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    False Mercy is being freely offered by some to the stubbornly and wilfully unrepentant. The greatest deception is that it convinces so many that they can continue what they're doing without consequence. It's all the more convincing when it comes from those with the highest authority.
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    There are rumours that the torture entered by the poor Templar Knights was the worst ever endured in human history. The problem was that the King wanted their vast treasure and there wasn't any. So they kept on torturing to death poor monks who had nothing to tell them.

    As to the future of the martyrs I think we are forgetting the role of grace in all this. As St Paul tells us , My grace will be sufficient unto you.' When that dread time comes and it will, for many of us and when it does Jesus shall be beside us carrying us like a bag of potatoes on His poor shoulder.

    Look at St Lawrence who was roasted on a gridiron and said to the pagans vIbam done on this side it is time to do the other! The only difference between St Lawrence and us is God's grace and the humility to know we stand in need of it.

    It is said by the Father's that the death of Lawrence marked the end of persecution so great a sacrifice it was.

    May God grant us a huge thirst for Martyrdom and the very worst kind possible.

    An acceptable sacrifice unto the Lord.

    Let us not be skimpy with a Good God who has never been the least bit skimpy with ourselves.
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    I agree.
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    A pope--was it Marcellus? I can't remember. But he did give in to the pressure but later in great humility and trust in God's forgiveness died a martyr.
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    One could say the same about St Peter, with his three denials. He hadn't the courage to risk dying with Christ on Calvary, something which he regretted immediately, but found it later.
  7. He had the courage to die with Christ in Gethsemane. Vastly outnumbered and facing certain death he drew his sword in defence of Our Lord. Vastly outnumbered and facing even more certain death he obeyed Our Lord and put away his sword. No wonder Jesus chose him. No wonder Jesus trusted him. No wonder Jesus loved him. Like the rest of us he lost the plot for a while but came to see that he was born to greater things and died in the agony and humility of an upside down cross for this upside down world. “Ad Majora Natus Sum” was the motto of my old Jesuit school and used by our present Pontiff who may well meet a similar fate as Peter. The secret thoughts of many will be revealed.
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    I have always been genuinely fond of Peter. So impulsive and enthusiastic and so wrong so often but so quick to recognize his mistakes and repent. On first look he seems the most unlikely person to Shepherd thd Church but he was the only one who identified Jesus as the Christ. The Father revealed it to him and Jesus quickly gave him the keys of the kingdom because of it. I feel very close to St Peter as if I really knew him. I love his letters. So much wisdom.
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    Tricking the Pope to talk to you doesn't compare even in the slightest to protecting Jews from death. I'm no fan of Pope Francis nor Rev. James Martin, but I agree with HeavenlyHosts... Something doesn't feel right regarding the author lying about his identity in order to talk to him—"no doubt thinking I was the Reverend James Martin, whom I had instructed the switchboard operator at the Vatican to inform the pope was on the other line." Seems pretty clear that he claimed straight out to be Rev. James Martin and his deceit was deliberate. When it comes to lying, we all have to be extremely discerning, as Jesus himself tell us who the king of lies is.
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    You're right. Pope Francis' appalling preference for association with James Martin and those who share his proclivities did not justify what was a blatant lie and I allowed my outrage against the Pope to influence my view of the deception. It only provides a stick for the Bergoglians with which to beat us.
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    I’m not sure now if the author made up this phone call to use as a literary device.
    It’s still casting shade one way or another.
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  12. I was wrong, but still praying for him
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    “Trust in God in His Church”
    “These trials are allowed by Jesus”

    From the messages on the video
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    I am rereading a book at the moment.


    I don't know why I never noticed this before but there are prophesies given by Maria Julie and Our Lady at La Salette which accurately describe our times regarding what is happening at the moment and what is about to come.

    I have to say they would turn your hair white and make it stand on end. Eye poppingly awful, we have hardly even started on the downward path, terrible as it is.

    But the bottom line is that the devil will take complete control.

    St Michael the Arcangel :

    'Lord, all the damned have left hell and seem to be all over France, to throw their poison and venom everywhere'.

    Our Lard:
    Holy Arcangel, it is the time of his reign, but this time will pass quickly. Then he will enter the abyss again never to leave.'

    'The souls who love me will see...My Temple overthrown and in other places filthy desecrations that the preceding centuries have never seen'.

    In other words the Devil rules the whole roost and will behave accordingly for a short period of time.

    Hold on to your hats we about to see things coming out of Rome and being done by her that will terrify you in their evilness. Hell is in the hot seat, we better get ready.
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    You know the abominable stuff they are doing at the minute in Rome is just merely them getting themselves warmed up. They have hardly got started yet.
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    Didn't Our Lady say at LaSalette " Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of antichrist." I believe this part of Melanie's secret was suppressed for a long time. I am sure Church authorities found it too fantastic to be true and so they set it aside.
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    I think it is still in some ways suppressed because it is not a part of the approved prophecy of LaSalette. However, there are parts of her secret that have been through some changes, and I think the changes might have been from her on her part. I might have to look into it again.

    Edit I just looked up the Secret of LaSalette online and there are many view points. Lots of editorializing. At this point, only God really knows. Part of the issue is that Melanie tried to set up a Rule for religious nuns. She was very agitated about how that was received. At the very end of her life she did put her trust in Heaven for revealing the truth in the future.
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    They treated those kids like serial killers.
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    Melanie reacted to the events in a completely different manner. During the first years of the investigation, she boarded at a school in Corps run by the Sisters of Providence. In 1850 she became a postulant with this Order at Corenc close to Grenoble, and in October 1851 she took the veil.

    While at Corenc she was known to sit down surrounded by enthralled listeners, as she related stories of her childhood. She told how she would lead wolves, foxes, snakes and other animals in procession through the woods chanting praises to God, with the wolf carrying the cross. Yet it was known that as a child she had been completely irreligious and woods did not exist on those mountains.

    In May 1853, Bishop Brouillare died and the Abbe Ginoulhiac replaced him. In early 1854 Ginouthiac refused to grant permission for her to be professed because she was not spiritually mature. Melanie was very angry and claimed that the real reason for the refusal was that Ginoulhiac was aiming to gain the favour of the emperor Napoleon.

    Following the bishop’s refusal to permit her to be professed, Melanie moved to the Sisters of Charity. This Order was dedicated to hard practical work in helping the poor, and Melanie met brisk common sense, not flattery or adulation. She was told: “the sisters had neither ecstasies, visions nor extraordinary temptations or spiritual disturbances. If they should have such troubles, they kept quiet about them.”

    When nobody at the convent believed her stories and claims, she became hysterical. She refused to eat for nearly two days, tried to bite the Reverend Mother and caused a crowd to gather outside the convent. After three weeks she returned to the school at Corps but, having been educated and taught cultivated manners, was not happy living with those of her original social class.

    So her life was fraught with incongruities. I do think that is part of the reason that the secrets have not received full approval.
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    I know that Christ knew from the beginning that the Son of Perdition would betray him, but would God, who knows everything, even the future, choose someone who would betray his message?

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