'Pope' Benedict speaks!

Discussion in 'Pope Francis' started by garabandal, Jan 13, 2020.

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    Baffling, indeed. But in charity it’s always best to err on the side of our Pope
  2. BrianK

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    That’s just mind boggling.

    Diabolical disorientation.
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  3. BrianK

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    It’s best to err on the side of Truth, which is a someone, not a something in this case. Follow Christ and His 2000 year Church, not a man, if he goes against Christ and His Church.

    PF’s heresies and errors are manifest now. No one in good conscience can defend his numerous and grave errors.
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  4. FatimaPilgrim

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    I know, brother. But by God’s Grace you are in a good place and see clearly, Brian. Pray now that they receive that same Grace
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    Yes they are very good Catholics. As I say it baffles me. I was not in touch with them all but two by email just last week.
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    Nothing convincing; I checked at that time.
    His Holiness was supposed to have taken a fall.

    At the very least, I would have expected a broken wrist from trying to break the fall.

    And..PB looks miserable in that photo with the black eye. He looks like he was crying on the inside :(


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    Josephite, there is something strange here.
    You have apparently dropped a significant paragraph from the article above, which, in the original article, lies in between the 2 paragraphs that I've quoted from your post.

    This is the paragraph:

    "As an aside, take another look at that quote above. Archbishop Vigano is an extremely careful and meticulous man, which is probably why he’s still alive. I can’t help noticing that the word “Emeritus” does not appear in the title “Supreme Pontiff Benedict XVI.” Nor can I help noticing the stark contrast of the title he uses with Benedict, and the fact that he calls Francis “Pope Bergoglio.” I’ve long suspected that Vigano is winding up for a big reveal, but I’ll save that for another blog post …"

    What gives?

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  8. I would caution everyone here about assuming that Pope Benedict secretary is abusive.

    Calumny is a sin.

    None of us know what transpired to bring about the discrepancy between Cardinal Sarah stated and what Gänswein said. We do not know with certainly who was pressured by who etc.

    One speculation (and remember just speculation) has emerged that the Vatican leaned on Gänswein, and Benedict himself retracted his own co-authorship to protect

    I have great respect for archbishop Viganò. But as Fr Z points out, YEARS AGO ..."Viganò says that Gänswein throttled the information given to Benedict. Of course that’s what executive secretaries do."

    Vigano doesn't claim to know what transpired recently.

    Vigano, Sarah, Benedict are all men of integrity.

    We have NO proof of imprisonment, or abuse.

    None on this forum have personal knowledge of what is actually happening.

    I urge all here to avoid calumny
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  9. padraig

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    Although since none of us will probably know for certain this side of Eternity (the Vatican being what it is) I suppose a reasonable amount of informed specualtion is in order.
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  10. BTW

    My father in his later years would lose his balance at home all the time and often crash into a wall. He would bruise his face occasionally

    Look at the picture of Benedict above. Not only is there a black eye but a bruise on his forehead. Doesn't look like a punch did that. But it does look like he hit his face on a large object, a wall or the floor.

    I do not rule out completely the POSSIBILITY what others are speculating about here. But we are not allowed as Christians to impune the good name of others without proof.

    The Church teaches we are obligated to assume that others have good intentions, unless we know for certain it is not true.

    At the same time I pray with all my heart for the protection of our beloved Benedict.
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  11. padraig

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    It's al very,very,very odd. I hate circus's.

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  12. As is pointed out in the video you posted....

    The German Bishops hate Gänswein.

    In addition I believe it was Gänswein who insisted that upon his retirement that Benidict be considered and called "Pope Emeritus" not as others wanted "Cardinal".

    Look, I don't know any better than anyone here. But I do know that Gänswein is hated by the progressives.

    I can only assume out of Christian charity that he is an honorable man.
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  13. Ignacio

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    My dear friends in Christ. Let’s not get lost in the woods. The photo of PEB with the blackened eyes and facial bruising... I’m a nurse of many years and I assure you it is common those photos reveal the process of ageing not abuse. His holiness PBXVI resigned he freely chose what we do not either accept or understand. Let’s not seek a movie version of conspiracy rather his unique understanding of Gods holy will. The church is The bride of Christ.... he is faithful... he died for her/us. His precious blood is our life. Do not surrender to the media/even church chatter. He who is I AM is now and forever will be our lord and saviour. Be not afraid!
    Today in prayer I hear be faithful and Unafraid. For mine is the victory
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  14. Dolours

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    I suppose, Brian, that it is easier for them to believe what this priest would have us think he believes: https://www.ncregister.com/daily-news/pope-francis-pope-emeritus-benedict-and-the-secret-magisterium

    What do you make of Fr. deSouza's commentary? I don't dare put into words my own impression of it. If it weren't for Ed Pentin, the National Catholic Register would be just as bad as all the other "nothing to see here" Catholic media. One piece of information revealed by Fr. deSouza that I wasn't aware of:

    "Gerard O’Connell of America magazine who, with his wife, Argentinian journalist Elisabetta Piqué, have been friends of the Pope since before his election"​

    If memory serves me, it was O'Connell's tweet that started the whole controversy about whether Pope Benedict co-wrote the book, at least in the English speaking media. He was quoting a "source close to Pope Benedict" and telling people he would reveal more in his America column. Perhaps that "source close to Pope Benedict" wasn't Archbishop Ganswein after all. What if it was a source close to Pope Benedict but closer to O'Connell and his Argentinian journalist wife?

    For my own part, I sometimes wonder whether the terms of Benedict's resignation were negotiated. We are expected to believe that Papal conclaves are secret and entirely the work of the Holy Spirit, yet Pope Francis (from the ends of the earth :rolleyes:) seems to have arrived with a pre-planned agenda, including personnel he intended installing in key positions, as though he had received advance notification and instructions from the Holy Spirit. Even Austin Ivereigh (publicity manager for St. Gallen's Cardinal Murphy O'Connor) had a connection with Argentina. His doctoral thesis at Oxford (1993), later published as a book, was on Catholicism and Politics in Argentina. The book is out of print, but can be read in pdf format here: http://www.bookmetrix.com/detail/book/40497d5d-b151-400d-bb74-40c972164958#citations And here's the page where he thanks everyone who helped him during his stay in Buenos Aires: https://link.springer.com/content/pdf/bfm:978-1-349-13618-6/1.pdf

    Despite having over a billion members with thousands of bishops and many thousands of priests, the pool of movers and shakers in the Church is really quite small. The more I read about these people, the smaller the pool seems to be. The so-called conspiracy theorists might benefit from taking a closer look at Podesta's Catholic Spring, its connection with the Jesuits, and connections between the Catholic Spring and the St. Gallen group. I'm reminded of Archbishop Vigano's reference to the Jesuit apparatus.

    I pray that my suspicions are unfounded. They probably think they are doing good but I simply can't accept that Jeffrey Sachs is a channel of the Holy Spirit.
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  15. Blizzard

    Blizzard thy kingdom come

    Mind boggling.

    This report alone about the situation of the church in China should suffice to make us suspect there’s great evil afoot in Rome.

    I urge mog members to spare a few minutes and go to the 7:00 mark in the video below.

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  16. AED

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    Dear Jesus have mercy. Prayers today for B16.
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  17. HeavenlyHosts

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    You are completely correct. That is exactly what the Church teaches and we must be very careful. That is why I have posted a couple of times that we have no idea what happened to PEB’s eye. And we really don’t know firsthand what happened in this incident. It’s all hearsay right now. Not admissible in court. No proof.
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  18. HeavenlyHosts

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    Still, if someone were to relocate PEB to a good place I would feel better.
    My Dad was in assisted living, and he still fell.
    So who really knows.
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  19. josephite

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    I don't know.
    I just copied and paste.
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  20. josephite

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    My beef is not with the black eye or any physical abuse claim.

    but with the seeming control that others exert over the word of His Holiness Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI!

    point in question.......

    Archbishop Vigano writes: “It is time to reveal the control that has been abusively and systematically exercised by Abp. Gänswein towards the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XVI, ever since the beginning of his pontificate.”
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