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    A lovely reading , Darrell.

    When I first began to believe again I kept my faith pretty much to myself hoping no one would notice. But they did, mostly because I was laughing all the time and was so happy.

    Then one dreadful night I was drinking in a club with about twenty friends and and my brothers round a large table and suddenly one of them asked if I was going to be a monk!!

    The whole table fell quiet and everyone stared at me. My heart fell and I thought the sky had fell in !

    But over time , the way the world is now, you can't really hide your faith, things are so dark in the world your faith shines like a light. So in these latter times we are all called to be Prophets by the very fact of who we are, just as our Catholic Faith calls us all to be mystics, prater pilgrims.

    I must admit I don't mind standing out anymore in fact I very much like it. Its so helpful to others. Anyway I get so impatient with the ways of the world, the TV culture and so on it makes me want to scream .

    Matthew 5:16 >
    In the same way, let your light shine before people in such a way that they will see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven."

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