Prayer to avert a serious act of persecution

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    Well said. Totally agree. God is not bound by any limitations. He has always taken care of His children.
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    Yes. A great saint (St John Damascene maybe?) Said the worst punishment God can inflict on His people is bad priests. We are there.
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    7So thy people received the salvation of the just, and destruction of the unjust.

    8For as thou didst punish the adversaries so thou didst also encourage and glorify us.

    9For the just children of good men were offering sacrifice secretly, and they unanimously ordered a law of justice: that the just should receive both good and evil alike, singing now the praises of the fathers.

    Wisdom 18:1-9 Douay
    This was part of the Epistle today, and it referenced the Passover, but it foreshadows what is coming upon us. IMHO
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