Pope Francis' own "world order"

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  1. You think he might mean the lefty thugs who are destroying families, literally burning down the "environment" of small businesses while terrorizing good people, or those who won't touch a tree, even if it's dead and rotting, in order to save the forest.....or, the perverted sin filled ideas for society pushed by those who actually surround him? Seems only the material world is of concern. New "urgency" now he says, hmmm.....perhaps because "populists" want law and order and morality while the left knows their time is short and hope that chaos will give them the power they always desired? Which side is he on???! Prayers that God's Mercy will move him to the side of the Divine Will before going too far!

    Pope Francis gets in on the ‘Orange’ comms. Refers to the need to act with urgency as the ‘countdown’ has begun.

    Pope Francis TED Talk on Climate Change: We Are ‘Squeezing the Earth like an Orange’

    “In fact, the earth must be worked and cared for, cultivated and protected,” the pope said Saturday. “We cannot continue squeezing it like an orange.”

    “We can say that this — caring for the earth — is a human right,” he said.

    “As the word ‘countdown’ suggests, we need to act with urgency,” Francis concluded.

    Each of us can play a precious role if we all begin the journey today — not tomorrow, today. Because the future is built today and it is built not by ourselves individually but in community and in harmony.”

    As his talk title indicated, the pope offered three proposals to deal with the present historical juncture on the basis of an “integral ecology”: 1) environmental education at every level, 2) greater emphasis on food and water, and 3) immediate transition from fossil fuels to clean energy.

    Oddly, in his nearly 13-minute address, the pope never uttered the word “God,” let alone the name of “Jesus.”

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    He's on the WRONG side -- the side of the UN and the New World Order as evidenced in his new Tutti Frutti encyclical.

    This 43,000 word encyclical mention the Holy Trinity 4 times in total:

    God the Father - 0 mentions
    God the Son - 2 mentions
    God the Holy Spirit - 2 mention

    What is mentioned alot? Those Masonic words: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity. This phrase is even the title of a subsection.

    Liberty - 4
    Equality -5
    Fraternity - 47

    The last 3 outnumber references to God by 14 to 1. Oh and there is no longer a reason for just war. That's been abolished--I hope St. Augustine is listening. We just need to give the United Nations more power to take care of us.

    The Freemasons are smiling on their thrones of international power.
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  3. Booklady

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    Heaven help us!
  4. AED

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    :eek: The cry of the French Revolution!
  5. non sum dignus

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    And he gave him no answer, not even to one word: insomuch that the governor marvelled greatly.
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  6. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Here is a short video, where you can rest assured Heaven has already proclaimed the Truth. And it is not China, neither is it the NWO

    Quote from Sunnywell. "What is mentioned alot? Those Masonic words: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity. This phrase is even the title of a subsection."
    This was the rallying cry from the French Revolution. You even hear it from the French today.

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    I would be more inclined to simply pray for Our Holy Father Pope Francis and leave things to it.

    We cannot do anything really about the poor man.

    He is what he is. Pray for him.

    But if one day I have any power to do anything, I promise you his mortal remains will not be held in Rome.

    They will be returned to Argentina and buried in unconsecrated ground.
    I promise you that.
  8. Dolours

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    Jesus: "I will spit the lukewarm out of my mouth".

    Lukewarm Bishops: "Here on the fence, that means civilised discourse on fluctuating temperatures".

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  9. Why is it that we, U.S. under Trump, seem to be the only ones doing the work that the hierarchy should be doing?




    The United States calls on Azerbaijan and Armenia to implement their commitments to ceasefire as agreed and cease targeting civilian areas, such as Ganja and Stepanakert. We deplore the loss of human life and remain committed to a peaceful settlement.


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  10. DesertStar7

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    Playing "The Adversary" here: So then why the push for mass migration? Where new arrivals can and will reproduce? Europeans have been told to only have two children for decades, but suddenly (*polite cough*) are supposed to welcome in hundreds of thousands of ADULTS because suddenly (*polite cough*) Europe needs more people. Wouldn't allowing the poorest of the poor to die in their native countries be BEING MERCIFUL to Earth? :rolleyes:

    He's become a secular humanist then?
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    When the pope puts out an "encyclical" and mentions members of the triune God less than a handful of times but mentions liberty, fraternity and equality dozens of times, we have a secular humanist, a Mason.

    I have noticed over the years, that these "immigrants" pouring or trying to pour into other countries are not assimilating into their respective cultures. I can only think immigration is being used to water down the national pride of countries and forward the NWO. Just speculative on my part but people immigrating 50 years ago or more to the US seemed to want to be American and took steps to become American. Now they seem to not do that. Odd.
  12. Mario

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    I would like to give Bishop Barron due credit; at least for what he says on this clip beginning at 21:00 minutes. He speaks of principles that are absolute in and of themselves; then he speaks of principles that can be judged prudentially. Now this is important, for Bishop Barron does say that abortion falls under an absolute principle: abortion is never morally allowable. Another principle he mentions is care for the poor; which he states can be prudentially judged. In other words, political parties can differ on how to address poverty and on what programs would be best.

    So, though he did not address the question of the morality of voting for which candidate directly, the truth of the matter is he did state the position of the Church on abortion is absolute.

    In addition, the US bishops did state that in this election of 2020, abortion is the preeminent social justice issue.


    It seems straight forward to me, though Bishop Barron weaves a crooked course and is not as blunt as Fr. Altman.:rolleyes:

    Safe in the Barque of Peter!
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  13. Dolours

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    I wonder would he weave such a crooked course if children crossing the border were having their spinal cords cut and their brains sucked out. Or would that be something he would feel the need to talk about all the time? Is there a hint of situation ethics in the crooked course?
  14. Wes

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    A good article that sheds some light on the USCCB. Of course it's not a good thing the USCCB is engaging in. There support of Democratic candidates is staggering.
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  15. Dolours

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    Do you ever get the feeling that what we're seeing is a 21st century version of this passage from St. John's Apocalypse: https://bible.usccb.org/bible/revelation/2
    For example, replace the word "Jews" with "Catholic" in the message to the Church in Smyrna and you could be talking about all those "I'm Catholic but..." politicians and the clergy, including Bishops, running defence for them:

    To the angel of the church in Smyrna, write this:

    The first and the last, who once died but came to life, says this:

    I know your tribulation and poverty, but you are rich. I know the slander of those who claim to be Jews and are not, but rather are members of the assembly of Satan.

    Do not be afraid of anything that you are going to suffer. Indeed, the devil will throw some of you into prison, that you may be tested, and you will face an ordeal for ten days. Remain faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life.

    Whoever has ears ought to hear what the Spirit says to the churches. The victor shall not be harmed by the second death.
    I wonder whether Michael Matt is making any progress with his plans for a Catholic alternative to youtube. We surely need one.
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  16. AED

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  17. AED

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    Excellent scripture. I believe we are in those days. Didnt Sister Lucia tell Fr Fuentes to read chapters in Revelation because that is where we are.
  18. If one can believe the organization of this report:

    Adolf Hitler And The Jesuit Order - Part I

    March 21, 2018 by Rattler Rider



    According to Raushning, Hitler then stopped his speech, abruptly saying: “I can’t say anymore.”

    However, after the war, Walter Schellenberg, former of chief of German counter-espionage, finished Hitler’s speech, confirming Hitler’s strong behind the scenes ties to the Vatican and the Jesuit Order.

    “The S.S. organization has been constituted by Himmler according to the principles of the Jesuit Order. Their regulations and the spiritual exercises prescribed by Ignatius of Loyola were the model Himmler tried to copy exactly.

    “Himmler’s title as supreme chief of the S.S. was to be the equivalent to the Jesuit General and the whole structure and direction was a close imitation of the Catholic Church’s hierarchical order.

    And French writer Frederic Hoffet in 1948 wrote:

    “Hitler, Goebbels, Himmler and most of the members of the party’s old guard were Catholics. It was not by accident that because of its chief’s religion, the Nationalist-Socialist government was the most Catholic Germany ever had This kinship between socialism and Catholicism is most striking if we study closely the propaganda methods and the interior organization of the party

    QUOTE BY HITLER ABOUT HIMMLER “I can see Himmler as our Ignatius of Loyola” ~Adolf Hitler: “Libres propos” (Flammarion, Paris 1952, p.164).

    “On that subject, nothing is more instructive than Joseph Goebbel’s works. He had been brought up in a Jesuit college and was a seminarist before devoting himself to literature and politics Every page, every line of his writings recall the teaching of his masters; so he stresses obedience the contempt for truth.”

    “Some lies are as useful as bread,” Goebbel’s once proclaimed, taking his words from extracts of Ignatius of Loyola’s writings.

    As quoted by Edmund Paris in his final 1975 work, the Secret History of the Jesuits, another well-informed insider of the pact between Berlin and the Holy See , Franz von Papen, was even more explicit when he said:

    “The Third Reich is the first world power which not only acknowledges but also puts into practice the high principles of the papacy.”



    Adolf Hitler And The Jesuit Order - Part II

    March 21, 2018 by Rattler Rider

  19. Dolours

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    If that's an example of what Trump's supporters are all about, I hope he loses the election.

    While there are problems with the Jesuit order, we can do without anti-Catholic propaganda especially on a website dedicated to the mother of God. Hitler was a Satanist. He persecuted Catholics. The Catholic Church warned against him when the world loved him. He got fewer votes in Catholic regions in Germany than in other regions, and often quoted Martin Luther in his campaign of hate against the Jews.
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