Pope Francis supports gay civil unions

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    I agree that Holy Thursday is an obviously major feast, but Glenn Hudson, successor of Joey Lomangino's ministry, disagrees with you. He considers feasts such as Christmas, Baptism of the Lord, and Christ the King as feasts of the Lord, but not Holy Thursday.

    Safe in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!
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    if this is possible, it is interesting that the Holy Thursday in the Orthodox Church in 2023 is the 13th of April the day of the martyr of the Eucharist Saint Hermegenildo and shortly after the synod of 2022 in Rome.
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  3. Glenn says many times that the Miracle will not be on a Holy Thursday.
    Hope this helps.
  4. I think you will find that this Saint has been discounted in the search - we are looking for a young martyr. Sorry to disappoint.
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    the date I mentioned will be Holy Thursday only on the orthodox calendar, which could be a sign for them to return to our Church
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    he was martyred at the age of 21, and who ruled out that he was the martyr
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    The Pope’s reckless words on civil unions will damage the Church


    In a new documentary, Pope Francis says of gay couples: “What we have to create is a civil union law. That way they are legally covered.” As with so many papal statements, it will lead to endless speculation about Francis’s intentions. There will be debate, too, about how this fits with previous statements from the Vatican, such as a 2003 declaration from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith that “all Catholics are obliged to oppose the legal recognition of homosexual unions.” Is Francis attacking Church teachings? Or is there some ingenious reading which would save the Pope’s remarks? For instance, he might only have been referring to certain legal advantages – the right to inherit property or visit a loved one in hospital – which could be offered to all adults, including family members and lifelong friends.

    Yet these clarifications should have been made by the Pope himself, in real detail, if he wanted to raise the issue. The fact that he didn’t explain his point is in itself a blow to the coherence of Catholic witness.

    For now, the simple fact is that his comments will make life harder for the faithful. For the Catholic school which doesn’t want to teach the new sexual orthodoxy; for the Catholic bakery owner asked to make a rainbow-flag cake; for the Catholic office worker called in for diversity training; for the young gay Catholic whose social circle can’t understand why he doesn’t just get over his religious hangups and start dating; for Catholic parents who are trying to bring their children up to believe the Church’s hard teachings. All of them will have to face the baffled or gleeful question, “But didn’t the Pope say…?”

    Indeed, this is already happening. In the Philippines, where same-sex unions are being debated, a spokesman for the President has just declared: “With no less than the Pope supporting it, I think even the most conservative of all Catholics in Congress should no longer have a basis for objecting.”

    Some of the Pope’s defenders claim that, by speaking out, he will help gay people who are disowned by their families and communities, or targeted by cruel laws. But Francis could have taken up their cause without calling for civil unions. There are traditional societies where gay people are scapegoated; the Pope could have urged those societies to respect human dignity, while reassuring them that this doesn’t mean they have to give special legal recognition to same-sex relationships. Instead, his message will be lumped in with the “ideological colonialism” by which the West tries to redefine marriage and family around the world.

    The Pope has enormous influence. Catholics have a right to be alarmed when he uses it so recklessly.

    This article appears in the November issue of the Catholic Herald
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    The Four Restrainers.

  10. You are of course entitled to your opinion. Peace.
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    Maybe Glenn has changed his mind? See post 3026 in the Garabandal Info and Answers thread; Glenn is responding to a post that states the Miracle cannot occur in 2022.

    Not really, Thursday April 14 qualifies, its neither a feast day of our Lord or a Marian feast day.

    Safe in the Refuge of the Immaculate Heart!
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  12. I think we are misunderstanding each other. I think 2024 is the earliest date for the Warning and Miracle. I do not know how to find 3026 on the search button. Please quote it in full.
  13. I think we are misunderstanding each other. I think 2024 is the earliest date for the Warning and Miracle. I do not know how to find 3026 on the search button. Please quote it in full.
  14. Thursday April 14 2022 is Holy Thursday so the Miracle cannot occur then. That is a feast of Our Lord and we have been told that the miracle will not occur on a feast of Our Lord.
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    Joseph, the post numbers are listed in the lower right hand corner next to the like button.:)
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    If you’re using a smart phone, that number may only show up in landscape view on some phones. So if you never rotate your smart phone, you may have never seen it.
  17. Thank you Brian - I had just worked that out when I saw your post.
  18. I am getting a new iphone this week so it will be interesting to see how that works. I do nearly all my posts on the phone.
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  20. see Glenn's reply in the garabandal info and answers thread

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