Pray for the repose of Sister Geraldine Morrisey and Sister Rita Morrisey Sisters of Mercy

Discussion in 'Ireland' started by Claves.Sancti.Petri, Dec 22, 2015.

  1. Claves.Sancti.Petri

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    Please pray for these two souls from Newfoundland related to my grandfather I miss hearing stories of the Newfie kitchen parties. My grandfather use to drive them to a BC to study.
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  2. bflocatholic

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    Of course. Prayers said. Merry Christmas!
  3. PotatoSack

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  4. Mario

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    Safe in the Father's Arms!
  5. padraig

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    Prayers for the Sisters, may they pray for us. They are probably up there praying for us!
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  6. Marianna

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    Prayers said.
  7. Peppermill

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    prayers said.
  8. Crystal Waters

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    praying for them
  9. josephite

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    Prayers said.
    I was taught by the Sisters of Mercy, founded by Catherine McAuley, they've had a strong presence here in Australia, I will be asking for their prayers as well.

    Eternal rest grant to them Oh Lord and may perpetual light shine upon them, and through the Divine Mercy of God may they in peace. Amen
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