Pope: fast and pray on Oct 27

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    Pope Francis has called everyone of good faith to a day of prayer and fasting on Oct 27 for peace in the Middle East.


    Pope Francis announces prayer vigil, day of fasting for peace in Israel-Hamas war
    Vatican City, Oct 18, 2023 / 13:08 pm

    Pope Francis at the end of his general audience on Wednesday morning announced another day of prayer and fasting for an end to the Israel-Hamas war.

    “I have decided to call for a day of fasting and prayer on Friday, Oct. 27,” the pope said.

    It will be “a day of penance to which I invite sisters and brothers of the various Christian denominations, those belonging to other religions, and all those who have at heart the cause of peace in the world, to join in as they see fit,” the Holy Father continued.

    The vigil will take place at 6 p.m. in St. Peter’s Square, where the faithful will join the pope to participate in “an hour of prayer in a spirit of penance to implore peace in our time, peace in this world. I ask all the particular Churches to participate by arranging similar activities involving the people of God,” the pope said.

    The Holy Father’s announcement comes after the Catholic Latin patriarch of Jerusalem, Cardinal Pierbattista Pizzaballa, called for a global day of prayer and fasting, which was held on Oct. 17, “to deliver to God the Father our thirst for peace, justice, and reconciliation.”

    The Holy Father’s announcement was preceded by his renewed appeal for peace in the Holy Land.

    “Our thoughts turn to Palestine and Israel,” the pope said. “The number of victims is rising and the situation in Gaza is desperate. Please, let everything possible be done to avoid a humanitarian disaster. The possible widening of the conflict is disturbing, while so many war fronts are already open in the world. May weapons be silenced, and let us heed the cry for peace of the poor, the people, the children.”

    “Brothers and sisters, war does not solve any problem: It sows only death and destruction, foments hate, proliferates revenge. War cancels out the future, it cancels out the future. I urge believers to take just one side in this conflict: that of peace. But not in words — in prayer, with total dedication,” he concluded.

    The Holy Father’s comments come as the death toll continues to rise in the conflict-ridden area. The United Nations issued a press release on Tuesday evening stating that “a staggering” 4,200 people have been killed and “over 1 million people [have been] displaced in just 10 days.”

    Israel was blamed by Hamas after a Tuesday evening blast at the Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza City left an estimated death toll of nearly 500, according to the Palestinian health ministry. The Israeli government has denied these allegations, blaming it instead on Hamas. Several Arab states have joined Hamas in condemning Israel.

    An immediate wave of anger and condemnation spread across the Middle East, with some calls for further protests and even “a day of rage,” Al-Jazeera reported.

    This escalation and mounting humanitarian crisis comes as U.S. President Joe Biden arrived in Israel Wednesday morning to engage in high-level talks with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
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    Ooh, that's my birthday. Gonna have to go light on the cake.

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    Why doesn't he just consecrate Russia alone to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and command all the bishops in the world to join him at the exact same time?

    Surely he can't believe his last effort was successful? Ukraine has lost and is destroyed and now the middle east is going up in smoke.

    Maybe when the nukes start to fly he might consider it?
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    Does the pope know something bad will happen later on this month so he asked to pray and fast. As I read on afterthewarning.com. there is a messaged from Lorena said something will happen by end of this month too. Please read with PRECAUTION.
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    The thought crossed my mind as well.
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    Does anyone have thoughts on the seer lorena?? I read the message and it's chilling
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    I would caution against this. I looked at her so called revelation of God the Father about aliens. Extra terrestrial who are offspring of fallen angels. Another name for nephelim. The Magisterium through St Augustin refutes this. For nearly 2000 years she has taught there are NO angel/ human offspring. Be very very careful. Its a jungle out there.
  8. Agnes McAllister

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    It didn't sit well with me at all. Thanks
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    I don't understand why some sites have links to such people put up. The 'alien' reference is as clear a sign as can be.
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  11. Byron

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    Biden/Obama sent air strikes in Syria. It’s going to rile up Hezbollah against Israel. It’s a trap for both Israel and the U.S. While we are over in the Middle East …China is waiting. All planned by Obama and Biden.
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    Blessed are the Peace Makers, they will be called Sons of God.:)
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    Given the recent messages from Medjugorie, I believe the urgency of prayers and fasting today are very important. And regardless of what you might think of PF, it may be good to synch up @ 6pm Rome time (12 noon ET) for the prayer service he is leading.
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    Prayers for the Holy Land. It does look as if the Israeli's are just about to go into GAZA and it will be a total horrible blood bath. I suppose the Pope knows this.
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    I also just saw that the US bombed Iranian backed camps in Syria in retaliation for bombings of US bases. It’s escalating very quickly now.
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    What a terrible, terrible world we are living in.
  17. AED

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    We are sitting on a tinder box and it feels as if all the adults have left the building.
  18. padraig

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    Yes, like everyone has lost the plot
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    Happy Birthday.
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