Prayers for unborn great nephew with CDH

Discussion in 'Prayer requests' started by Rain, Jul 10, 2021.

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    Yes. Lots of victims here. My son is uneasy about vaxxing the kids. DIL is all in favor. I weighed in but delicately. I pray they hold off. My 11 year old granddaughter wants it!! She is very vocal about it. School influence no doubt.:cautious::unsure:
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  3. Yes, mainstream media is advertising pro-vaccine propaganda using Sesame Street, so the kids are brainwashed a lot...
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  4. Rain

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    Due to the hole in his diaphragm, Theodore's intestines strayed to where the lower portion of where his lungs were supposed to be. Therefore, his lungs are under developed. He had his surgery last week to put things back where they belong. He's doing great and off the respirator. The doctors say he has exceeded all expectations. :)

    Thank you for your prayers, everyone.
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    Thank you God!
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    Such happy news. The power of prayer here is very great. Thank you, Jesus.
  7. AED

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    Glorious news. Thankyou God.
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    One word Rain..HALLELUJAH!!!:love:
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    Singing Gloria on high, thank you Lord this is wonderful news.
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