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    It's strange but I am getting a whole raft of videos of Protestant commentators talking about the state of things in their various denominations at the moment. Also videos about Protestant founders like John Wesley and Protestant martyrs like Richard Wurmbrand. As a Catholic I don't usually watch any Protestant videos at all really, so when I did look it was a real eye opener.

    Apparently in the Seven Main Denominations they have all heavily embraced the Sodomite message totally.It did not matter that Scripture totally condemns such perversion. I have no idea what mental gymnastics they used to subvert Scripture but that have all managed it. Right across the board though the Africans ran away and left them to it.

    In fact the United Methodists are in the process of passing an internal law forcing universal acceptance of sodomy on their brethren like it or not.

    Is there a message from this to we Catholics? Well yes I believe there is, very much so. It warns us that this tide to sodomy appears almost unstoppable. In a human sense I am afraid it is. We must rely on God to rescue us from this tide of unspeakable filth.

    Another big take is that the various Protestant Sects are all starting to believe the same Universalist/Masonic kind of things such as there is not hell and we must work to build a heaven on Earth.

    Also the more Progressive/Liberal they become the less people want anything to do with them. But that doesn't seem to stop them doing it.

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    May God have mercy on us. What on Earth is he up to now?

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    More of the same it appears, which for me is not surprising. I recently watched a video between Mark McLean and Bob from "Elijah's Cloak". In fact I watched it several times because there is so much in it. Bob does a great job of examining/summarizing the 3rd secret and other apparitions. He is very knowledgeable and his exegesis is excellent. He believes what we are seeing in and outside the church are chastisements. The hardest part with chastisements for me is watching everything burn to the ground.

    But on a positive note, we are seeing some of the moves that God is making and where genuine faith is being established. I wonder if by watering down the authoritative powers of the Pope in the Catholic church, it will allow for certain undercurrents to happen, whereby unification of genuine believers can happen. Essentially God uses their plans for destruction for His own glory. Many current prophecies suggest what is happening now is that wheat is being separated from the chaff. If the prophesied 8th eccumenical council of St. Seraphim of Sarov is true, then it could fall in line with the church coming back after everything seems lost.

    Which kind of follows what we often see happen today. A whole bunch of people get deplatformed, whereby they then set up their own organization which ends up more popular than before.
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    Saw this last evening. Anxiety levels maxed out. Since someone on the forum had already posted the details on the press conference for Thursday, I went and looked again. From the bolletino:
    On Thursday 13 June 2024, at 11.30, a press conference will be held in the Holy See Press Office, Sala San Pio X, Via dell’Ospedale 1, to present the document of the Dicastery for Promoting Christian Unity, “The bishop of Rome. Primacy and synodality in the ecumenical dialogues and in the responses to the Encyclical Ut unum sint.
    “The Bishop of Rome” is a study document, published with the approval of Pope Francis, summarizing for the first time the responses to the Encyclical Ut unum sint and the ecumenical dialogues on the question of primacy and synodality. The document concludes with a proposal from the Dicastery, identifying the most significant suggestions made for a renewed exercise of the ministry of unity of the Bishop of Rome, “recognized by one and all”.

    After that, still upset, I forced myself to read that encyclical written by St. John Paul II. A cursory skim did not help anxiety levels at all, so waited and tried again. JPII makes it very clear of the necessity for prayer in all this:

    "Consequently, the commitment to ecumenism must be based upon the conversion of hearts and upon prayer, which will also lead to the necessary purification of past memories. (something exorcists mention a lot) With the grace of the Holy Spirit, the Lord's disciples, inspired by love, by the power of the truth and by a sincere desire for mutual forgiveness and reconciliation, are called to re-examine together their painful past and the hurt which that past regrettably continues to provoke even today."

    The word prayer is used 81 times in the Encyclical Ut unum sint. Jesus is mentioned 26 times......St. John Paul II was a man of prayer, as is well known.

    This new document is not coming from "men of prayer". The "cafeteria" will pick and choose and say it's all a continuation from blah blah. Baloney!!

    Steel yourself. Stand strong. We are not alone in this.

  6. LMF

    LMF Archangels

    Just as a side note, imho, the name "synodal church" is really just code for one big cafeteria, with very stale or even rotten food. The "Bread of Angels" is where our nourishment lies. And our help is in the Name of the Lord.
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  8. AED

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    Good analogy.
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    What has been the catalyst for the thousands of splinter groups in Christendom? It has primarily been disagreement over doctrine and the matter of hierarchical structure. But I now see that the promoting of the synodal way will be used as a means of promoting a false union. Perhaps this was planned from the beginning. I grieve!:cry:

    How sad. The early Church conquered the prevailing Roman culture not by being added to the Pantheon of multiple gods and religions, but by remaining true and willing to shed blood for the sake of the One Triune God and His Church.

    Remember the days of clarity. There is but One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

    Let the masonic trickery do what they may. I smell martyrdom approaching more quickly than I thought.

    Come Lord Jesus. Give us the willingness and courage to remain true to You and not to a caricature of You and Your Church.
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  10. Pax Prima

    Pax Prima Archangels

    I think you are right regarding sodomy with one exception, I believe that it is unstoppable, and it has to be this way. The Catholic church will also soon lose the Eucharist. Our Lady will be seen as simply a woman, not the New Eve, not the Queen of Heaven and Earth. As you say, it will be a masonic church but with a Catholic name. Prosperity, sodomy, abortion, and everything other than Jesus will be celebrated. The traditional Christian worldview will be forced out. As I mentioned above, perhaps a new Church will come out from this though.

    In the prophecy of St. Seraphim of Sarov, he mentions how at the 8th ecumenical council it will be supported by Jesus and Our Lady. All heresies will leave and all differences between churches will be reconciled in Truth. So it seems like when the Traditional Catholic worldview has been deplatformed, a new Universal church comes which deplatforms the masonic church.
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  11. LMF

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    Agree. Reading thru the quoted Encyclical, the impression was that St. John Paul II was describing the path of the Church up to the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. He had already stated things could be mitigated, but there was no stopping what was to come. For myself, I see hope and a path thru in having read it. I plan to read it again soon, once my emotions are more under control. There's much hope there.
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  12. Pax Prima

    Pax Prima Archangels

    Isaiah 3

    8 For Jerusalem has stumbled and Judah has fallen,
    Because their tongue and their deeds are against Yahweh,
    To rebel against His glorious presence.
    9 The expression of their faces answers against them,
    And they declare their sin like Sodom;
    They do not EVEN conceal it.
    Woe to their soul!
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  13. Ananchal

    Ananchal Vigilans

    Hmm of the Pope is not alone in making decisions - does that mean individual Bishops and dioceses can decide to bring back the Latin Mass?
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  14. padraig

    padraig Powers

    Personally I don't have a problem with Pope St John Paul 2. Never had, never will. But I fear the poor man's words will be misused.

    Well on seconds thoughts there was one thing he did caused me concern. That meeting of religious leaders in Assisi.

    Also I think he kissed the Q'uran on one occasion...

    but I didn't loose any sleep about it. I wrote them off as poor judgement.


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  15. padraig

    padraig Powers

    I had a dream myself the other night. I dreamt I was sliding along these tiles in a huge river of dirty water down this big drain hole. As good a way of describing we poor Catholics are at at the moment as you could get. Down the drain hole.

    Its true this is all pure Masonic.
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  16. DeGaulle

    DeGaulle Powers

    The only thing, St Pope John Paul II was a great intellectual and a gifted user of words which will not be easy to credibly manipulate.
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  17. LMF

    LMF Archangels

    There was a crazy movie put out a few years ago, called (I think) "Don't look up". It was absolutely amazing to me at the time how people liked the movie but when discussing why, would get into huge disagreements over what the message of the movie was. One side saw "black" and one side saw "white", but this never came out until someone explained why they "liked" the movie. Everything seems to be like this now. Words are spoken, but people hear what they want/need to hear.

    Well, in the end there is only Truth and lies. One can only tell the difference in praying about it. St. John Paul II was not perfect while in this world. (Assisi) But he definitely prayed over everything. Maybe people heard what they wanted to hear, or thought they heard.......He was maybe, in hindsight, already living that Triumph we are all waiting for now......
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  18. Pax Prima

    Pax Prima Archangels

    Sirach 21:10 The way of sinners is paved with smooth stones, but at its end is the pit of Hades

    When I think of tiles, I think of objects that are smooth. When I think of water I think of the Holy Spirit. When I think of a big drain hole, I think of an abyss... like hades. But the abyss is where the demons live, and hades is going to get thrown into it according to revelation. Could it be the Lord showed you, that evil has paved a smooth path of sin towards the abyss, whereby the Holy Spirit will wash away everything that is evil?

    It's like evil currently thinks its winning, and what we are watching is like a horror movie. But in reality evil is merely creating it's own path to perdition, by which it gets swept away by the Holy Spirit.
  19. LMF

    LMF Archangels

    This evening at Mass, I was literally thinking of the Holy Spirit as water......The smoke entered in thru cracks decades ago and covered everything. The drain hole is going to suck into the abyss those unbelievers who, when the Living Water starts to seep back into that same crack, don't "float" or swim, up with the rising tide. Those above, already safely on the Barque, will man the ropes (rosaries) that those making their way to the Barque will be reaching for....
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  20. Pax Prima

    Pax Prima Archangels

    Impressive... so the church was a trap set by God. Very impressive, satan walked right into it. God often works like this, He sets traps. Just like when Jesus came down on earth, had Satan known what was going to happen, he wouldn't have killed Jesus. Only this time it seems the mystical body of Christ was the trap. God was waiting patiently, expecting satan to ask for exactly what he had.

    Check this out
    Isaiah 3:8-11
    8 Jerusalem staggers,
    Judah is falling;
    their words and deeds are against the Lord,
    defying his glorious presence.
    9 The look on their faces testifies against them;
    they parade their sin like Sodom;
    they do not hide it.
    Woe to them!
    They have brought disaster upon themselves.

    10 Tell the righteous it will be well with them,
    for they will enjoy the fruit of their deeds.
    11 Woe to the wicked!
    Disaster is upon them!

    They will be paid back
    for what their hands have done.

    Satan has definitely entered God's trap. Somehow satan has exposed himself. Somehow satan has hurt himself by entering into the church.
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