Pope to meet Kirill in Moscow!!!

Discussion in 'Pope Francis' started by Pray4peace, Jul 26, 2023.

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    Shortened is the keyword. That could mean anything. If we are talking about the biblical tribulation that lasts 3.5 yrs
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    Agree. I believe the days are already being shortened.
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    After the pope returns from Moscow, there will be a revolution involving Italy, France, and Northern Spain, so we have to pay attention to the political situation in these three countries.
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  5. The prophesy says there will be a revolution AT THE VATICAN involving those three countries.
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    Of the prophecies of the Italian Catholic seer Bruno Cornacchiola (1913-2001):

    Several years later, on 26 January 1996, other references to threats against the Vatican: "How many dreams do you have? This night I saw St. Peter's Basilica, go on fire, and I said, 'Why is it being burned? A voice says, 'It is purifying fire to make it understand that it is the only force of life and love and it is not understood; God purifies everything in order to make everyone understand the way of truth for life. " Dear Mother, you were that voice, I recognized it. " On, March 3, 2000, in the Great Jubilee, in one of the last messages (he would die the following year) - Cornacchiola writes: "Today I had a very bad vision that made me cry. I saw a lot of blood flowing in St. Peter's, all out with the staircases and columns around and the two fountains. Well, I saw the blood drain and [shouts of?]: 'Death to the leaders!' I had a bad feeling for the Pope and others.


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    Someone thought about the possibility of the Pope traveling to Moscow with two diplomatic issues to resolve: the war in Ukraine and the new conflict in Israel, in an attempt to use Russia as a mediating partner since Putin has a good relationship with Iran but also with Israel, and this would help Russia try to regain international prestige.
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    Agree. Russia wants to be part of the United Nations - this may be their way in.
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    Interesting; Putin only stands to gain from this.
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    Russia is not only a member of the "United Nations", but a permanent member of its Security Council (a key organ of the "United Nations"). Only five countries are permanent members of the Security Council.
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