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    Regis Martin is no crazy rad trad. Yet he “gets it.”

    Put an End to the Madness!
    Regis Martin
    Unlike everyone else who witnessedthe Holy Father taking a phone call in the middle of a General Audience in St. Peter’s Square the other day, I was not the least bit surprised. And why should I be, since I was the one who made the call?

    No sooner had I dialed the number than I was put immediately through to the pope, who seemed quite delighted to hear from me. For about five seconds, that is, no doubt thinking I was the Reverend James Martin, whom I had instructed the switchboard operator at the Vatican to inform the pope was on the other line.

    And until things fell apart, which happened fairly quickly, I was hoping for a productive exchange. Once he realized he’d been snookered, however, he abruptly hung up, leaving me to imagine the number of heads likely to roll on the floor of the Vatican switchboard.

    But not before I had succeeded in leaving my own message, which was to tell him to stop all the madness. At once. Otherwise, I managed to blurt out just before the papal smartphone slammed shut, it would not be possible to acquit His Holiness from complicity in the disasters taking place in the life of the Church. He will own them. Whether wittingly or not scarcely matters anymore. The point is, it has got to stop, and until he steps in to do so the Church will continue to fracture and unravel, spiraling completely out of control.

    Will he do so? Will he finally decide to put an end to the madness?

    What madness? In setting out the pathology report, where does one begin? Why not begin with the Deposit of Faith, the depletion of which appears to have been a programmatic theme of this pontificate from the beginning. (Bishop Strickland of Tyler, Texas, a fearless fellow, is not the first to take notice, but he needs brother bishops to step up and do likewise.)

    Take for instance the agreement struck back in February of 2019 when the pope and Sheik Ahmed El-Tayeb met in Abu Dhabi. What did that portend? There was certainly no ambiguity on the part of Francis when, pronouncing on the “pluralism and diversity of religions,” he went on to insist that it was all “willed by God in his wisdom, through which he created human beings.”

    Say what? When exactly did God change his mind and decide to include all religions in the plan of salvation? Is Islam now to be considered a necessary player in divine revelation? An instrument of divine grace? What does that do to the importance heretofore assigned to Christ, without whom no one can be saved? It would seem, in light of the language agreed upon by both the Grand Imam and God’s Vicar, that the place occupied by Christ for the last two thousand years had just been downsized. The absolute singularity of the Christ Event will no longer apply.

    How does one reconcile that alongside all the Gospel accounts in which Christ is presented not as an optional extra but as the real deal, the pivotal figure in the entire history of the world? In other words, once the Incarnation happened, everything and everyone changed, nothing would ever be the same again. Otherwise, it could not have been God who came down among us more than two millennia ago. And if Christ is no longer the authoritative center of the cosmos, why be Christian at all?

    Which brings us to Synodality, that vaunted process whose outcome threatens to strip the Faith of all that renders it distinctive. And Pope Francis has done absolutely nothing to stop it. He simply will not unplug the engine of destruction now running at high speed across Germany and elsewhere. Why is that? Does he want to see the Church imploding everywhere?

    So, the centerpiece of Christian faith having just been relativized, what next? Shall we take a look at the moral order, which seems to have been equally gutted? In fact, it has been so cheapened and debased that it hardly matters where the Church draws the line. I mean, are there any lines left to draw?

    One immediately thinks of the Disney documentary recently released, featuring ten young people firing off questions at the Church’s Chief Shepherd as if he and the Church he leads were the object of carefully targeted airstrikes. About what? Sex, of course, concerning which the pope pretty much gave the store away, assuring his young friends that, well, actually, the Church’s “catechesis on sex is still in diapers.”

    Can he be serious? After two thousand years of reflection on the human condition, the level of understanding is no more than infantile? Was St. Thomas Aquinas in diapers when he distilled his moral theology? Or St. John Paul II, for heaven’s sake, whose insights into the mystery of human love—like a stick of dynamite waiting to go off—became so many iconic intimations of the inner life of the Triune God? These were not men wearing diapers.

    Perhaps, then, the pope is serious. How else does one explain the dismantling of the John Paul Institute in Rome? Or the radical redirection of the Pontifical Academy for Life under the leadership of Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, who disdains the image of a Church as “dispenser of truth pills,” as if she were somehow the custodian of transcultural values and verities, “a priori given truth,” he calls it.

    But isn’t that precisely the claim she makes? In fact, she gives it a name, which is Jesus the Christ, the Word of the Father, who burst into time in order to gather it all up and thus return the whole ball of wax back to the Father in what we dare to call the Easter miracle. If the Church is not the guardian of “a priori truth,” if she cannot speak for God in the world His Son suffered to save, then she is a complete fraud.

    If Pope Francis does regard the Bride of Christ as fraudulent, then it’s time he stepped up and said so. Oh, yes, and stop taking calls from Fr. James Martin, who has nothing to say anyway.
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    An apostate pope, under the control of Satan?

    Malachi Martin, scholars, popes, saints discuss the prophecies about the apostasy of the Church of Rome.

  3. HeavenlyHosts

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    This whole article/episode is based on the lie the author told the switchboard operator.
  4. AED

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    I think that was a tongue in cheek device wasn't it--to give context to his article.
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  5. HeavenlyHosts

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    I don’t think so. I think he did it. But you have a point. And even if it was tongue in cheek, it’s a sin to tell a lie to bring about a greater good. So why use a literary device like that to criticize a pope? I don’t like it. Because of that, the tone of the article is a turn off to me. It’s smarmy.
    It turns it into a personal attack, a phone call.
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    Yes, pearl clutching aside, it points out that though this pope will take a call with glee from a known heretic, he doesn’t have the time of day for a known devout orthodox Catholic and stellar scholar like this author. It’s part and parcel of the main point of the article
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    So, you would have betrayed the Jews in your attic, rather than tell the lie they weren't there? Should the young man who threw Pachamama into the Tiber be admonished for theft?
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    If it's any consolation, and it's not a whole lot, I'm reading 'The Templars', a history of the military order of Knights of the Temple famous for their battles for Christendom in the Holy Land during the Crusades, written by Catholic author, Piers Paul Read, noted for his orthodoxy. Very prominent in the suppression and destruction of the Order was Pope Clement V. This pope was quite a piece of work. We are not unique.
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    I have nothing further to say, only my rosaries to speak for me to God.
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    I am a big fan of Piers Paul Reid. I am going to look for the book.
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    I am actually wearied by the ongoing uproar over Pope Francis. The majority of Catholics are clueless. Just as most Catholics have never delved into the clear and robust teaching found in John Paul II's encyclicals, the majority, if at all, connect with the Church only for Sunday Holy Mass. There are the Traditionalists, who view Francis with disdain; there are faithful Catholics who attend the Novus Ordo (like myself) who are aware of the our Pope's upsetting stances in regard to certain doctrine, and there are some modernists who actually think he is not moving fast enough. Since I will never have the opportunity to speak with His Holiness personally, I place him in the hands of Our Lady.

    The most important task before us is to correct those who are confused concerning doctrine, and take time to pray and fast.
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    Solid point!
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  13. HeavenlyHosts

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    I am actually wearied as well. I agree with you.
  14. Mario

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    As this good priest points out: the five wounds of Christ which his Resurrection Body still reveals, show that no matter the season in which the Church currently navigates, we must embrace the personal crosses which come our way. Please pray for my wonderful wife, Geralyn, who is going through an extended trial. Her perseverance is an inspiration to me:love:, I'm such a wimp! :rolleyes:

    May Mary cover her with her own Mantle of maternal love!
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    Since this author shares the same last name with a notorious heretic Jesuit who is in PF’s inner circle, and this author is as straight a shooter as any professor in the English speaking world, I suspect he simply said to the Vatican switchboard operator that Professor Martin was on the line for the pope, and the call went forward from there.

    I’ve spoken with him at length for an interview for an article on FUS I was working on at one time, and saw him speak more than once. He was one of the most kind, gracious, sincere but frank professors with whom I’ve ever had the privilege to speak.
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  16. Byron

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    Anything is possible when it comes to these times. It’s a mad mad world. Pope Francis should speak up against the madness daily.
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  17. Seagrace

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    I'm with you on this, HH. No matter how much we believe we love the Church and wish to fight for it, lying, no matter how small, never advances our cause. I am reminded of this by the fact that satan is called the Father of Lies. Evil always begins small.
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    Remember what Pope Francis said to the young people at world youth Day, "create a mess".

    This seems to be his personal managerial style, "create a mess" and allow the Holy Spirit sort out the fall out.

    He has succeeded in creating the greatest mess in Church history since the Arian crisis.
  19. DeGaulle

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    I'm sorry. Don't mind me. I have a summer cold and I'm like a constipated weasel with a bad headache...even more than usual.
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  20. DeGaulle

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    The mess has preceded him, but he has grievously exacerbated it, just when the Barque of Peter needed a steady hand on the tiller. I can't but say it, but his predecessor ran for the lifeboats (that weasel again).
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