Pope: fast and pray on Oct 27

Discussion in 'Pope Francis' started by andree, Oct 19, 2023.

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    Happy birthday! Have a blessed day in the presence of your family.
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    Just saw this
    Birthday blessings
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    Yes. Happy birthday!!!
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    Is God answering tonight? It appears if reports are to be trusted that Israel may be starting the ground invasion. At a minimum, they have increased the bombing. And the retaliations have also started. My sense is that it is quickly spiraling into further violence. A miscalculation could lead to an expansion and bring in who knows Iran?

    I guess my thought is not so much that God did not listen to the prayers and fasting today. But , I wonder if in his permissive will, he is allowing events to unfold. God is always good. Perhaps this is happening and yet more to come to bring us all back to our knees? Perhaps it’s the only way to get our attention? I don’t know. I only know that the pain and suffering talking place is a result of evil. The only response that we can make , the only thing we have control over is to continue to pray. I found myself being brought almost to despair … but this is exactly what satan wants… need to have trust and hope in the Lord. Peace. Prayers.
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    To confirm your ending words, this was heaven's Word to me earlier today,

    I have seen some stars from heaven fall; but all these shall not frighten me so long as I hope in Thee.

    ~ Bl. Claude de la Colombiere​
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    Who can know the mind of God? His ways are not our ways, that’s for sure.
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    I’m clinging to this.
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    I’m case you’ve not seen, here is prayer the Pope prayed …. I thought it was very powerful.

    Mary, look at us! We stand here before you. You are our Mother, and you know our struggles and our hurts. Queen of Peace, you suffer with us and for us, as you see so many of your children suffering from the conflicts and wars that are tearing our world apart.

    This is a dark hour. This is a dark hour, Mother. In this dark hour, we look to you, and in the light of your countenance we entrust ourselves and our problems to your maternal Heart, which knows our anxieties and fears. How great was your concern when there was no place for Jesus at the inn! How great was your fear when you fled in haste to Egypt because Herod sought to kill him! How great was your anguish before you found him in the Temple! Yet, Mother, amid those trials, you showed your strength, you acted boldly: you trusted in God and responded to concern with tender care, to fear with love, to anguish with acceptance. Mother, you did not step back, but at decisive moments you always took initiative: with haste you visited Elizabeth; at the wedding feast of Cana you prompted Jesus’ first miracle; in the Upper Room you kept the disciples united. And when, on Calvary, a sword pierced your heart, Mother, by your humility and strength you kept alive the hope of Easter through the night of sorrow.

    Now, Mother, once more take the initiative for us, in these times rent by conflicts and laid waste by the fire of arms. Turn your eyes of mercy towards our human family, which has strayed from the path of peace, preferred Cain to Abel and lost the ability to see each other as brothers and sisters dwelling in a common home. Intercede for our world, in such turmoil and great danger. Teach us to cherish and care for life – each and every human life! – and to repudiate the folly of war, which sows death and eliminates the future.

    Mary, how many times have you come, urging prayer and repentance. Yet, caught up in our own needs and distracted by the things of this world, we have turned a deaf ear to your appeal. In your love for us, you never abandon us, Mother. Lead us by the hand. Lead us by the hand and bring us to conversion; help us once again to put God first. Help us to preserve unity in the Church and to be artisans of communion in our world. Make us realize once more the importance of the role we play; strengthen our sense of responsibility for the cause of peace as men and women called to pray, worship, intercede and make reparation for the whole human race.

    By ourselves, Mother, we cannot succeed; without your Son, we can do nothing. But you bring us back to Jesus, who is our Peace. Therefore, Mother of God and our Mother, we come before you and we seek refuge in your Immaculate Heart. Mother of mercy, we appeal for mercy! Queen of Peace, we appeal for peace! Touch the hearts of those imprisoned by hatred; convert those who fuel and foment conflict. Dry the tears of children – at this hour, so many are weeping! – be present to those who are elderly and alone; strengthen the wounded and the sick; protect those forced to leave their lands and their loved ones; console the crestfallen; awaken new hope.

    To you we entrust and consecrate our lives and every fibre of our being, all that we possess and all that we are, forever. To you we consecrate the Church, so that in her witness to the love of Jesus before the world, she may be a sign of harmony and an instrument of peace. To you we consecrate our world, to you we consecrate especially those countries and regions at war.

    Your faithful people call you the dawn of salvation; Mother, grant that glimmers of light may illumine the dark night of conflict. Dwelling-place of the Holy Spirit, inspire the leaders of nations to seek paths of peace. Queen of all peoples, reconcile your children, seduced by evil, blinded by power and hate. You, who are close to all, shorten our distances. You, who have compassion on everyone, teach us to care for one another. You, who reveal the Lord’s tender love, make us witnesses of his consolation and peace. Mother, Queen of Peace, pour forth into our hearts God’s gift of harmony.
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    Powerful prayer indeed - it is beautiful.

    He may have prayed it. But I doubt very much he wrote this - there is nothing of his style in this prayer.
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    Who knows? Perhaps it will help in his own conversion? Gods makes the path straight with crooked lines.
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    True - it is a beautiful prayer - very traditional
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    Thank you, miker. :notworthy:
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