Prayers Needed Now for State of Minnesota

Discussion in 'Prayer requests' started by Catherine L, May 29, 2020.

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    Mpls and St Paul looks peaceful. Bringing in the National Gaurd has pretty much brought order.

    It allows people to take a breath, band together to monitor their own neighborhoods.

    Thousands brought bags of food to the affected areas on Sunday.

    Supply give aways of hosehold nessesities on many corners.

    Keep the prayers coming!

    Apparently Gerge Floyd said "mama, mama" as he was dying. The media says it was probally from lack of oxygen to his brain, his mom already died years ago. Anything to deny the afterlife.
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  2. Obviously the police can't be everywhere.

    Polk County Sheriff Warns Rioters: ‘If You Try to Break Into People’s Homes, I’m Highly Recommending They Blow you Out of the House with Their Guns’ (VIDEO)


    Sheriff Judd said there were rumors on social media that rioters were planning to invade and loot homes in neighborhoods in Polk County.

    So he fired a warning shot to the violent left-wing rioters.

    “I would tell the [criminals] that if you value your life you probably shouldn’t do that in Polk County,” Sheriff Judd said.

    He continued, “The people in Polk County like guns, they have guns, I encourage them to own guns and they’re going to be in their homes tonight with their guns loaded. And if you try to break into their homes to steal, to set fires, I’m highly recommending they blow you back out of the house with their guns.”

    “So leave the community alone,” he added.
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    And he is correct. The same can be said for most of Florida, even in the liberal counties.
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    One thing that no one on this forum is talking about, and I find very troubling is recent experimentation of human/mouse genetics. The scientists have been openly bragging about it. The demons have been loosed and we are watching the demise of humanity. God has removed the blessings of this country. I am so ashamed of the immoral direction our country has taken, it is anti-God.
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    I have brought this up many times here Katfalls. I took an at that time experimental drug beginning in the 90's known as Enbrel for Rheumatoid Arthritis which I suffer from very severely. I was in such bad shape that I could not walk and was in so much pain I agreed to taking it having no idea it was made using a cell line procured from an aborted child. It was not common knowledge at the time and it was many years later that I became aware of it and stopped taking it. Since then I have warned people repeatedly to be very cautious about the drugs that they take especially any kind of intravenous or injection like biologic classes of medications.
    Recently my doctor wanted to put me on Rituxin which is a common cancer drug also prescribed for RA and administered intravenously. It uses antibodies grown using cells from mice. I am disturbed by this and the Frankenstein sciences being widely accepted for many of the new drugs coming to market. I try to warn as many people as possible because most of the pharma's have no intention of telling the public what they are injecting living cells cultured from animals and people into their bodies. You have to really do your homework to discover it and most Doctor's these days have no issues with it because anything is acceptable if science is behind it.
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    I cannot believe God will allow his creation--mankind--to be so utterly polluted. As it was in the days of Noah the cleansing will be swift and total. And sudden.
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    I saw this teaser of a new documentary this morning, which intends to show the the DNC is running a psyop to overthrow Trump. Think what you will of this idea, these riots are all so tragic because we, the people, are being played by the military industrial complex, via the media.

    I also wanted to share a few thoughts, for whatever they are worth.

    First, something very few seem to know or remember: in the late 60s, students at Harvard and MIT staged protests against what they called "computerized people-manipulation" and "the blatant prostitution of social science for the aims of the war machine... Until the military- social science complex is eliminated, social scientists will aid the enslavement, rather than the liberation, of mankind." (from Yasha Levine's book Surveillance Valley).

    So 50 years ago, decades before the global public internet was created - and BTW, the public internet is the spin-off of the military network called ARPANET - students saw that it would be used to manipulate the population. In most wars fought in the past several decades, the military industrial complex has been testing these tools and social sciences to play the population with various success. Now that their methods are well honed, they are turning it on the dumbed-down western population. I think that this can explain the contradiction or conflicts in some prophecies or locutions about a 3rd world war / no WW3. It's that there is a war being waged globally now on a largely ignorant population. But it's a much more Satanic war than in the past where the people generally could identify the enemy. Today some see it, some don't, hence we can have two different heavenly messages.

    I was also thinking of Rwanda and the testimony of Immaculee Ibiganza who said that in the months leading up to the horror, radio shows were broadcasting messages of hate to incite acts of violence between groups. Decades later, the military tools are so much more sophisticated and many say that they also uses wireless technology to broadcast signals akin to what you see happening in the movie The Kingsman (eg. see the gruesome Church-killing scene).

    It's no wonder that one of the first things many converts do is switch off the TV, ditch the smartphone and spend more time in prayer. We have to spend more time with heaven and detach from all of this stuff. A few years ago, I quoted something from Sulema's messages where the Lord told her that if she wanted to know what was going on in the world, she should read the Bible (implying : not the news). And Alice Lenczewska, a polish mystic who received wonderful locutions (she is quoted on Countdown to the Kingdom), says in her diary that one of the first things she did after her conversion was to throw out her TV.

    I guess that most people out there would feel lost without the media, but we should keep it at bay and turn increasingly to the Spirit for guidance. The technology is so sophisticated and with AI, it will even be tailored for each individual. I think that the sophistication of this stuff is how they will manage to sway the elect, so we do have to be very careful with exposure to all media, including Catholic media.
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    Please read Mark Malletts last writing that I just posted. He writes about Kibeho and how it relates to what is happening in this country right now. Consecrate yourselves and your family to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and pray the Rosary. It is more important now than ever.
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  10. theflyingnun

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    The Body of Christ is Severely Broken

    There are so many terrible things that are happening right now in the United States. Is it possible that since we are the Body of Christ, all our worship from our prayers and sacrifices that we are doing at home (since most churches are closed) are not having that much effect, since the Body of Christ is drastically broken right now. Since we, the Body of Christ are unable to partake in the most powerful form of worship, which is “the Sacrifice of the Mass“.

    The Mass makes use of humans who participate in various ways, including the priest. But the action of the priest is said to be in persona Christi, that is, “in the person of Christ.” What this means is that while the priest is the visible instrument bringing about the central action, it is Christ himself who is acting (as the Head) with all those joined to him (His Body).

    Thanks Padraig, for the photo!
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    Great article, thank you.
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  12. More on that 1990 "prophecy":

    Prophecy Continues To Unfold

    June 1, 2020 by sd


    [​IMG]Not since 9/11 have we seen a prophetic word so swiftly materialize.

    It was back in August of 2001 that this website featured a blaring headline based on Maria Esperanza’s prediction to us that there were “enemies on American soil” and that they were now “ready to act.” She had said the same thing the previous December and April, but now, she said, in a fax to us, the act was imminent — as so it was, two weeks later, when enemies on our own soil attacked us.

    On April 26, 2020, the anonymous recipient of the “1990 prophecy” — who has received several locutions since that time, and whose original prophecy as well as subsequent ones, in parts, have likewise materialized — related to us, in the midst of the pandemic, the following:

    “There is now going to be a disruption within the disruption around you because the lesson of Heaven has not been met. Remember that seeking God in earnest will provide the only sight in darkness. Otherwise confusion sowed by the timeless nemesis will cloak all of reality with a false knowing. Never will those who follow the precepts of evil attain final victory, though it will now seem that way on this earth. Only praise God and light will come into any darkness.”

    [​IMG]It was just a month later (almost to the day) that the killing of George Floyd set the U.S. “ablaze” with violent protests — a disruption within the ongoing coronavirus disruption unfolding before America. The dictionary definition of disruption is “a disturbance or problems which interrupt an event, activity, or process.” Both the virus and the protests fit that definition.

    Those who disbelieve in prophecy perhaps have not been paying attention. Might they reconsider? Back on December 22, 2004, another “1990” word came that said, “There is going to be a major disruption in a region of the world,” and was followed — four short days later — by the Asian tsunami.

    In 2017: “Those who framed the future in accordance with their own time tables now find disbelief in prophecies though they unfold around you.”

    In 2010: “A new and great evil has now come and settled and will be there for the duration. It was a choice by man, including My people, who find deception in rancor and rancor where was ordained love.”

    And getting back to the most recent so-called word, what of the “lesson” that has “not been met”? What about the other parts of the alleged word of knowledge?

    [​IMG]Does a “lesson not met” have to do with how, instead of taking deep spiritual stock, instead of assessing the state of our souls, instead of permanently stepping back from the way we were going, we have instead sought to get right back to what we were doing? Does it have to do with greed and materialism? Does it have to do with wanton sex? Genetic meddling? Abortion? Transgenderism? Degrading nature? Does it have to do in general with the way that our societies and governments and businesses have conducted themselves?

    Note how many of society’s luxuries — restaurants, beauty salons, shopping malls — have suffered damage from both disruptions: closed down in some cities (due to riots) just as they were reopening.

    [​IMG]After 9/11 — instead of donning sackcloth and ashes — we were defiant. Like ancient Israel when it was chastised (Isaiah 9:10), we vowed to build bigger and better (see: the Freedom Tower). We were told to go out and shop to show terrorism it had not won. In our pride, are we now doing the same?

    We are still not in a huge chastisement. But “warnings” are beginning to morph into that.

    And “false knowledge”: Pray to the Holy Spirit about that. We live at a time when everyone seems to know it all. Remember that Scripture warns even the elect can be deceived (Matthew 24:24). Are we heading for even more chaos and confusion, sown by the “timeless nemesis”?

    Noted the original prophecy from December 3, 1990: ““You think of the changes in very simple ways, without realizing the fundamental mistakes of mankind. The very artifice of your societies is false and against the accordance of God’s Will. This artifice shall not last. Your very conceptions of happiness and comforts are a great evil and falsity. They will not stand.”

    Strong words — for discernment only.

    Praise God. “Only praise God and light will come into any darkness.”

    And stay tuned.

    Turn off the noise and pray for the Spirit of Truth. With the Holy Spirit is everything.

    [see also: the other alleged “1990 prophecies“]

    [resources: The Harbinger, Tower of Light, and Fear of Fire]


    [Footnote: Proverbs 1:24-33:

    24 Because I have called and you refused to listen,
    have stretched out my hand and no one has heeded,
    25 because you have ignored all my counsel
    and would have none of my reproof,
    26 I also will laugh at your calamity;
    I will mock when terror strikes you,
    27 when terror strikes you like a storm
    and your calamity comes like a whirlwind,
    when distress and anguish come upon you.
    28 Then they will call upon me, but I will not answer;
    they will seek me diligently but will not find me.
    29 Because they hated knowledge
    and did not choose the fear of the Lord,
    30 would have none of my counsel
    and despised all my reproof,
    31 therefore they shall eat the fruit of their way,
    and have their fill of their own devices.
    32 For the simple are killed by their turning away,
    and the complacency of fools destroys them;
    33 but whoever listens to me will dwell secure
    and will be at ease, without dread of disaster.”
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  16. President and Melania are on their way to St. John Paul II's Washington shrine to honor him, lay a wreath, for his 100th birthday. Meanwhile FOX business has former priest "commentator" Jonathan Morris, on now who criticized Trump's visit to the Church and agreed with the other anti-Trumpers.....perfect person for the new leftist FOX.....on to also comment on this visit. He thinks Trump should have done other symbolic (secular appeasement) things at the Church and not just hold the bible......didn't like the way the path of the President was cleared. The obvious danger that we've witnessed for days that is mingled w/ the other protesters doesn't seem to have penetrated those who yet refer to the whole "disruption" as "peaceful protesters" w/ only a few "disturbing" things!


    (CNN) — President Donald Trump makes his second visit to a religious site in as many days on Tuesday with a visit to the John Paul II National Shrine in Washington alongside first lady Melania Trump. Afterward, Trump will sign an executive order on international religious freedom.

    He is visiting the shrine in Washington on Tuesday in part to commemorate the 100th birthday of the late Pope John Paul II, who was born on May 18, 1920. It’s also the 41st anniversary of John Paul II’s historic mass at Victory Square in Warsaw.

    Melania Trump is the nation’s second Catholic first lady after Jacqueline Kennedy.

    You should be able to watch it again on this c-span on "watch from the beginning" and go to 32:00 point of the video:
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    Right now he thinks they'll keep ratcheting up physical violence because they want law abiding citizens to become angry and lawless.

    Basically he's believed that 'they' will do whatever it takes to ensure Trump is not re-elected. So up until the election and probably afterward if Trump is elected there will be things happening.

    It just reminds me of what Father Ripperger says about Trump: You know this is not just a difference of ideas between left and right but a battle between good and evil because the one and only goal of the other side is to destroy Trump. I think Trump and his allies are the only thing standing in the way of absolute, tyrannical (likely communistic) control of our country.
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    This sounds right to me!
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    My prayers go out to all now almost a week since George Floyd's tragic death. The divisiveness and vindictiveness that the news venues are using are deplorable. A Fox News reporter who interviewed a police chief after an attempted robbery in Philly last night left one of the robbers dead, failed to mention in his summary that the store owner reportedly fired in self-defense. The media is largely using these tragedies to fire up emotions and create division.

    The issue cannot be reduced to Fox News is mostly good and CNN is mostly bad.

    The best route to take is for me to avoid getting sucked into media hype. I must add fasting to my prayers.:cry::notworthy:

    O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!
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    Thank you!
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