"Pharisees," "Schismatic," "Attackers/Haters," "Prodigal Son's Elder Brother," "Unmerciful," etc.

Discussion in 'Church Critique' started by BrianK, Feb 13, 2017.

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    You must have missed this. Please read it carefully:
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    I just feel the need (again) to defend Brian. Maybe, as DivineMercy stated so eloquently, "Because each of us are unique individuals created by our Father, we will express ourselves and in turn interpret each other in varying ways, " I don't find Brian to be angry. Righteous is a better word. His posts are always edifying and intelligent. I also think Brian is to be commended for his tenacity. As I've stated before, I seldom agree with Davidtlig but I appreciate reading the other side of the argument. Lately, though, I find his posts frustrating because I personally feel he is being deliberately obtuse. Maybe I'm wrong and I don't mean to criticize. But it's probably that Brian is frustrated by this as well.
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    Please God, whatever division and discord is occurring here, Our Lady and the Holy Spirit will heal it in time and bring back the spirit of love that was always present on the forum, up until only recently.
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    Thanks CathyG. I think you're spot on.

    And because of the modern secular aversion to the Truth, they purposely mislabel righteous anger for being sanctimonious, arrogant and/or condescending.
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    I too rarely agree with David, but wish to see the other side of the argument. Unfortunately I feel that he seldom answers any questions head on, but sidesteps and brushes aside the obvious in favor of being vague. It would be helpful if those who have a different viewpoint in favor of AL and what the bishops in Malta, Buenos Aires, Germany, and now San Diego (near me, but not my diocese) have publicly announced would answer sincere questions head on rather than resort to "because the pope says so" and "obedience" statements. If these interpretations are indeed valid, they should be able to stand alone and be defended theologically. This alone has convinced me that there is evil brewing, as these interpretations completely contradict scripture and almost 2000 years of church teachings :(
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    The reasons the modernist arguments seem so flat DM is because they are. ;)

    The people who support these new innovations have no leg to stand on. The people supporting Church teaching have 2,000 years of solid teaching from the Church, Saints, The Bible, etc. to draw from.

    The modernists can't point to something beyond the last 6 months that says a divorced and remarried person can receive Holy Communion unless they cease conjugal relations.
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    Well, as my name is being 'taken in vain' ;) let me respond briefly by saying I try to be as straightforward as I can in my replies and not deliberately obtuse. But I have tried to explain elsewhere that I now generally avoid answering specific questions that people ask because previously, when I did answer such questions, it seemed to serve no purpose whatever. It just provoked more questions. I find most of the questions are really just expressions of frustration from people that things are not going the way they think they should rather than a genuine desire to learn more.

    At the heart of my position is a total trust and belief in the Church led by the Holy Father. The objections that have emerged to Pope Francis stem, I believe, from a resistance and fear of change. A fear of losing what one has come to believe deeply. But Pope Francis is rock solid on the Faith and if he were trusted more, the critics would come to understand their faith better and learn that their fears were unfounded.
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    And now that I clicked "like" in favour of Davidtlig, you are probably going to "attack" me.

    You all believe in Conchita of Garabandal, so we should do what she said regarding the Pope:
    "Pray, hope, and don't worry" and she added that we should not speak ill of the Pope.

    Conclusion: Discussion closed. :)

    P.S. : I love you all.
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    It is a shame you decided not to introduce Brian yourself as a moderator. I have an opinion on this and after a few days reflection have decided to state publicly that i don't think this is one of your better decisions. It may be difficult to roll back on the decision but i simply ask you to reconsider. For me, the fact that unlike all other occasions where forum members have stepped up to help you, you did not introduce Brian yourself speaks volumes.

    At the least please kindly attach the 'badge' of moderator onto BrianK 's 'icon' so that all casual visitors to the forum can identify him as one who is able to act on the forum. See for example that QuD has a 'badge' so it cannot be difficult to impement.
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    Hoping and praying for a reset button here. Could we lay off Brian and Padraig and David and just everyone and speak truth in love and understand that everyone is on a different place on the Narrow Way and pray for each other to get through the Narrow Gate. Brian's warnings do not in any way contradict Sacred Tradition or our recent sainted Pope JP II. If his manner is upsetting take the meat and leave the bones. But name calling is unhelpful at the least. Also a shout out to Padraig for his patient steady hand in all this. And in the words of Tiny Tim God bless us everyone!
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    I love your "RESET BUTTON". LOL :ROFLMAO:
  14. Praetorian

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  15. DivineMercy

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    Love this. It's like how I feel after coming out of the confessional :D
  16. Mac

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    Do you think being clueless about the Gospels is solid David?

    Pope Francis thinks the miracle of the loaves and fishes is a 'Parable'.
    He thinks Jesus begged for mercy,
    He thinks John the Baptist doubted...

  17. DivineMercy

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    I think this priest does a very good job of bringing balance to the situation:

  18. DivineMercy

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    Thank you! I learned something new. I did not know that St John the Baptist was saved while still in the womb. Suddenly I understand why he seems to pop up in the old prayers so often :D

    Ugh, was it a foreshadowing of our current state when he was "deleted" from so many prayers decades ago? Was his witness to marriage and adultery too "in your face" to allow for the gradual acceptance by Catholics of divorce/remarriage? :cautious:o_O
    A scary coincidence at any rate :(
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