Pope Francis supports gay civil unions

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    One assumes that figure is for surgical abortions?

    Add in those lives lost due to abortifacient nature of birth control pills!!


    Innocent souls created and destroyed.
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    None of us can be absolute for sure. I am merely speaking with what my own study and prayer have provided me. We do agree that we won't have long to find out now. Lord have mercy on us all.
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    Many of those using the birth control pills might be excused by ignorance, but not those who developed them and make them. Likewise, the pharmacists who profit from retailing them and the doctors who prescribe them have all been sufficiently educated to know and understand their physiological activity. Still, what a Horror, all of this.

    I believe the Church has never definitively made a final conclusion on the fate of unbaptised children. There is a dominant theological view that such children do not ever experience the Beatific Vision, but instead enter into an eternity of perfect earthly bliss. However, this theological view has never, I believe, been irreversibly confirmed. I read that one pope did mention this theology in a magisterial statement, but it was pointed out by sound theologians that it was only a secondary matter in a statement that had another, different, primary purpose and therefore was probably not covered by magisterial authority. If it is true that the Church has left the matter open, I have the personal opinion that the leaning towards the teaching of non-access for the unborn to the Beatific Vision has been Divinely intended as a protection for them from abortionists who would revel in demonically claiming that they were sending children to Heaven. Personally, I hope for the accusing eyes of these children to be at the Father's feet on Judgement Day.
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    Accept for the fact that legalized abortion has been going on for nearly 50 years in the US alone. Communism errors was allot of things. It was surely militant. It was Godless. It was pure apostasy from the true faith teachings of our Lord Jesus. It was a form of slavery (Government telling what you could and couldn't do, much like they are with Covid today. But most telling to me is it had to creep into the Church Jesus founded and it has. The Church baptized have overwhelmingly left the truths of the faith and followed what Pope Benedict called the greatest error of out time..... Relativism. Communism is growing and becoming more authoritarian all around the globe now. One of the major signs our Lady of Garabandal said would take place before the Warning.
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    Thursday April 14th, 2022 seems more likely to me. We are seeing the first fruits of "things being at their worst" and we are already seeing "when communism returns" in a big way as revealed via Garabandal seers. I see it getting real bad yet this year and throughout 2021. I don't think we have three more years till 2024. I also use St. John Bosco's dream on the era of peace he foretold, which "would take the place in the month of flowers when two full moons shall shine". The next time this happens in May in in 2026. If one counts backwards through the 3.5 years of the Antichrist from this month/year, one comes to mid-2022 where the Antichrist begins his reign. Again, speculation, but I believe with strong indication as I have laid out here.
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    Very interesting topic. We have had 5 children by miscarriage (usually around 12 week mark) and I hope to see them in heaven. Some theologians talk of a 'baptism by desire' or 'baptism by blood' - the loss of these little ones caused me and my wife untold suffering - we truly mourned their passing that still lingers to this day. We prayed upon their passing and asked God to take them to heaven. But His will be done - if there is an eternal bliss for their souls that would still be a comfort.
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    Fr Gerald Murray, who appears on EWTN, has an insightful piece on the Catholic Thing. He takes the words out of my mouth.


    "As he has at several critical points in the past, however, Pope Francis has overstepped the limits of his office. The pope is a witness to the Faith, not an all-powerful authority who can change Catholic doctrine according to his own mistaken way of thinking. "
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    I'm terribly sorry. My heart goes out to you.
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    If a layman, say imaginary Uncle John who in not the pope, said "There should be civil unions for homosexuals. They have a right to have a family," would it be at the level of heresy, or is it just an error, but not yet heresy? That's what I need to know, and that's the spiritual crises I am grappling with. Would it be considered heresy if anyone else said it, say Father Martin?
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    Conchita was so young and pure. God bless her.
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    This type of miscarriage happened to me once. The nurse was Catholic and it had also happened to her. She told me to sprinkle water and speak the words of Baptism. Look up the words to be careful you say them correctly and sprinkle water for each little soul. God is outside of time. There is also a practice of simply sprinkling the holy water and asking God to baptize the unborn who are aborted, daily or whenever you are led
    to do so.
    It’s up to you if you feel comfortable with this. God console you and your wife in your loss.
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  12. Maundy Thursday for the year 2022 is celebrated/ observed on Thursday, April 14th.

    Maundy Thursday is the fifth day of Holy week, a Christian observance also known as Holy Thursday or Covenant Thursday that falls every year on the day before Good Friday. The day commemorates for Christians the last supper where Jesus Christ consecrated bread and wine initiating Holy Communion or the sacrament "Eucharist".
    I understand your calculations Fatima but we have been told by the seers that The Great Miracle will not happen on a feast day of Our Lord. Holy Thursday is such a feast day and as such it will not happen then. Of course we are all free to reject the words of the seers. One of the prophesies is that many will. But thank you for your interest.
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    Did the Garabandal messages ever speak to the whether it would occur around the Eastern Rite or the Latin Rite period/Easter season? I am not sure it did. Perhaps the two rites will unit with a united Easter day within the next year or two. Again, just speculating, but only the Garabandal seers know for sure.
  14. Best ask Glenn. He will be able to answer.
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    How about the following?

    "I don't know how much longer I can take this....
    I dropped the title 'Vicar of Christ', but these Catholics don't get it!

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    We do get it, but we know that we can't fix it. That's God's department. Expect more pandemics, civil unrest, social upheavals and, ultimately, the very stones crying out by way of natural disasters.
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    A well-written response from Fr. Murray.

    Safe in the Refuge of the Immaculate Heart!
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