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  1. Joan J

    Joan J HolySpiritCome!

    With all the banter connecting China to the virus, what is the end motive? Further hate & fuel for anger?

    Let us not forget Bishop Zen and the small numbers of our fellow Catholics throughout China who are so repressed he is their only voice.
    Instead of bantering about the government politics of China, let's turn that to praying for our people there & CONVERSION of China. Purging of the world. We know very well many will be converted come the Warning. That includes in China.

    We ought to be praying for the lives of those priests. They will be sorely needed once it comes!

    That Chinese immigrant or 1st generation American or unknown Asian American you see across the street left for a reason or has relatives still there. Unless we are willing to show actual interest in befriending them, we can't know their story. That visitor is a "Samaritan". Are we not here to love and show by example? How many government atheists (PRC) or Buddhist or Hindu will convert before others do when the Warning comes?
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  2. SteveD

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    I occasionally come to the forum to see what is 'trending'. I was surprised that there seems to be no very recent mention of China. In vast areas of Southern China it has rained every day for 45 days and the consequent flooding has caused the total loss of villages, small towns and millions of acres of crops as well as affecting large cities such as Wuhan (a familiar name). There are fears that that the '3 Gorges Dam', the largest in the world, is about to collapse because of the pressure behind it which would result in millions of deaths and the disappearance of two or three major cities. The CCP claim that there have only been 140 deaths from the flooding but I have witnessed about half a dozen people being washed away to their deaths on YouTube so the true figure is likely to be very much greater. Hail recently fell in Beijing which had protuberances that made the hail resemble the virus (which had just appeared in the capital) to the astonishment of the citizens and, when the last meeting of the CCP was about to begin (in bright daylight) the sky went black!

    In addition there have been locust plagues in parts of the country and a new swine flu epidemic has occurred (in a country with very high pork consumption) and there is a major problem at the grain stores where some stores have been found to be storing spoilt and adulterated grain.

    There is a banking crisis and limits have been imposed on withdrawals in one large province. This arose because a failed company (KingGold) had deposited 'gold' which was found to be composed partly ingots of other metals coated in gold and the investors found out and (naturally) wanted their money back. Some of those complaining on-line were arrested for spreading rumours.

    All this news is being surpressed or minimised by official Chinese media and is being largely ignored by the western media (much of which is under the influence of Beijing.)

    The leadership haven't been heard from for days and it is believed that there might be a power struggle going on among them. Xi is president for life so they can't announce that he has decided to spend more time with his family, they have to kill him. I am expecting an announcement that he has succumbed to some illness (maybe the virus if they wanted to be ironic about it).
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  3. Katfalls

    Katfalls Powers

    I had heard about some flooding, but none if the rest. That is awful, many prayers are needed!
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  4. Joan J

    Joan J HolySpiritCome!

    Yes Steve, I now have been focusing much of my national & international news on Epoch Times. Everything you have mentioned, I have seen on that site.
    Agreed, it is most interesting & very unfortunate so many other common news sources are very quiet about such things.

    What the CCP put their citizens through under the guise of common good is astounding!! They have apps that truly track all personal movements. They come find if it is deamed inappropriate.

    I have uninstalled most other news sources from my phone but for BBC & CNN. I feel I need the blend for all sides.

    Truly it appears China is being slammed by focused tribulations of their own.
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  5. AED

    AED Powers

    I follow Epoch Times. Very good source for news.
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  6. AED

    AED Powers

    Wow. Thanks for the updates. We are hearing nothing about this in western media who it would appear are under heavy influence of CCP.
  7. theflyingnun

    theflyingnun Archangels

    My wife who would be a Democrat except for their stance on abortion, cannot barely watch CNN any more since they are such Trump bashers and she dislikes him immensely. She also believes they are inciting this “Cancel Culture“, riots, socialism, and defunding the police. They rarely talk about black on black crimes in these poor communities, or the police officers that are getting killed and beaten. They portray these killings and beatings of police officers as warranted. They are becoming very divisive. They better watch it, because the “Cancel Culture”May cancel them!
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  8. SteveD

    SteveD Archangels

    This is an extract from an article by the excellent journalist, Dominic Lawson, in the last edition of The Sunday Times

    The Vatican’s rapprochement with China has led it to acquiesce in depravity

    Sometimes what isn’t heard makes the oddest impression. As more and more nations have expressed their concern about the growing evidence of concentration camps and even genocide in the Chinese province of Xinjiang, there has been silence from the one entity that has the whole of suffering humanity at the core of its mission. I refer to the Holy See.

    Pope Francis — who was open in his criticism of Donald Trump’s Mexican “border wall” — has nothing to say about this publicly. Nor, indeed, has the Pope made any public reference to Beijing’s trashing of the judicial independence of Hong Kong. As the pre-eminent Catholic commentator George Weigel noted last week: “Earlier this month . . . a Sunday Angelus address in which Pope Francis would express, in the mildest possible way, concerns about the new national security law in Hong Kong and its chilling effects on human rights was distributed to reporters . . . Then, shortly before the Pope appeared, reporters were told that the remarks . . . would not be made after all.”

    Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, the chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, declared: “Right now, those who are best implementing the social doctrine of the church are the Chinese.” He even argued that, in defending the Paris climate accord, Beijing was “assuming a moral leadership that others have abandoned”. In fact China is not just the world’s most dedicated consumer of coal but also the biggest financier of new coal-fired power stations in other countries.

    So governments from around the world condemn the depravity of the Chinese Communist Party but the Vicar of Christ, the guardian of the repository of truth that is the Church, and his minions remain silent. The writer does not mention the claims by an Italian journalist that the CCP is paying the Vatican an annual sum of $2 billion in return for its acceptance of the takeover of the Chinese church by CCP appointed bishops (some apparently married) and for its silence about the gross evils they commit both within and outside China.
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