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Discussion in 'Prayer requests' started by Border collie, Jul 7, 2016.

  1. padraig

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    Ask Our Blessed Lady to shine a little light on why this Cross has come upon you. Having a sense of direction in extremis is always the Simon of Crene who helps us bear the Cross, to give light in dark places.

    More prayers tonight.

  2. SgCatholic

    SgCatholic Maranatha

    I like this. It has never occured to me to do that for my own trials.
    Thanks Padraig.

    Still praying for you BC. Hope you are recovering well.
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  3. For what was to be a fairly simple procedure with me supposed to in and out of hospital in the same day, I managed to pick up a few infections along the way and 3 weeks on, today was the first day I have been able to be out of my house unaccompanied. The good news is that they have decided to postpone the op for a few months and have put me on specific meds to target the obstruction, so at least I am delighted with that!
    Many thanks to all you guys for praying for me and I ask the good Lord to reward you all.

    in prayer to Our Lady about your above suggestion, I feel she reminded me that since I have come into praying and trying to live in the Divine Will, that all that the Lord allows in my life must be accepted, and offered and united with Jesus' will and in the DW, all to the glory of God. I have discovered when I have accepted my "cross," even though I may be in distracting pain, I am still very much at peace and even have a sense of joy. I can enter into the person of Jesus in His passion and unite my pains with his and my reparations with his, and offer his reparations united with mine to the Father for His glory and for the good of souls. This may be a little confusing for some and I'm not the best for explaining... but praying in this way has been the greatest grace I have ever received. In this way of prayer I can be united with every created person, from Adam right up to the very last person to be created, and can pray and glorify God in their name, and so obtain graces and blessings beyond counting for all mankind!

    Thanks again to Padraig and everyone for all your prayers!
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  4. Rain

    Rain Powers

    Beautiful post, BC. Still praying for you.
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  5. Bernadette

    Bernadette Archangels

    BC, I will definitely add you to my daily prayers. But your comment made me think of something I never thought of before. The first human with a soul was Adam. I would imagine that there would be some importance to the last human to be created, right?

    God Bless!
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  6. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Suffering can be a little like driving at night with no headlights. It seems without purpose and meaning and we can feel lost. Praying for Light on the situation can swtich the headlights on. We might still be in the dark but at least there is enough light to see the road...and a little of what's ahead.:)

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  7. SgCatholic

    SgCatholic Maranatha

    Still praying for you BC.
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  8. Thanks again to all your guys for all your prayers for me. I got over the infections eventually from the early Oct op but for some strange reason have been in almost constant nagging pain since, up to a couple of days ago. Thankfully I'm not in pain now. A close relative had exactly the same procedure a couple of weeks ago and was in and out of the op theatre in 45 mins, and back at work the following day.
    A speaker on the Divine Will recently told me that the Lord will allow one's life to get harder as one tries to live in the DW and it appears this is so. But I have constant peace also.
    Thanks again for your prayers, and perhaps you could leave me on your lists for just a little while longer... I have another op to face in late Feb, yuk!

  9. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

    I wouldn't say that life gets harder as we try to live in the Divine Will - in fact, it actually gets much easier as we let our dear Lord do His work in and through us. We just need get out of His way and He will bring us joy and peace. Actually, I am constantly amazed at how much He does for us - even to making miracles when necessary. Just trust in Him, let Him act, and everything will go well. Bless you.
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  10. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

    Border Collie - that is so beautiful!
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  11. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Prayers through the day. Hard Crosses.
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  12. Beth B

    Beth B Beth Marie

    I'll be praying BC....God bless and heal you!
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  13. Beth B

    Beth B Beth Marie

    I'll be praying BC....God bless and heal you!
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  14. Scolaire Bocht

    Scolaire Bocht Archangels

    Thats very sad that you need that other operation, don't be afraid to get a second opinion from another doctor to double check that?
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  15. How are your teeth. Seriously. How are they? Have you had any teeth work done? Do you have any pain? Any taste in your mouth? How are your tonsils? Have you had them out?
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  16. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

    BC - From the Letters of Luisa:
    "As to nature, I feel compassion for your painful state; but as to the soul, you would be worthy of envy from the very Angels. You know, as many pains as you suffer, as many tears as you shed, so many are the Angels around you, gathering, full handed, the pearls which you form with your sufferings and bringing them to Jesus as pledges of your love. However, I beg you not to cover these pearls with the mud of your laments or of not being perfectly resigned to the Most Holy Will o God. Therefore, be tranquil; lets hope that everything goes well for the soul and for the body."
  17. Carol55

    Carol55 Ave Maria

    BC, I'm praying that your next operation goes well.
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  18. any name you wish

    any name you wish Archangels

    Do they know what the original infection was? I'm surprised they don't know why you keep having trouble...have they looked into Lupus or Hyperthyroidism? If the infections are from a different bacterium/virus/fungus each time then something hormonal or autoimmune is going on. If it's the same organism then I don't know why you haven't gotten the right antimicrobial...

    Prayers for your next operation.
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