Please don't be guilted by race.

Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by DesertStar7, Sep 30, 2020.

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    Starting in 2016 the DNC began a vicious smear campaign against all White males, and especially Old White Males.

    Some men were targeted and/or killed as a result.

    Even little boys.

    It's now 2020. The DNC are monumental hypocrites to have nominated Joe Biden instead of Andrew Yang or Julian Castro.

    For all that, for DNC including Biden himself, to act like they're all aghast and How dare you not vote for them?? You're a crummy racist if you don't! is EVIL.

    Unborn babies. The safety and security of the USA and our friends & allies. SERIOUS matters! If the USA falls, millions will suffer.

    A vote for Joe is caving to the worst sort of guilt induction. Meanwhile he stood before "The American People" with grins and amused shaking of his head. What unmitigated gall.

    Let Joe prove HE's truly anti-racist by stepping aside for Yang or Castro. But he hasn't done that.

    Trump is no saint by a long-shot, and God forbid he is racist; but Biden & DNC head-honchos are depraved. Millions will suffer if USA gets into Joe's hands.
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    It's because the Big Thinkers in the Democratic Party decided that Biden had a better chance of defeating Trump than Yang or Castro. Doesn't matter if either of them might be better leaders (which I honestly don't think), defeating Trump was more important than anything else.
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    On this topic economist Thomas Sowell I think shows tremendous common sense. He is very old now but his mind still so bright. I also found others public speakers like Coleman Hughes, Candance Owens and Jasón Riley to be spot on dismantling the Marxist rethoric behind BLM, and what is now called Woke politics.

    And yet another great British intellectual addressing the topic

    Theodore Darymple
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    Yes! Thanks for posting.

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