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    Was this from 2022?
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    I think it was around Christmas.
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    Links to anything recent? I can only find references dating back to December.
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    If the Pope is receiving such ominous visions and premonitions, it might be part of God's plan to knock some sense into him. Let's hope and pray that this will belatedly draw him back into orthodoxy.

    The recent reports of his calling for a sexual counter-revolution and his addition of the Coptic Martyrs to those recognised by Rome could conceivably represent steps in the right direction. I wouldn't be betting my house on it, however.

  5. Yes, very possible. God talks to us through our dreams just like in the story of Pharaoh and Joseph, where Pharaoh always had the same dream every night. What if Pope Francis always had the same dream every night sent by God where his conscience is clearly bothered for what he is causing to the Body of our Lord Jesus Christ...
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    I am afraid I am not as good on this little tablet as I was on my trusty home computer so am not so good at finding things.
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  7. padraig

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    The Pope is recieving the prayers and Masses of hundreds of millions of people every day.

    Imagine the oceans and oceans of graces pouring into his soul.


    Some of the people praying for him will be great saints and Contemplative monks and nuns of very deep prayer life.

    There will even be a few Victim souls who have offered up their very lives for him.

    So there is always, always hope.
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  8. News out of the Vatican

    Pope Francis will return to the Sanctuary of Fatima during the Apostolic Journey he will make to Portugal this summer on the occasion of the upcoming World Youth Day.

    Matteo Bruni, the Director of the Holy See Press Office, made the official announcement in a statement Monday.

    “On the occasion of the next World Youth Day, and accepting the invitation of the civil and ecclesial authorities of Portugal, His Holiness Pope Francis will travel to Lisbon from 2-6 August of this year, making a visit to the Shrine of Fatima on 5 August.”

    For the second time as Pope, the Holy Father will visit the Marian pilgrimage site, the destination of millions of pilgrims every year.

    The Pope visited the Shrine, on 12-13 May 2017, for the centenary of the Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary at the Cova da Iria. On that occasion, the Pope prayed for an end to the wars “lacerating” the world.

    August 5 is the date the Virgin Mary told the Medjugorje visionaries was her real birthday.
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  9. Luan Ribeiro

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    Pope calls for freedom to preach Catholic faith in China
    Online News Editor
    3 hours ago

    Vatican City, May 24 (EFE).- Pope Francis on Wednesday said he expressed his “closeness” to Chinese Catholics and asked that his faith be preach “in its fullness, beauty and freedom,” in a message at the end of the general audience held in Saint Peter’s Square.

    Francis said Wednesday marks the World Day of Prayer for the Catholic Church in China and sent a message of “closeness to our brothers and sisters in China, sharing their joys and hopes.”

    And he also sent a special message “to all who suffer, pastors and faithful, so that in the communion and solidarity of the universal Church they may experience consolation and encouragement.”

    In addition, he invited everyone to raise their prayers “so that the good news of the risen and crucified Christ may be proclaimed in its fullness, beauty and freedom, bearing fruit for the good of the Catholic Church and of all Chinese society.”

    It comes after Beijing’s unilateral decision to elect a new bishop in Shanghai, China’s largest diocese, which would violate the bilateral pact whereby bishops are jointly appointed, an agreement reached in 2018 and extended in 2020 and 2022.

    The director of the Holy See Press Office, Matteo Bruni, said the Vatican learned of this appointment through the media.

    For decades, the appointment of bishops has been a bone of contention between both sides, as formal diplomatic ties broke down after the communist regime seized power some seven decades ago.

    The agreement was an attempt to ease the division in China between state-recognized Catholics and so-called underground churches loyal to the pope. EFE


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  10. DeGaulle

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    Please God, this is another move towards the conversion of Pope Francis. Again, I'm not betting my house.
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  11. padraig

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    He has maybe realised his Vatican strategy of making up to the Commies has totally bombed and this is his way of admitting it.
  12. padraig

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    It is so very clear that he has been thinking and thinking ng about the Vatican message.

    A good sign.
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  13. padraig

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  14. Mario

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    Come Holy Spirit: inundate Pope Francis with healing grace and a repudiation of the web of modernist subversion!:notworthy::notworthy:
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  15. padraig

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    This talk of the Holy Father about China , Fatima and then him getting sick. I get the impression he is about to die and knows it.

    But in either case prayers for the poor man; I certainly don't wish him anything but good, spiritually or physically. But I have a kind of feeling of him knowing he is going and stock taking.
    Like a farmer at the close of day looking at his lands and stock that were entrusted to him by the Good Shepherd.
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  16. HeavenlyHosts

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    I tend to agree. What you say seems to be adding up. Twilight of his years.
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  17. padraig

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    The Twilight Zone.
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  18. Luan Ribeiro

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    If the pope passes away in the coming months, it will seem like a repeat of the 1963 scenario in which the pope died in the midst of a global ecclesiastical event in the church; in the time of Pope John, the council, and now the synod.
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    He looks ill in this photo.:(
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