Pope Saint John Paul the Great

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    I considered JPII to be one of the best Popes ever and was certainly not alone in that opinion. His saintliness was obvious as was his adherence to all the truths handed down to us. However I am mystified that someone who (according to this video) prayed much before any decision, was responsible for the elevation to the College of Cardinals of so many appalling choices in which list I would include Mr. (formerly Card.) McCarrick (currently being tried for abuse), Kasper (the consummate modernist), Bertone (the cynical fixer), O'Brien (retired in disgrace) and not forgetting our very own Pope Francis. This is certainly not an exhaustive list and I haven't even started on the very long list of 'dodgy' bishops and archbishops who reached their ranks under his papacy. Of those who can be said to have had a major hand in creating our current pitiful situation he must certainly rank high on the list and it mystifies me. Many of the wolves that Benedict asked us to pray that he would be protected from were introduced into the sheepfold by his predecessor.

    As to the 1984 consecration (which I witnessed in my local cathedral though the bishop had ordered that parishes should not advise the faithful), Our Lady stipulated that it should be undertaken by 'all the bishops of the world'. The English bishops probably all complied but some of their number anonymously complained to secular newspapers that they considered the ordered consecration to be 'superstitious' and were complying under protest (can a genuine consecration be made in this way? It is believed that some modernist bishops in e.g. South America and Germany did not comply.
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    Steve I think St John Paul was taking ‘official’ advice before appointing bishops and cardinals. Pope Benedict did the same although he started to take soundings from unofficial routes so we latterly had better appointments.

    What is so sad is that St JP was suspicious of accusations of immorality when a churchman expressed orthodox opinions because it was a method used by the Communist authorities to smear reputations of those they didn’t like. So when he heard the rumours about Marcial Marcel (sp?), he thought this was just poison conjured up by progressives in the church because of MM’s orthodox views. Tragic.
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