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    This is taken as a reflection from the Hours of the Passion, seems appropriate for this thread. Jesus never makes it easy for any of us.
    I too have been struggling with the why Lord? Why is my cross so heavy,..I feel as though I am being crushed,...Reflections and Practices.
    In this hour, Jesus places Himself at the mercy of his enemies, who go so far as to throw Him into the Cedron stream. But gracious Jesus looks at them lovingly and endures everything for love of them. Do I cast myself upon God’s mercy? Can I say that I am like a rubber ball in the hands of my Jesus, not intent on what I am suffering, but on what my Jesus wants from me? Have I ever thought about the purpose of a rubber ball? It’s for playing, and very often Jesus likes to play with a soul, holding her in his hands just as he holds a ball, now squeezing it, now hitting it, now throwing it in the air or on to the ground, and the ball does not speak, allowing Jesus to do what He will with it.
    Similarly, we must endure everything that Jesus wants from us and not mind if, like a little ball in Jesus’ hands, we feel pain as we are hit and struck, as long as we keep Jesus amused, since He knows how profitable this is for us, and how He will reward us in this and the next life. Sometimes, Jesus steps on the ball with his feet, showing that He does not care for it, and the soul, pressing close to his divine feet, suffers Jesus’ humiliation and indifference. At other times, He wants to hold the ball to his Heart, and if the soul was glad to have been Jesus’ toy, both in humiliation and in suffering, the loving Jesus will amuse her in his own Heart, and will reveal to her the contentments of his divine Heart. In my weaknesses and failures, Am I ready to pick myself up again and throw myself into the arms of Jesus? Tormented Jesus was thrown into the Cedron Stream and experienced suffocation, nausea, and disgust.
    Do I detest every stain and shadow of sin? Am I ready to shelter Jesus in my heart so that He does not experience the disgust that other souls cause Him through sin, consoling Him for the many times I myself have caused it?
    My tormented Jesus, do not spare me in anything, but grant that I may be the object of your loving, divine games.
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    I am so sorry for this burden you carry!:( Enemies and persecutors are difficult as it is, but what a crucible when our spouse becomes the source of such pain! It is certainly a cross no one would want or choose. But I do know that God is no masochist.:love: He loves you so very much.

    From the age of 12 to 23 I suffered much from ridicule and rejection because of my cp. When I experienced God's personal love for me, that cross became my most precious gift; the love of God transformed my self-absorption into empathy for others! It was certainly a twist I never anticipated! May the merciful love of the Two Hearts overwhelm your misery and make you a conduit of grace for others.:)

    Safe in the Father's Arms!
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    the love of God transformed my self-absorption into empathy for others! It was certainly a twist I never anticipated! May the merciful love of the Two Hearts overwhelm your misery and make you a conduit of grace for others.:)

    Thank you so much Mario for your insight. I am thankful that I have obtained the grace of empathy for others that , I believe , I obtained through this cross. Maybe the Good Lord is asking more from me and I hope I cooperate and become a conduit of grace for others.
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    "What if your wife betrays you and puts you in the doghouse, for the last nine years? What do you do with the anger that you develop?"

    Picadillo, et al - in Locutions to the World, July 12th,* (thanks, Phillip) there is an answer to this question. There, Our Lady allegedly says:

    "In my heart, you will find a burning divine fire that will melt you... your own heart is wounded and isolated, sometimes even broken by the burdens and strife. You seek relief in so many ways, some of them sinful. All of these unresolved conflicts multiply. They remain within you and become infected.

    "Where is your relief? I reveal this burning fire and invite you to enter. Do not be afraid. It is a fire containing every blessing. Each time you come, the fire will purify you, free you, cast out your burdens, remove the anger and give you light.

    "In strife and contentions, you often ask, “How do I respond?” Enter the divine fire and you will make the perfect response."

    I think I can empathise with you, to a degree - I am very familiar with the feeling of being in the dog box. (sorry, here in NZ, we say the dog box) I was married, invalidly, for over a decade - and I woke up every morning in the dog box, before I had so much as put my big toe on the floor ! This went on for the entire duration of the marriage, from beginning to end. It was quite soul destroying, in a way, but in the midst of it all, thanks be to God, I learned about Mary's love for me - & Mary's love will restore the soul, making it stronger than ever. The following scripture (Isaiah 54:6) resonated with me:"The LORD will call you back as if you were a wife deserted and distressed in spirit— a wife who married young, only to be rejected,” says your God."

    But with regards to communicating - we all have our limits as to how much maltreatment we can take & there is nothing wrong with telling your spouse that you've reached yours. Pray & ask the Holy Family to show you exactly what to say and do.

    God Love you :)

    * See July 12th entry, here:
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