting clothes on as I was going to help out with the youth group and Ushering during the evening mass. On my way to the car I noticed the beautiful snow coming down. To shorten the story... The 1 1/2 foot slope leading to my driveway filled up again. my slick shoes sent me down the hill but not without snapping my ankle in three places. Now that's a feeling I would not want any of you to feel. I laid in the snow for about an hour before the ambulance came I had surgery Monday. Two plates, 10 screws and a cast. Yesterday I got out of the hospital. Today I'm finding that my house and dog are not krutch's friendly. I need some prayers.
  2. Mario

    Mario Powers

    Ouch! Sounds painful and it'll sure slow you down. May the healing balm of the Holy Spirit hasten your recovery and may the youth group's prayers be a blessing, too! O Mary conceived without sin, pray for heyshepard!

    Safe in the Father's Arms!
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  3. Rain

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    You poor thing! A similar thing happened to my cousin's wife . . . slick driveway, badly broken ankle, lots of pins. She suffered a lot with it, so I have no doubts that you're going through hell right now. Prayers sent up.

    So, why did it take the ambulance so long to get there?
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  4. Thats an awful way to get to your knees! Ouch! Many prayers for you!
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  5. Ach hope you will be ok Shepard will say prayers for you take care God bless
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  6. bflocatholic

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    You have my prayers, too! Hang in there... and, if you can, put this Cross to work for the Church!
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  7. Thomas

    Thomas Angels

    You have my prayers! God bless you!
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  8. heyshepard

    heyshepard Archangels

    Thank you all for your prayers and kind thoughts. When this this all took place it was like the set up for a perfect storm. I figured that satan knew there was something at mass that would help me to understand God's mysteries that often elude me. It must have been a doosie because he pulled out all the stops.

    My son worked the day shift and was up early. He went to bed. Being like most kids today he had his TV on. He was listening to his music while facebook was raging on his computer. I yelled for him about 5 minutes. He heard nothing. My cell phone went flying so I drug myself over to it so I can call the house. He still couldn't hear me. I even threw a couple of snowballs at his bedroom window. Still nothing.

    My wife is a registered nurse at work in the nursing home about 7 miles away. I called there and talked to her. asked her to come home and call an ambulance. Temp outside was 28F degrees. My wife said she would be right there. Of course snow storm was coming down at a steady clip.

    While waiting I talked to God, and Mother Mary saying confession and asking for her intercession. My son was all of the sudden was there and he was apologizing for not hearing sooner. By this time I was out there for about a half hour. My wife then showed up. Both tried to get me in the jeep to bring me to hospital but it just wasn't going to happen. My wife and son did go in house and got some blankets and wrapped me up as best they could.

    The ambulance when they got there (an hour later) said they started to come and get me when they came upon an accident that was much worse. The ambulance stopped and took care of them and called for the second ambulance to and get me.

    We ended up getting about 6 inches of snow over all.

    Ha ha! Yes this certainly took me to my knees. I fear though that will reduce my Christmas celebration activity and I wonder if all that I prepared for the warning means nothing when I can't walk. I will have to rely on God's mercy should something ever happen in the near future.

    thanks again!

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  9. That quite an ordeal Shepard you won't let satan defeat you, you're made of sterner stuff. Offer it up for people in any need and for the holy souls :)
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  10. rosebud101

    rosebud101 Angels

    Prayers for you! It does get cold in that snow.
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  11. awaitwithjoy

    awaitwithjoy Guest

    One hour wait in the snow and pain...I too will pray for speedy recovery and minimal pain through the holidays and lots of good food and compassion.
    God Bless
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  12. heyshepard

    heyshepard Archangels

    Thank you Jayneturner, Rosebud, & Awaitwithjoy for your prayers, vote of confidence and compassion. I'm finding that my good side took a pretty good beating also. Its sore from me dragging it around on the ground as I brake dance in my driveway! :ROFLMAO: Did any of you see Stephen King book or movie of "Misery". This also flashed in my head...:eek:
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  13. awaitwithjoy

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    Hey Shephard
    I must admit I would have laughed to see the brake dancing myself, I visualized you as bambi ice skating with antlers ooooh nooo,...too bad you do not have it on your security video, it would have been possible to turn it in for the funniest video of the year and the to pay the hospital bills!
    I have had a freak accident as well and I do empathize..mine was funny until the pain set in and the duration.... years.
  14. heyshepard

    heyshepard Archangels

    I'm going to be honest with you... Ha-ha ha...I think that I wasn't as graceful as bambi. It may have made funniest home videos though especially my throwing snowballs at my son's window! :LOL:
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  15. awaitwithjoy

    awaitwithjoy Guest

    This is getting funnier and funnier...30 minutes of snowballing the window to get your sons attention? Was he singing in the shower?
    I got locked out in my pjs as well as another friend of mine in the mountains, we went outside to enjoy a cup of coffee,it was at my friends cabin and she had a business there as well...well my daughter was singing in the shower and could not hear us knocking..the workers arrived and here we are...stuck, I made my friend go ask for was hilarious.
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  16. Lol the two of you are funny ;) I love a sense of humour :)
  17. heyshepard

    heyshepard Archangels

    :ROFLMAO::LOL::ROFLMAO: Believe me I wasn't eloquent in my snowball throwing abilities and a half hour is a gross estimation of time. I would say that I threw five snowballs with 1 scoring a good hit. In my pain I wondered if they were out of anger or if I was trying to get Jim's attention. My best bet was praying to God and Mary.

    My wife was trying to contact him while she was driving to the house. Her better judgment said to contact our daughter a 150 miles away. Barb asked her to keep trying to get in contact with Jim. She called his cell phone and he answered. Weird... I couldn't get a hold of him and I was outside his window. It took our daughter in Green Bay, one state away and a nudge from Mother Mary for him to wake up.

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