Pope Francis' own "world order"

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  1. Huh? We wouldn't have such a one as Amy Coney Barrett without him. The author is a Trump supporter?
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    Amy Coney Barrett is his best shot at attracting the pro-life vote. We wouldn't have her without parents who raised her in the faith and mentors like Justice Scalia.

    What websites other than those supporting Trump have at the top of their page MAGA and WWG1WGA? I repeat, we don't need that kind of garbage on a Catholic forum.
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    Thank you! My thoughts too.
  4. AED

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    Fr Pacwa on EWTN confirms this. He talks of his experiences in Chicago when he was on board with Alinsky. He learned quickly how antiGod it is.
    However many Jesuits bought it. The 60's and 70's were littered with these activists.
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  5. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    I agree with you Tanker. The same excessive influx of people from alien cultures to the UK and Ireland is drowning the indigenous cultures of our countries.

    Sadly if the Church and the education system had continued to teach the children history and the Faith, at least the children would be less vulnerable in the face of all these strange cultures, and be able to keep their own identity. As it is we are losing our identity. I do truly believe this.

    The masks are almost like the last straw before we are told the past is obsolete. Question is what is the new norm going to be. No Church to direct us, or inform us. The hierarchy seems to be paralysed, so we are all at the mercy of whatever the new norm might be. Keep Watch and Pray.
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  6. And we wouldn't have her in place at SCOTUS if it weren't for the judgement of the current President who himself is a gift from God for the times we are in.

    There are a variety of "christians" who also think things like the Catholic Church is the whore of Babylon who select the scandals of the centuries to prove their point. Doesn't make the truth of the Divine Will re: Christ's true Church any less. Not does it make those confused wholly damnable. As Mother Angelica said.....we each cart our own carcass to market! Many things are offered....some of which are merely scapegoating while their source does offer some excuse for any half truths and it is that part of history that is unknown by the uninterested. Select from the portions given and discard what is known to be otherwise...... How one builds a broader than "black or white" outlook for discernment. There are always tidbits of history tossed in and it is such that can be siphoned out for one's further education. How many here have offered the caveat of "while I don't accept everything" his chosen source believes or includes.....there is something to think about.

    The highest intelligence group working with Trump recently warned, again, against the misinformation offered within the "anon" groups.....and that only what is accurately offered from the source (including Trump) is what is to be taken as pure. People tend to do the work of the fake news media when blanket-attaching anyone offering comments with the Trump reality. I would offer that that error has even occurred within the intended "purity" of this forum!

    The source itself:
    There is 'Q'.
    There are 'Anons'.
    There is no 'Qanon'.
    Media labeling as 'Qanon' is a method [deliberate] to combine
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    That a variety of "Christians" are wrong doesn't justify spreading their vile propaganda especially on a Catholic website.

    The Jesuits were hated by anti-Catholic bigots because they were effective at countering the reformers.

    Of course enemies of the Church tried to copy some of the methods used by the Jesuits, just like any general would copy the more effective strategies of the opposing forces. The difference is that the Jesuits of old had God on their side.

    Hitler didn't learn his murderous ways from the Jesuits. Nor did he get his notions of German exceptionalism from the Jesuits. That nonsense was already doing the rounds in Europe long before Hitler came on the scene as is evident to anyone reading the Moses Hess book From Rome to Jerusalem. There was nothing Catholic about it. Quite the contrary. Hess put the Jews first in the pecking order followed by the Germans. We can see now where that kind of thinking leads, and American Evangelicals would do well to guard against being taken in by it.

    It's a sad day when a Catholic is taken in by the bile propagated by followers of religions founded by a mad German monk or a lecherous English monarch.

    Amy Coney Barrett is Trump's pick for the Supreme Court because she's qualified and because the Evangelicals don't have enough votes to re-elect him. The kind of hateful bilge you posted here is what deters Catholics from voting for him.
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